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sam brereton shed 120kg with just long walks and changing his diet

by:QiMeng     2019-10-01
A 27-year-
An old engineer in Melbourne revealed how he committed suicide by losing his mother, which caused him to lose weight by 120 kg.
Samuel Brereton said he was frustrated and unhappy after his mother died in 2014, and his heaviest weight reached 184 kg. And acknowledge that food is a comfort mechanism during the \"period of Sorrow.
Speaking about his mother\'s diet after her death, Mr. Brereton said: \"When choosing what to eat, I am often left with my own equipment . \". \"It (food)
Just let the pain disappear.
I don\'t have a job due to weight issues, and the employer usually dismisses candidates who are overweight ,(meant I)
I often play video games and hang out all day at home.
\"I never go to sports a lot, even try sports, often take a taxi to the store to buy junk food.
Mr Brereton told the news. com.
Au he did not grow up because of weight problems, because of his thin figure, he was often called \"stick boy\" by his mother when he was a child \".
\"I didn\'t get lazy until I was a teenager, and I started to gain weight,\" he said . \".
\"The reason I say this is because my mother always controls my diet.
She ended up stopping when she started fighting her own depression, so she couldn\'t concentrate on dealing with me.
Mr Brereton said that although his unhealthy diet was fried, ice
He doesn\'t care about his weight, cream, chocolate and soft drinks.
\"I often eat a whole plate of meat sausage, bread and tomato sauce in one day,\" he explained . \".
\"Then I will polish it with a mud cake, thick cream, chocolate and Coca-Cola.
\"I really don\'t care.
I can\'t wear normal clothes, and my clothes are often more than 7XXL, so it\'s hard to buy me anything.
I \'ve been stretching my shirts because they still don\'t fit.
\"I feel sick now.
\"After the death of his mother, Mr. Britton decided to change his way of life and to lose his weight over the years.
Sam changes his fast food, soft drinks and sugary snacks every day and starts making his own home --
Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water.
The change has helped him to reduce by 120 kg in two years.
What makes him want to change is the reality that when he\'s so heavy, he gets into full time work.
\"I started a complete one.
Time worked and it was not able to fit comfortably into work clothes and bus seats, nor was it able to adapt to what I thought of others.
\"When I was depressed, it had reached a point where it was no longer tolerable.
Other factors, such as my mother\'s death and how she felt while she was alive, were a great motivation for me.
\"His dramatic change begins with counting calories, investing in food size and walking as much as possible.
\"I started recording all the food I ate in my diary and counting the calories in it,\" he explained . \".
\"From there, I set myself a calorie limit for weight loss recommended in the calorie tracking app.
\"Then I started walking 10,000 steps a day without failing.
No matter what the weather is, no matter what the environment is, I always want to do a lot of things.
\"If I didn\'t get to my goal normally all day, I would walk more in the evening to make up for that and get to the steps needed.
Mr Brereton admitted that the most difficult part was to stick to the schedule and \"Resist Temptation\"
It\'s 80 kilos now.
He said he would order three big pizzas for lunch.
Now, he insists on three meals a day, mainly composed of vegetables.
\"Diet is sometimes restricted,\" he explained . \".
\"I had to get rid of a lot of my favorite food.
The initial workout was tough because I had a lot of fat around my legs, so I often had pimples/bruises and often felt very painful.
Due to the weight of my walk, there will also be blisters on my feet.
\"But once the diet starts, my metabolism starts to burn and exercise becomes easier as I lose weight.
Mr. Brereton said that he had never turned to diet pills or surgery, that his current diet included three healthy meals, sometimes protein bars after the gym, and that he had only recently started to increase his muscles
\"My day is mainly made up of high quality proteins such as chicken breast, fish and eggs,\" he said . \".
\"I mainly eat vegetables such as broccoli, green beans and beans.
Breakfast is usually eggs and spinach, or eggs and chicken.
\"For lunch, I usually eat chicken or fish with fresh vegetables and some seeds, almonds or fruits.
\"Dinner is low
The key thing is to have some grilled fish or chicken with lots of vegetables inside.
I found that sticking to the same theme can make me full and not hungry for unhealthy food.
\"When I found out that it often made me crave, I threw away processed carbohydrates like white bread, chips and chocolate.
\"Unfortunately, it also means white rice and potatoes, although I also like to eat brown rice occasionally.
\"Since the weight loss, Mr Brereton said that he was still a little hostile to his body due to excess skin.
\"I feel like I have more energy and a more positive outlook on life,\" he explained . \".
\"Before I am unhappy, I often comfort myself to eat and feel sorry for myself.
Now I feel like I can talk to people in public and don\'t be seen as a fat lazy guy with sweat stains on his shirt and his clothes are pretty much due to stretched clothes
\"However, I am still a little hostile to my body because I still have a lot of excess skin.
I know I can never afford surgery for my current salary, so it\'s a bit frustrating when I still don\'t have the confidence to go out in a shirt in public.
\"I still think it\'s holding me back from feeling really happy about my success.
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