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sandy hook choir, hudson delight super bowl crowd

by:QiMeng     2019-08-29
As 26 children in white polo wholesale t shirts wholesale excitedly walked to the center of the Super Dome and prepared to sing, a crowd of crowded Super Bowl people were angered by a party in a large relaxed Square one day
The chorus of Sandy Hook Elementary School has disappeared from the deadly shooting for nearly two months, with Jennifer Hudson publishing an exciting \"beautiful America\" on Sunday, there are some players on the sidelines, and countless fans are on the edge of tears.
Judging from the reaction on social media, the show seems destined to be one of the most profound memories of the Super Bowl, no matter what happens in the game.
Kate Upton, the model who participated in the competition, said on her Twitter page: \"Sandy Hook Elementary School choir singing the beautiful Alicia case National anthem of the United States makes me proud of being an American.
Gerald Rokov, standing near an entrance to the deck on the Superdome, turned and said, \"it\'s so beautiful . \".
Many viewers mentioned tears or goose bumps on social media.
Sandy Hook is a school in Newtown, Connecticut.
20 of them-
On December, six students and six adults were killed by a gunman. 14.
The chorus consists of a third place. and fourth-graders.
An NFL spokesman said no one could be interviewed, but issued a statement on behalf of the school.
\"We came to New Orleans to represent the Sandy Hook family and the Newtown community in Connecticut,\" the statement said . \".
\"Our wish is to show the United States and the world that we are Sandy Hook and we have chosen love.
The children wore green ribbons on their white shirts, which seemed to symbolize innocence when they were young, standing in two rows of 13 red in the NFL, the white and blue shielding signs of performance.
Many people laughed excitedly when they sang the first poem.
Hudson then wore a black shirt and a long white dress to show her pure voice in front of them.
Baltimore Ravens coach John Habo held her daughter Alison with his left arm and covered her heart with his right hand.
A colored guard stands in front of the Crow\'s sideline with the American flag in his hand.
On the video board of the stadium, you can see the Crow shoveling Terrance Cody with his nose, his head tilted back and seemed to hold back the tears.
The fans applauded at the end of the game, and then the chorus ran to 20-
Lined up in the yard, with both hands in mind, watching Alicia case sing the national anthem.
22-year-old Kaitlyn Hamiltonyear-
The old English teacher from Dodge City, Kansas, said on Twitter that she thought there was no doubt that the show would be the best part of the Super Bowl.
\"It\'s just a sign that they\'re still persevering despite what\'s going on,\" Hamilton said . \".
\"It\'s also a great way to promote the Sandy Hook people and let them know that the American people support them.
As a teacher, Hamilton said, when she thought of the shooting, she would think of herself in the same situation.
Hudson did a good job in the song, but mostly the children, she said.
\"I think the children are more inspiring and they can go up and sing despite what happened,\" she said . \".
Oscar Garcia, the Associated Press writer in Honolulu, Hawaii, contributed to the report.
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