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scent of a woman

by:QiMeng     2019-10-10
Beauty smells good.
But for gorgeous people, this can\'t be said.
The same is true of Anja Rikoski and Karl Grammer at the Vienna City Institute for Nationalities.
They asked 22 men to rate the facial appeal of 17 female sympathizers.
Then they let another group of men smell
The woman wore a shirt for three nights.
The team found that women who are considered attractive are also considered the sexiest.
This confirms early findings that suggest that older age may play a role in spouse selection (
May 6, 1995, New Scientist of science.
However, when researchers experimented with men, they found that the more attractive a man\'s face is, the less attractive he smells.
Rikoski reported the result last week at an international conference of ethologists in Vienna, which he said clearly shows interesting differences in mating strategies between men and women.
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