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school uniforms to become gender-neutral across wales, government says

by:QiMeng     2019-09-10
All school uniforms in Walesare will be gender --
The Welsh government declared neutrality.
This change was released as part of a new set of guidelines that address issues related to school uniform policies and will take effect on September 1.
The new guidance will mean that schools will not be assigned to a specific gender when they publish a list of clothing items.
For example, pants cannot be described as \"items for boys\" and skirts cannot be described as \"items for girls \".
The decision came after a consultation launched after the summer heat wave in 2018, when some parents claimed school uniform policies were too strict.
During the consultation, respondents supported the introduction of gender
Neutral uniform
It was written: \"This should include the choice of all children, whether they wear pants or skirts regardless of their gender distribution or gender.
Another said: \"The gender problem of school uniforms should be solved by allowing those students with gender mobility to wear any kind of school uniform as required without discrimination.
\"It is difficult to achieve a unified policy that only stipulates neutral clothing.
However, children should be allowed and encouraged to wear any clothing that forms part of the uniform policy.
\"The new guidelines will also expect school efforts to make school uniforms more affordable and accessible.
It is expected that the governing body will consider ways to reduce the cost of uniforms by stipulating basic items and colors rather than styles, which means that items can be purchased from more than one store.
Schools must also consider whether different school uniforms are required in the summer and winter months, and whether school signs are strictly necessary.
If the school does require a logo for each uniform, they will be asked if it is available for free.
The move was praised by the LGBT charity Stonewall, which said it \"strongly supports the introduction of gender --
Unified school policy \".
Andrew White, director of StonewallCymru, told The Independent: \"This is in line with some examples of best practices already used by Welsh schools and will be very positive for all young people . \".
\"We want it to be part of the school --
A broad commitment and challenge of gender stereotypes, including all students, could undermine the way young people view themselves and integrate into schools.
\"It is very important for young people to have a choice on what to wear, they don\'t feel forced to wear pants or skirts, but they can choose the clothes that are most comfortable for them.
This move by the Welsh government will help ensure that every young person feels happy, welcome and accepted at school.
Kirsty Williams, Minister of Education, said the guide provides schools with a statutory responsibility to consider \"affordability, availability and availability\" when developing school uniforms and appearance policies \".
\"This guidance will help reduce the burden on families so that our children can focus on reaching their potential and enjoying a healthy academic and social life,\" Williams said . \".
\"We shouldn\'t implement outdated ideas about what clothes are suitable for their gender, especially if it makes them wear something they don\'t feel comfortable.
\"This new guidance makes it clear that the school uniform policy should not stipulate clothing items according to gender.
Earlier this year, a primary school in Wicklow County, Ireland, announced that it would introduce a new gender --
A neutral and unified policy will be implemented from September.
St. briyard National School, located in the heart of the coastal city of Gratton, says students who want to question their gender identity feel \"comfortable\" in their uniforms in class \".
The school\'s principal, Mel Costello, explained that the school\'s student union proposed an update to the uniform policy.
The student parents and members of the school management committee subsequently agreed to the proposal.
\"We have children who question their sexual identity.
This happened earlier, \"Ms Costello told The Irish Times.
\"If that means girls wear pants, or boys wear skirts, that\'s it.
Most importantly, children should feel comfortable and happy about their clothes.
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