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scientists begin mars conditions study in dome on hawaiian volcano

by:QiMeng     2019-09-09
Six scientists entered
As part of the study of human behavior, making domes on the distant Hawaiian volcano may help Nasa develop plans to send astronauts to Mars for long-term missions.
Four men and two women moved into their new simulated space home in monaloa and settled in vinyl
1,200 square feet of cover
It\'s about a small one, two-bedroom home -for an eight-month stay.
They will have no physical contact with people outside the world and will have 20-
Communication with their support staff was delayed by one minute
The time it takes for an email to reach Earth from Mars. The Nasa-
The funded project will study the psychological difficulties of living in isolated and restricted conditions for a long time.
Six carefully selected scientists packed in a dome with a bathroom will spend eight months munching frozen fooddried foods -
Rare spam-
Only their little sleeping space can be used for comfort.
A video released by the team showed six scientists arriving at the dome wearing a red polo shirt and shaking hands with their project partners to say goodbye.
In addition to the presence of the white van that brought the group, the scene reminded people of the Red Planet --
The dome sits in a deserted rock
Scattered red landscape, the hills in the distance give a feeling of wind
Clean and ban the environment.
\"I am looking forward to building relationships with my crew,\" said James Bevington, commander of the mission for space scientists.
\"I\'m totally looking forward to going out with five new best friends.
\"Nasa hopes to send humans to asteroids 2020 seconds ago and humans to Mars 2030 seconds ago.
\"We want to find out how best to choose an astronaut individual, how to form a team and how to support the team for a long time
Jin Binsted, a science professor and chief researcher at the University of Hawaii, said.
Team members include engineers, computer scientists, doctoral candidates and biomedical experts.
They were selected from 700 applicants who received personality tests, background checks and extensive interviews.
\"When I started, my biggest fear was that we were going to be crew members like Biosphere 2, which is not a very beautiful picture,\" Mr Bevington said . \".
Experimental greenhouse-
It\'s like the Arizona habitat became a disaster in the 1990 s.
It houses different ecosystems and 8 crew members trying to understand what humans need to live on other planets.
Participants should plant their own food and recycle the air in a sealed glass space, but the experiment quickly got out of control and the animals and plants were on the verge of death as carbon dioxide content rose.
The crew were hungry and quarreled badly. Two years later, when they showed up, some of them did not speak.
The dome operated by the University of Hawaii, known as the Hawaii Space Exploration Simulation and simulation, or HI-
NASA has invested more than $2 million in this phase of the project.
Scientists have lived in the dome for two years. term Nasa-funded stays -
One of them lasts for a year, another eight months.
Study food needs and crew cohesion.
There are many other Mars simulation projects in the world, but one of the main advantages of the Hawaii experiment is the rugged Mars.
Like the landscape, on the rocky red plains under the monaloa peak, the largest active volcano in the world.
The dome has a kitchen, a lab and a bathroom and each member has a small bedroom.
Unlike Biosphere 2, it won\'t be breathable.
To maintain a sense of isolation from the crew, a bundle of food, including some cans and snacks, will be dropped from a distance from the dome, and team members will send a robot to retrieve them.
Participants will not be restricted, but they will wear space suits whenever they go out for geological expeditions, mapping studies, or other tasks.
They will wear instruments that measure their emotions and approach other team members, and use virtual reality devices to simulate familiar and comfortable environments.
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