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by:QiMeng     2019-10-10
Brooklyn third
Bo Kefu thinks he\'s more than just a dedicated hockey player.
At the age of 9, he was already a lax brother, and he was one of the growing number of young hockey enthusiasts who developed
Back to life and high
Energy Movement
\"You have to have a lot of stuff and wear it a lot of times,\" keoough said . \" Keoough plays for the town team.
Hockey is cool.
Alimtusolder relaxation brothers solar referred to as alimlacrosse brothers solar is inclined to provide the same ambiguous phenomenon of definition, but it is easy to find out.
The Los Angeles International Airport brothers show a low-key confidence, which critics call arrogant.
Their hair is long and looks like lettuce.
They wear colored shorts, flat
Hat and bright halfcalf socks.
They carry hockey sticks or spoons inside and outside the stadium.
Everything good is chill, especially chill in chill, a popular event that usually includes listening to O\'s music. A. R.
Dispatcher and Dave Matthews.
This attitude and style is surging from junior high school to university campuses, as the sport has attracted thousands of young athletes across the country in recent years.
According to the Maryland-based association of sporting goods manufacturers, hockey, originally played by Native Americans hundreds of years ago, is the fastest growing team sport in the United States.
The game attracted players from the small league and other youth baseball teams, and attracted businesses eager to profit from professional hockey equipment, training camps, clubs and expensive clothing.
Supporters of this subculture say it provides a sense of identity for young athletes and helps promote a sport that is unique to the United States.
You check the children\'s way of life, Tommy Lee says he is the father of two brothers at Los Angeles International Airport, and he directs the fifth Brooklyn youth hockey teamand sixth-grade boys.
This has become a cool thing.
It\'s like walking around a bit.
Li said his sons had benefited from the sport.
His eldest son was recently recruited and is committed to playing hockey at Worcester\'s hypothetical college.
But others worry that identity will send out a kind of preppy/frat-
The image of the boy who beautifies elitism and wealth, as well as the emphasis on hard work.
Some young hockey leagues prevent any connection between players and lax brother lifestyles. x93We are anti-
The loose brother, the leader of the Dan Chouinard program, said the Boston club team Laxachusetts.
We advocate character and academics.
To reinforce this idea, laxetts etts banned its elementary and high school athletes from wearing flat shoes
Hats and loose shorts for club activities.
For decades, hockey has been played mainly in preparatory schools on the East Coast and rich communities.
The reason for this exclusivity is not clear, but some go back to 1800, when Queen Victoria took part in an acting match in the UK and announced that it was very beautiful to watch, according to the International Hockey Federation.
Enthusiasts of the sport are working to make it easier to get, and their efforts seem to pay off.
Last year, 361,275 children under the age of 64% played hockey for nearly 2006 of the country\'s jumps a month, according to American hockey, a non-profit organization based in Baltimore that manages sports.
According to the Massachusetts Inter-School Sports Association, the number of high schools with boys and girls hockey teams has expanded to 384 this year, compared with 268 in 2006, an increase of thousands of athletes, headquartered in Franklin.
MetroLacrosse, a Boston non-profit organization, coordinates teams in Brockton, Dorchester, Roxbury, East Boston and Chelsea.
A recently released
Produced the film \"curved arrow\", tells the story of a Native American team fighting a rival prep school.
But Thomas Steinberg, president of Volkswagen Bay youth hockey, a non-profit organization, said lax sibling culture could undermine attempts to promote hockey as a sport open to anyone.
Spangenberg said his league has seen a surge in popularity in recent years and now has more than 15,000 players in about 100 communities.
\"We are trying to keep the message inclusive, everyone belongs to themselves and everyone is playing,\" he said . \".
Andrea Kiff, the mother of Brookline player Bo, is fully in favor of joining.
Three years ago, she signed up with two other 12-year-old boys Beau Zander and 11-year-old Cameron for the hockey game because she was tired of sitting slowly --
The rhythm of baseball.
To her relief, they were immediately attracted and contributed to the 10 to 20% annual growth rate of the non-profit Brookline Youth Hockey League.
Keogh is happy to wear gloves, custom helmets and off-
Field equipment including a bunch of hats, socks and hockeystyle shorts.
The children want an identity, she said.
I like the fact that they are passionate about the game.
With hockey gaining more followers, the way it spends money on hockey has also increased. Entry-
The level kit for elementary school boys costs about $160, usually including sticks, helmets, shoulder-arm pads and gloves.
Experienced players can choose colors
Custom, Gladiator
More than $200 helmet and padded gloves for nearly $200.
Junyue ball stick can buy parts, high
The end bar costs nearly $300, and the pocket or head costs $100.
The boy\'s gear is more expensive than the girl\'s because the boy\'s rules allow for more contact between players.
Many hockey players wear helmets, they collect all kinds of sticks, use some to play games, and use some to play with their lax brothers.
Kristopher Campbell, 13, from Longmeadow, says he has 10 sticks and has been looking for something better to update.
Campbell said he was funding his equipment by wearing sticks for friends and teammates.
He has been playing hockey since he was 3 and is currently in two teams.
As a lax brother, he says, it\'s all about the look and love of the game.
Campbell says it\'s a guy who likes to wear all hockey anywhere and has been talking about hockey all the time.
In fact, more and more hockey players
Daily necessities are entering the market.
A local store like Commonwealth hockey, which has seven locations in Massachusetts, sells a range of socks, hats and T-shirts
The shirt, which includes the reading, the neslax Bro, and the Welcome Laxachusetts.
The stores present products from a New York company called Flow Society, which claims to represent the Flow of games and the Flow of energy from an increasing culture.
Its website has a video of young hockey players running in the castle.
Like a chandelier. studded space.
In Needham\'s Commonwealth hockey game, assistant coach Chris McKay said he was surprised by the high enthusiasm of young players for the game, equipment and clothing.
The 21-year-old McKay, who is resting at Hobart College in New York, said he is also part of the brothers tribe, although he is unable to pinpoint what that means.
McKay says it\'s a guy who plays hockey a lot, likes to hang out and is a little lazy.
Everyone has his own opinion on a lax brother. That is mine. x94Jenifer B.
You can contact McKim at jmckim @ globe. com.
Follow her on twitter @ jbmckim.
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