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screen printing at home: learn what supplies you need, how much they cost, and where to get them

by:QiMeng     2019-09-26
There are many reasons why you might want to start screen printing at home.
First of all, you may find that there is no local print shop next to you and the overall cost will be cheaper.
Sometimes small companies and non
Profit-making organizations find it much cheaper to make their own goods than to pay others to make them.
Another reason people start screen printing at home is because they want to be in t-
Shirts, hoodies, etc.
In the end, screen printing itself can be a fun project and you may just want to learn how to make a fun souvenir.
But do you need to start with screen printing?
First of all, you should be familiar with the process.
Screen printing refers to the process of transferring images to another surface using mesh plates and ink or paint.
You are most likely familiar with screen-printed shirts and other fabrics.
The advantage of screen printing is that if done correctly, the result will last and be very professional, longer than other methods (such as fabric marking or printable transfer.
However, since you do create higher quality results, the start-up cost and time involved in screen printing is much higher than in methods such as fabric marking or printable transfer.
However, you may find that time and energy are worth it!
Home screen printing: what kind of mesh fabric do you need: First of all, you will want to go to the local craft supply store or fabric store to find the right mesh (
Or \"screen\" in screen printing \")
This will be used at the bottom of the template.
Yes, you can get professional grids and full grid screens, but be prepared to pay quite a bit for them.
Visit the local fabric store and find a fine nylon fabric
If you don\'t mind doing a little extra work, the net curtain or organza may be cheaper.
A good way to check if it fits your needs is to keep it in the light and check if you can see the small squares-if you can, you have found your grid!
The price will vary but usually not more than $3. 75 a yard. Wooden Frame (and et cetera)
: You need to buy or create a wooden rack that can support your grid and create a stable template for your design.
If you have a small saw at hand, you can make it with a small block of wood.
If you\'re not the kind of person that measures cutting once twice, you can always go to the local art store, pick up the cheapest stretch canvas you find, and cut the canvas to salvage the frame.
You also need a nail gun (
The kind commonly used in interior decoration)
Stretch and hold the fabric on the frame.
All in all, this could set you back-up to-$5 --$20.
Photosensitive emulsion (
Or photographic lotion)
: There is no substitute for the real thing, if you want to create a professional, reusable template, you have to buy it from an art store or online.
Photo emulsion hardened when exposed to UV (
Most home kits are designed to cure in the sun, but cheap UV bulbs and even halogen lamps can help night owls who want to get started)
, Which allows you to create sharp templates that can be reused.
The cost of photosensitive emulsion is from $10-
$90 depending on brand, quantity and quality.
If this is your first time
Or maybe only)
Try, try from low to medium
The price range, the amount of emulsion is low.
Scraper: Don\'t worry about the budget being broken here!
Anything with a flexible but fairly sturdy rubber blade will do a great job-you can usually find them at megamarts, hardware stores, and sometimes even local dollar stores.
You should be able to find one under $5.
Acetate: acetate (
Or more correctly, cellulose acetate)
This is a clear movie you can learn from.
The part you don\'t draw will allow the sunlight to pass through easily, and when you put the template on the screen covered by your photo lotion, this will produce the template.
You can buy it online or at an art store for about $3. 50-$4.
00 for paper about 40 by 40 inch.
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