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sen. reid on \'made in china\' u.s. olympic uniforms: \'burn them\'

by:QiMeng     2019-09-03
Yesterday, ABC News made a strange discovery of the United States. S.
Olympic uniform designed by Ralph Lauren: As they say, the pride of the United States will be wearing Chinese-made red, white and blue clothing.
\"Every item on the uniformS.
According to ABC, athletes will wear overseas brands at the opening ceremony in London. The U. S.
The Olympic Committee told ABC that the team was \"privately funded and we thank the sponsors for their support.
They added: \"We are proud of our partnership with Ralph Lauren, the iconic US company.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid from Nevada has a different view on this.
What he told the Wall Street Journal today is: if you think it\'s a sum of money to make a uniform in China --
You\'re wrong.
At least for consumers, these uniforms cost a lot of money.
The retail price of a polo shirt is $145, and the retail price of a suit jacket is $795.
What do you think?
How important is the uniform?
Update 6: 19. m. ET. Bi-
Party Outrage: The issue is something Republicans and Democrats in Congress can support.
When asked about uniforms, John Boehner, Ohio Republican and House Speaker, said: \"You will think they are clearer . \".
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