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seo tips & tweaks - some timeless ranking factors and some outdated ones

by:QiMeng     2019-09-23
The search engine optimization industry has always been one of the most dynamic industries.
It always keeps the site masters and site owners on their guard as they try to get their site to the top of the search engine.
Search engines like Google often change their algorithms, some of them announced, and some of them left us guessing.
In either way, we must continue to optimize in order to maintain the ranking and make it score higher.
However, despite these changes and updates, the entire I. e.
In today\'s time, they are as relevant as in the past.
Here are some timeless SEO Tips and tweaks that will help you improve your site\'s ranking in search results.
Title tag search engines are becoming more and more important to the title tag of a web page.
In fact, the title tag is one of the most important SEO elements of the aweb page.
A good title tag is defined by effectively summarizing the web page with relevant words.
All pages of your site should have a unique, keyword-rich Title tag.
These tags not only provide the search engine with information about the content of the page, but also appear in the search results, telling the user the content.
The visible text of the anchor text link is called the anchor text.
One of the most important factors in SEO ranking is the number of inbound links, and the text used to connect links is becoming more and more important.
This is because the text used for the link will also be indexed by the search engine crawler and affect your ranking.
For example, if you sell T-
The shirt is online and there is an external link that says \"findcustom T-
Here\'s the shirt \"custom T-
Than the \"here\" shirt.
So is your internal link.
So try using descriptive keywords
When linking to your own web page, enrich the text of the link.
The number of inbound links, more important than the number of links, is the number of funique domain names they come from.
If you have 100 inbound links from 50 different domains, it\'s actually better than ing1000 links from 5 domains.
It\'s all about how your link architecture is decentralized and expanded, not how dense it is.
Social media is a very powerful medium that allows you to build your presence on the Web and expand your business.
Social media sites like Facebook and twitter offer a lot of opportunities to copy your content and increase your links on the Web.
They can be used as a valid source of traffic if used correctly.
Like these basic SEO adjustments, there are practices that are outdated and no longer effective.
Here are some of them.
The H1 tag was an outrage in the past because they told the search engine authors that the importance of specific text has increased due to the increase in size.
What happens is that css is used to specify the H1 tag anywhere.
However, the current H1 tag is not that important.
Before people start filling keywords in the text to get high density, keyword density is an important consideration for SEO.
So far they have no important position.
It is important to have good and valuable content.
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