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shirt pocket for a pocketless shirt - welt style

by:QiMeng     2019-09-13
My husband hates shirts without pockets.
So over the years he has accumulated many shirts from different events and he has worn them twice. . .
So in my summer project, I decided to learn how to insert the pocket of the \"stick-edge style\" so that a pocket like a new shirt can get some use.
This may not be the \"right\" way, but it works for me. (
I looked at a few shirts with the best photos I chose. )
All the fabrics I have used are scratches from other items that are either praised or contrasting. Supply: Pocket
Shirt fabric with few pockets (
Need to be strong enough to meet daily use)
Free fabric for weltPaper for pattern making (
Just the drawings)
Sewing machine/thread etc. .
Here are some examples of what I have done.
I tried several ways to make them until I decided on the easiest way to make them, which would do the job of \"holding glasses, pens, etc. . .
\"So far, these people are doing \'trick \'.
There are three parts in my pocket. 1. Welt2. Main pocket (
I have a few heavy but not too heavy pieces of fabric and all my pockets are used)3.
Fabric that you can see in your pocket (
This is not necessary if the main pocket fabric is the same as the trim)(
Note: You may want to adjust the size of your pocket, but this size works well for me)
I made three patterns on a piece of paper (
Drawings are the best)
I measured 9 \"X 7\" and divided it into three equal rectangles of 7 \"X 3 (
See picture for complete measurement)
After I made the first page of the pattern, I made several copies for future pockets.
If you use the chart paper, it can be very slight by simply following the line measurements.
The main pocket is 7 \"x 15\" of the fabric \".
Optional: If your pocket is in a different color than the sticker, you may want the fabric to be the same color as the sticker on the inside of the pocket, its size is about 7 \"X 41/2\" the position of the pocket is about 9 \"under the shoulder seam \"(
9 \"is the center of the pocket pattern).
The first one I did was a bit high, so my husband and I decided where it would be best for him.
It may be a little lower if there is a logo on the shirt, but the pocket is better than no pocket. .
This measurement (
Pocket placement)
Most of the time is aligned with the bottom of the buckle area. I just eye-The ball in the pocket.
I nailed the pattern and fabric of the four corners to the shirt and I sewn the pattern in (
Dotted line)
On both sides of the center line.
I didn\'t turn the shirt over and sew the second line because I didn\'t want to risk moving the sides out of the line, so I moved the shirt back over and over to make the second line and then sew it. Works out well.
After stitching the edges, use sharp scissors to clip the center line to the angled corner. (see pictures)
After cutting the slit and triangle, remove the paper sample and sew it carefully without pulling out the stitching.
Sew the triangle points to the edge to prevent the sides from opening. (
I have a problem with the tailoring of this shirt (shirt)
Want to untie. (
Look at the last two pictures)
From the outside of the shirt to the inside.
This makes the pocket opening look small and complete. (see picture)
You might want to sew this up at this point (
Loose hand sewing)
Keep it in place when you flip it to the top stitch.
Top stitching around the edge opening.
If you need extra fabric to hide the Pocket Color, sew it up now.
When you finish the pocket, sew only the top and bottom, not the side.
To start the finishing work, sew the top of the side to the top of the pocket. (
The first one is red to red and the second one is gray to gray.
Then sew the other end of the pocket to the bottom of the sticker.
After sewing the top and bottom, you will sew the side of the pocket from the top of one side to the side of the bottom, and then the other side and your pocket are finished. (see pictures)Then the pocket.
There is no shirt missing. . . .
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