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shop for high fashion in the comfort of your own home

by:QiMeng     2019-09-28
Maybe you are a person who likes to buy clothes in a shopping mall.
If so, it\'s not for you.
But those who like shopping
In a comfortable home or a friend\'s home, high quality clothes may be interested in the development trend of Amway
For example, private clothing salesFor men, J.
Hilburn authorized agent network to visit you at your home, make measurements and provide you with custom services
Shirts and trousers.
More than 650 \"fashion consultants\" work for the company and sell shirts ranging from $80 to $150 (
They pay up to 25% commission for it).
For people with a large number of contacts, this job may be a good part-time job.
Like many others
Level marketers like Amway, agents can register other agents to work for them and get the taste of their commission.
Personal decoration is not appropriate?
You can make your own measurements, customize-
Make shirts on the Internet.
From the right fabric, you can order a navy and purple University striped shirt with a pointed collar for $134.
Custom Service is also available for blank labels from another company
The price of shirts made over the Internet is much lower than the company mentioned earlier.
Its dress shirt starts at $55.
Women who love designer clothing and beautiful clothing budgets will not be excluded from the storeat-Family experience.
A few lines high-quality (
Relatively high pricepoint)
Designer outfits are sold at small social parties, reminiscent of Tupperware parties, or one-on-one parties.
Brands like this, Carlisle and worth offer high-end outfits of all styles, with the same frequency of updates as any premium custom outfit.
The \"wardrobe consultant\" receives new samples every quarter and meets with customers who have the opportunity to inspect new production lines and place orders for those products that attract them.
These are not cheap, though.
For example, clothes like this range from $95 to $195, jackets and coats range from $275 to $425, and pants and skirts range from $170 to $250.
For those associated with the right social circle, working as a clothing consultant can pay enough to be considered fulltime job.
If you are a shopper who likes personal attention, or keep in touch with sales people who remember your figure and fashion taste, private sales like this can be a great experience.
However, if you are a devotee of the clearance rack, you may not.
Discounts are not part of this sales plan.
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