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shop till you drop on black friday

by:QiMeng     2019-09-05
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 16/11/2016 (2388 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
As we crossed the Great Fox along the highway, I knew we were no longer in Canada, and I looked and saw an ordinary bustling fast-food jungle that looked strange and dark.
Lesson 1: Don\'t drive to the United States on an empty stomach on Thursday night for Black Friday deals.
Today is Thanksgiving Day in America.
Christmas here.
The vast majority of restaurants and outlets are closed.
As we quickly passed through Fargo, I also had another vague idea of what we were getting.
I looked at the West acre mall and saw a row of tents in front of the nearby Best Buy store with a line around the building.
Nearby, other long queues can also be seen outside Target and toy fight city.
\"Where is the line outside Wal-Mart?
\"I asked a staff member of the take-out pizza hut, which, as far as I can tell, is the only food venue that is open there.
\"They have let them in.
\"It\'s Thanksgiving at 9 in the evening. m.
Just a few hours ago, people ate turkey at one of the biggest festivals of the year for our American neighbors, many of whom are already shopping.
But it\'s Black Friday for you.
For Americans who haven\'t really discovered the tradition of our National Boxing Day, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in their country.
Sales days may start in part with US retailers, who are always in the country on the fourth Thursday of November this Thanksgiving Day, and they decide that as many people are also on Friday off, they will lure them into the store with bargains.
So a huge retail Day was born. And how.
Two weeks before the shopping day, leaflets leaked from major stores such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, toy fight city or Kohls began appearing on the special Black Friday website.
Websites like Amazon
Com started sales before Black Friday, while another retail day network Monday showed up online sales on Monday after Black Friday.
At some point, retailers wait until 6. m.
On Friday, the steady crawl of the clock caused several people to announce that they would open at 9 on Thanksgiving Day. m.
Canadian stores are fighting back, with local shopping malls such as Polo Park and Kildonan Place promising to open early that Friday and sell them themselves to attract shoppers to stay on this side of the border.
Who knows what Albertville will look like this year?
But last year, the factory store mall needed police to direct traffic into the parking lot for hours from around 9 on Thursday night. m.
100 of Outlets mall-
Another store opened at 9: 00m. , more at 10 p. m.
They all opened at midnight.
You can walk straight into many stores, but the most popular one --
Coach restaurant included-
Seeing the long queues outside, security guards watched them all night.
I saw a line there at three in the morning on Black Friday. m.
Drive past about 11 to Minneapolism.
I saw a line there.
Please note that this is an unusually mild night far beyond the cold season.
Many shoppers left their coats in the car and several people in a short period of timesleeve shirts.
The outlets mall attracts so many shoppers and it also sets extra off-
There is a parking lot for the site with shuttle bus, which can bring people to the site and has a special store-and-
Accommodation packages for local hotels.
This is actually an interesting party.
Like time, several hotels in the area are also integrated into the spirit of things.
One of the hotels, Best Western Chelsea Hotel and Suites, 10 kilometers from Monticello, offers a shuttle bus to the city center until about 3 in the morning. m.
It will also provide something to fill the stomach of hungry shoppers on their way to and from the center: hot soup and other snacks and drinks. The next day —
Or later that day.
Wake up and enjoy a complimentary breakfast with hot and cold food and a dip in the pool and hot tub.
For those who want to be closer to the action, you can\'t be closer to the Country Inn & Suites located behind Albertville.
This hotel also offers coffee, hot chocolate, and biscuits to help keep shoppers alive on Black Friday.
It also reserves a meeting room so you can wrap your purchase with free boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons and tape.
According to your endurance, the places further west along the highway are Minneapolis and St.
Lots of shopping, including American shopping centers.
Keep in mind: the Canadian government has changed the rules since last year, so anyone who stays in the US for two nights can bring back $800 (Canadian funds)
Tax free, you have to have a room with something back.
So if you see a van with a Manitoba licence stuck, wave to it --
Maybe it\'s me. kevin.
@ Freepress. mb.
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