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by:QiMeng     2019-09-04
Think about the clothing manufacturing industry in Los Angeles. The first thing to think about is large-scale
There are denim and sportswear brands on the market.
But besides big-
Vernon and Southgate\'s scale production company is a small fashion community dedicated to manufacturing high-end fashion
End the clothes in a tough way at their table or outside the garage if necessary.
Calleen Cordero, Anamyn Turowski and Barbara Tfank represent the thriving cabin design industry here, making this market a place for retailers to find new talent, these talents can help them distinguish stores in an increasingly homogeneous shopping environment.
As designers, they are committed to producing in a specific way, although it is not always the cheapest or fastest, but takes advantage of the advantages of all time
The number of people in the city specializing in ple, sewer and cobbler is decreasing.
Cordero is the manager of Fred Siegel. turned-
Hand of shoe designer
Mosaic slides and wood clo are like artwork;
Turowski, a former actor, is looking for discarded things in a broken house that can be used to cut and sew new clothes;
Tfank is one-
Time clothing designer to choose the Los Angeles talent poolA.
Produce her fashion in New York.
Premium clothing in vintage fabric.
Here\'s a glimpse of how they do business.
For 12 years, Anamyn Turowski has been turning other people\'s trash into fashionable goods.
She spends at least one day a week in Los Angeles. A.
A rag house that sorts out moldy clothes
She is looking for a polyester Aloha shirt to convert it into a patchwork printed dress, a custom rock T-shirt covered with lace, an embroidered Mexican farmer\'s dress and Indian sari to transform it into a shirt, turn the cashmere sweater into a jacket, all of which are sold in Barnes New York and other stores around the world, as well as her new YNOP3 boutique on the Gavin Trail, for $85 to $350.
In a studio behind the store, she had 14 people in charge of cutting and sewing each piece of clothing.
Claude was her first partner.
Design with Janine Milne.
It\'s more feminine than race.
She made her debut in 1999 with Paula Scolaro.
The two also make children\'s wear under the label Claude, and make more professional clothes under the label named by the new YNOP3 store, such as shirts made from Hermes scarves.
An ordinary hunting ground is a national waste, one in Los Angeles. A. \'s half-
A dozen broken houses.
It includes a few full 100-
T-pound bag
Shirts and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale stacked on the ceiling are specially shipped to countries such as Mexico, India and Bolivia.
Workers wearing masks to protect against dust have screened two or three times as high piles for rock T-shirts and other things that may be of interest to pre-displayed rooms, where, clothes are sold by pieces instead of pounds.
A few religions
The shirt is hung on the wall like an icon with photos of the Virgin Mary or Pope John Paul II on the front.
There is so much waste, most of which are purchased in large quantities from Salvation Army, charities and other charities that receive clothing donations, it is hard to imagine that one more is neededdesigned shirt.
That\'s why Turowksi has started his career in ecological conservation. friendly chic.
\"I\'m from an environment friendly family,\" the designer said . \" He recently wore jeans and a salvaged T-shirt in the morning.
The shirt says: \"It\'s better in the Bahamas.
\"So the more people reuse, the better.
\"She helped Hunt and collect from co-
Designer Scolaro is wearing a jacket made of cutup Harley-Davidson T-shirts.
In the reserved room, they picked the shelves of vintage leather jackets and princess coats, and the trash can filled with wool jumpers, warm clothing and scarves.
Instead of being embarrassed, Turowski is proud to say that one of her own works appeared in a large blue bin.
\"I think I have already circled.
\"She even found her cat in a broken house, a stray cat she called Gracie.
Scolaro looks early to mid
1970 sports T-shirt, but also turned into a Grateful Dead tie-
Dye, Ben & Jerry shirt, Esprit logo T-shirt and rainbow-
Used to be a striped vest part of the Hilton uniform.
In a nearby warehouse, Turowski checked a bundle of T-
Scan slogans for Luther camp, Denver Broncos and army boys.
The machine compresses the shirts and packs them into dense bags wrapped in discarded sheets to keep them together.
The designer has been thinking about another use of bedding ---in her designs.
\"But people can\'t seem to forget the fact that this is someone else\'s sheet.
\"Her freight for the day was $216 pounds, including the California state park jacket she was going to wear-£ 1,418
And ivory wedding dress (
She will use lace).
\"It should last for a few days,\" she said . \".
Calleen CorderoFew will guess that Calleen Cordero\'s 1970 pairs of shoes add a lot to the runway in Los Angeles. A.
The hottest show was produced in a factory in North Hollywood.
Wooden clo and flat sandals decorated with starburst spikes, boots, and Native American coins with rhinestones embedded in the heel (
All $260 to $750)
There is a feeling of the old world.
Cordero employs 36 workers who hand-carved high heels from wood and folded the leather upper on the wooden shoe help-
Today\'s tasks are usually done by machines.
A few cans of studs nails are placed on the shelf in the corner of the factory, and on a drafting table in the art department, a designer studies a copy of the civil war --
Era buckle for upcoming series.
It takes up to two weeks to make a pair of shoes.
\"It\'s not easy to have a successful business here because of the salary and minimum wage of workers ---
Who can support a family anyway? \" she says.
\"But I think I will try to create a non-corporate working environment because every pair of my shoes is like a work of art.
It must be extraordinary.
In the factory, workers move freely on stools.
Learn by hand on leather samples.
\"There is no pattern,\" she explained . \"
It takes two hours to get it. stud one upper.
\"She picked up a shoe with a heel carved into the shape of an arrow. See this heel? \" she asks.
\"It is carved like the bow of the ship.
Do nothing on the spindle.
\"With orthopedic insoles, even the wooden platform is as comfortable as the sneakers.
Cordero enjoys the freedom to make small pieces, such as a set of wooden clo made of cashmere scarves she picked up during her European trip.
Because she does not like to comply with the strict delivery date of the department store, she does not sell to the department store.
\"Four times a year, all the shops received the goods.
Everything looks the same.
\"Instead, she does business with independent boutiques (
200 of the world)
Recently opened a store on Beverly Avenue.
Four years ago, she started her own company in the garage, inspired by the look of a vintage belt, her first shoe.
Now, her factory launches six to eight series each year.
\"I \'ve never stopped designing so the store can buy fresh items at any time.
\"If there\'s a shoemaker she likes, it\'s the Belgian designer Dries Van Noten.
Otherwise, Cordero is a Birkenstock girl who is more likely to drum at her home in Laurel Canyon than shopping at Beverly Hills.
\"I know this is my real mission,\" she said . \"
\"This is the shadow at my feet as I sleep and see someone walking past the restaurant.
I saw a pair of folded jeans turn into shoes.
Actually, I can scan if there is a blockage in my brain.
Barbara TfankA was a costume designer, and when Barbara Tfank worked as a design consultant for Prada, she first attracted attention in the fashion industry.
She created Uma Thurman\'s ethereal lavender gown at 1995 Academy Awards, putting the Italian fashion house on the map.
After moving to Los Angeles, she launched her own spring 2001 tagA.
Her film writer
Director\'s husband, Peter Markham.
\"I used to design for movies, but there are very few movies that need clothes that I want to design right now,\" says Tfank, someone who works on midnight clarity and dream lover.
\"When Adrian and Chanel came over to make costumes, I lived in the fantasy of old Hollywood.
So I decided to make a movie of my own, \"she said, telling her film\'s metallic brocade cocktail jacket, cabolette jacket and skirt with a pointed waist and long skirt, starting at $1,500.
In September 2000, she was in her first retail account in Barnes, New York, with only 7 pieces of clothing and a sample book of vintage textiles, splendid and floral decorations.
The exquisite European fabric is the foundation of her business.
For years, she has collected samples that pile up in her home studio and a storage facility in town.
In the fall, she designed a British shirt with gold and black horizontal stripes and frieze-
Like the details, wear a godet skirt and windbreaker in French fabric to simulate the paint.
The line is also available at Susan\'s stores in San Francisco and berlingame, California.
Apart from Balenciaga and Lanvin.
Susan Foslien, the owner, said, \"It\'s very stylish without a huge label.
\"Drink tea in her apartment, in a historic Asia-
In West Hollywood style architecture, Tfank breaks a sample of linen embroidery for $385 per yard, cruising on a moody blackand-white floral. Tfank (T is silent)
She may purchase her fabric in Europe, but she insists on leaving production in Los AngelesA.
She contracted the sewer in Glendale and did all her pleading in the park.
The last afternoon, the fabric she was pleating was an ivory silk tissue that was being caught and smoked with a technique popular in the 1930 s \"suit shirt\"
\"It\'s hard to imagine the whole store working on such a specific task.
But under the ownership of Eddie Moya, Parker plettin has been doing this for 40 years-Sr. and Jr.
Here, one of the few shops in Los AngelesA.
Moyas and 12 workers hand-pleats on machines between the ages of 70 and 80.
Bark pleats, radiator pleats, lucky pleats, staggered Crystal pleats, all made for clothing labels such as St.
John Knits, Liz Claiborne, BCBG, and Tfank.
At the peak of his family\'s business, old Eddie.
50 employees.
A lot of work is done at sea now, but things are getting better.
\"In Los Angeles, better fashion is making a comeback,\" he said. A.
There are more names of designers, and the design school has also trained a lot of talents. \"Eddie Jr.
Show his craft on the table behind the store, with hundreds of rolls of paper in front of the shelf-
Every pattern Park is ready for any designer--
Including Nancy Reagan\'s favorite James Galanos.
First, he calculated the distance between each pleat with a ruler and pencil.
Then he folded the paper into folds with a partner, like an accordion.
Then, Tfank\'s fabric is sandwiched between two paper samples rolled up like a carpet.
Depending on the fabric, the whole thing goes into the steamer in 4 to 30 minutes.
After the paper is cooled, the fabric is wrinkled and can be stitched down.
\"The benefit of working with Junior is personal attention,\" Tfank said . \".
\"I came in and knew I wanted a pleat but I wasn\'t sure which one it was.
Do I need stitches?
Under the barrel?
Or will it be slimmer and more modern in another way?
He chose for me.
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