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six-pack of smack: feuds involving kenseth, logano over the years

by:QiMeng     2019-09-20
Joey Lugano and Matt kensese have a lot in common: they are the only two riders to win five NASCAR Sprint Cup Series this year. Both are top-
Good drivers with champions teams are usually good people.
Now, however, they have a strong disagreement about what happened last week, when Logano won on the Kansas Highway after making contact with leader Ken Seth
Joe Gibbs drove the Toyota car out of control in the last few laps.
This is not the first rodeo competition for these cowboys.
The pressure on the champion racing brought a strong mood, especially when one driver felt that the other driver had done him wrong.
Here are the most controversial moments between the two drivers and the other drivers.
2013-Highway Motor Club-
Lugano and Danny Hamlin are fighting for victory, and Lugano breathed a sigh of relief in the third round, putting Hamlin on the wall.
Hamlin suffered a fractured spine in the accident.
But after the game, Tony Stewart tried to beat him because he sent Logano to the tarmac, which made him very angry.
After the game, an angry Stewart crossed the garage and told the late Fox pit reporter Steve Bynes, \"I\'m going to beat him up.
2014-Charlotte highway-
After the Bank of America 500 incident, Brad keylovsky was hit on the pit road when he was undoing his seat belt and Kenseth went through the garage and put keylovsky in a head lock
\"There is no excuse,\" Kenseth said of Keselowski . \".
\"He\'s the champion and he should know better than that.
I don\'t know. I really have nothing to say.
\"Bristol Highway, 2012--The half-
Miles Bristol, Bullring has been is a temper. of place August of 2012 night of the tournament don\'t exception.
Kenseth and Stewart were linked on the track, leading to Stewart being knocked out. The three-
The time champion threw his helmet at Kenseth\'s car in the tunnel and vowed \"I will surpass him every time I get a chance for the rest of the year\", expressing his displeasure.
At the same time, Kenseth said, \"I guess he (Stewart)
Just wanted to do all the shots, so that\'s where we ended up.
\"Pocono track, 2010--After a run-
Lugano and Kevin Harvik said: \"It may not be his fault.
His wife was dressed in plain clothes at home and told him what to do.
Harvik\'s wife DeLana laughed at the end.
First, she sold a line of t-
Shirt with the slogan \"I\'m wearing plain clothes at home.
Then she gave one to Lugano at the time.
Fiance©Brittany as a wedding present.
Michigan International Circuit, 2010--
After the game, luogano and Ryan Newman had an angry confrontation, in which luogano breathed a sigh of relief and drove Newman out.
On one occasion, Newman shouted, \"learn how to drive!
When Logano seemed to put his hand on Newman, Newman pushed Logano into the middle and said, \"Don\'t touch me!
NASCAR officials stepped in quickly.
Bristol Highway, 2006--
Yes, Bristol again.
This time, it was Jeff Gordon who got angry after being turned around and dumped out by Kenseth later in the Gourmet City 500.
After the game, Gordon chased Ken Seth in the tunnel and pushed him angrily with both hands.
\"He just ruined me,\" Gordon said . \".
\"I\'m sure he didn\'t mean it, but I wasn\'t happy with it and I showed it to him after the game.
To his credit, Kenseth accepted the accusation and said, \"I went to his car to apologize.
I should wait a little longer.
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