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six years after bangladesh\'s rana plaza disaster, fashion brands urged to pay more

by:QiMeng     2019-09-22
Dhaka, April 24
Thomson Reuters Foundation-
Garment workers in Bangladesh face lower wages and exploitation as fashion brands fail to compensate large label-backed safety improvement factories, the Labor leader said on Wednesday, six years after the deadly Rana square disaster.
On April 2013, a factory collapsed in the outskirts of the capital Dhaka, killing more than 1,100 workers, reviewing major brands and triggering a world\'s second-most secure demand
Clothing biggest exporter.
However, a new report from Human Rights Watch shows that fashion companies are constantly putting pressure on garment suppliers in Bangladesh to keep them low prices and speed up garment production (HRW)
Say, cost-
Reduce safety and wages and abuse of workers.
After the disaster in Rana Plaza, retailers were involved in two agreements to improve plant conditions: the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement
About 200 major brands and trade unions signed-
And workers safety Union.
But many factory owners in Bangladesh say brands are not paying for the safety improvements they have made.
\"Although we have to invest. . . the prices (of production)
No rise, \"said the newly added Rubana Huq.
The Bangladesh Association of garment manufacturers and exporters was elected president, a national trade organization of 4,000 peopleodd members.
\"We are basically in a shortage of funds,\" added Huq, managing director of the Mohammed Group, which owns a range of factories from H & M to Primark supply brands in Bangladesh.
\"Buyers can help by being a little more generous than by using the postal service
Image of Rana square in Bangladesh.
\"As global apparel brands drive down the price of their competitor\'s garment factories and margins are squeezed, this leads to wage cuts or late payments for workers, limited breaks and rising production targets, according to the HRW report.
According to HRW, this also makes it impossible for safety improvement factories to compete or be forced to push costs to workers by cutting wages, which urges brands to be more transparent, and sign a more fair contract with the owner of the factory.
On January, the British pop band \"Spice Girls\" said they would fund an investigation into a factory in Bangladesh to investigate the production of T-
After media coverage of long hours of work, low wages and abuse, shirts were designed to support an equal charity campaign.
The workers reportedly earn only 45 cents an hour, but Huq said earlier this year that it was difficult for the factory to pay higher wages because they did not get a fair price from the brand.
Syed Ahmed, another secretary of the Labor Department, said that although the factory invested heavily in improving conditions after the collapse of Rana square, the price paid by the brand had dropped.
\"Investment should see a return,\" he added . \" He supported HRW\'s research.
\"There needs to be a sustainable solution.
Bangladesh Labor leader Kalpona Akter said factory owners should work together to resist brands that make unreasonable demands and demands --lower prices.
\"There are so many. . . competition (
Between factories)
Prices for the production of clothing continue to decline, which is harmful to workers, \"said Kalpona Akter, founder and head of the Bangladesh Workers\' Solidarity Center.
\"Factory owners in Bangladesh and bosses in other countries need to learn how to say no to brands.
This will be of great help to the workers, \"ackett told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI)
An organization representing brands, suppliers and unions said it encouraged all companies to follow the example of the United States. N.
Global guidelines to ensure safety of workers, fair pay and no abuse.
\"All workers should enjoy free, safe and fair conditions without exploitation and discrimination,\" an ETI spokesperson said in an email . \".
The country\'s Supreme Court is considering an appeal against a ruling that ordered its closure last year under the agreement, and a state regulator is prepared to take responsibility. (
Said Naimul Karim @ Naimonthefield;
Editor Michael Taylor and Kieran Gilbert.
Please thank you to the Thomson Reuters charity, the Thomson Reuters Foundation, which covers humanitarian news, women\'s and lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights, human trafficking, property rights, and climate change. Visit news. trust. org)
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