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skip the fashion advice and give this guy a coupon

by:QiMeng     2019-10-10
When I first met my husband, I was impressed by his dress.
Obviously, this is a person who doesn\'t care about clothes.
There is no doubt that some of your wives and girlfriends know that some men can\'t and won\'t buy clothes.
In my husband\'s words: \"I \'d rather not have a root canal for anesthesia.
\"Speaking of dentists, I recently bought the latest issue of the men\'s magazine at the dental clinic.
The cover story is \"50 things that everyone should have.
\"I\'m pretty sure my husband doesn\'t have these things, but I \'d like to confirm. He doesn’t.
But I am particularly interested in the clothes listed.
A $1,125 \"waxed cotton\" jacket.
A pair of shoes for $375.
\"Renew the Navy flame\" for $595 \".
There is also an Oxford shirt worth $125.
My husband bought his clothes in two places: Costco from Avon, or Bob from Randolph.
He\'s spending less. a lot less -
Over $100 a year
Mainly socks, T-
Shirts and underwear.
\"I occasionally buy a white shirt for work, or when I wear kha cloth and jeans, I buy a new one,\" he said . \".
Let the record show that he hasn\'t worn a pair for a long time.
A non-profit board he serves sometimes sends him a shirt with its logo on it, and his windbreaker is also sent by them.
His winter hat was Alaska Airlines and I brought it back on a reported trip in 1983.
My husband is a card.
That means he can get \"Bob\'s money\" for free \".
He scans coupons every week in the newspaper.
\"For my birthday, they sent me $10 in store supplies,\" he said happily . \".
At Christmas, I gave my husband a gift certificate for the Banana Republic because of a temporary madness.
We went to the shops in Southbank square.
He urgently needed to \"update\" his dad\'s jeans with a hammer ring on one side and a low pocket on the other.
He wore jeans, most of them cool and distressed.
\"Why on earth should I spend this money on jeans that others wear? ’’ he groused.
\"Are you kidding?
\"I saw a couple of young staff exchanging ideas with each other.
We went on to buy winter scarves, some beautiful scarves. thirds off.
\"I don\'t need a scarf,\" My husband said . \".
\"I don\'t even wear two.
\"I found some fingerless gloves at clearance.
\"Where are the others?
Asked my husband.
They are very fashionable, I told him.
\"Oh, come on,\" he said.
\"What\'s the point if the gloves don\'t keep your hands warm?
\"But you told George you liked him,\" I said. \"George is cool. I’m not.
\"He made sense.
Another person in my life can contact.
Charlie Haddie is the one I have worked with for more than ten years once a week.
I have only seen him in sportswear and jerseys.
Because he lives in a sweaty place, he doesn\'t know. or care -
How to buy clothes.
As a matter of fact, he will not be caught shopping dead and rarely enter the store.
\"When I did this, I felt like I was described,\" said Charlie, who had full natural training in Quincy.
\"It\'s like I don\'t belong there, everyone knows.
\"When was the last time he was in a clothing store?
\"Just two days before my father\'s funeral on November 2007.
I have to have a black dress pants and a belt.
\"Charlie bought what he needed online. “Zappos. com,’’ he says.
\"You can get anything there.
Their price is very good, Next
Delivery on the same day, free shipping.
You can return it for free if you don\'t like it.
Save gas and time.
Most importantly, no one saw him go shopping in his opinion.
In the Banana Republic, my husband and I talked about the pair denims that they least love dearly.
He was not satisfied with the price of $80.
He also bought a shirt, a dress, trousers and a sweater, all at a discount.
At the checkout counter, the salesman called him and commented on his great \"eggplant\" sweater. “Eggplant?
My husband asked.
\"It\'s dark purple,\" I whispered. “Purple?
I thought it was black.
My husband is color blind. Too late.
He had already called for the $200 gift certificate.
Outside, he thanked me but added: \"I can get it all at Bob for 50 bucks.
\"The other day, he went home happily with Bob\'s six pairs of socks.
\"They cost me 50 cents,\" he said loudly . \"How’s that? I asked.
The only thing you can get these days is a few pennies candy.
His explanation was: \"I got a 30% discount on all the clothing coupons from the newspaper.
I also received a $10 credit card because of my birthday.
A pack of socks costs $15.
You can enjoy a 30% discount for $10. 50.
Then apply for a $10 credit and you will get a net cost of 50 cents!
He could hardly keep that excited voice out.
It\'s been a few months since he had new jeans, and he doesn\'t wear them very often. Why not?
They are beautiful and fit well.
\"They are just not as comfortable as my old man\'s jeans,\" my old man said . \".
Bella lives in Milton English.
She can be contacted by English @ globe. com.
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