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snobs have got it in for shirt pockets

by:QiMeng     2019-09-03
A few years ago, when I was trained as a lawyer, my boss was fascinated by the number of buttons on the cuffs of my suit. \"Three. . .
Why do you have three buttons? \"\"Erm. . .
Well, that\'s the suit.
\"But do you know the rules for sure ? \"
Four, two, three, one\"\"No. . . I\'m sorry.
Four buttons of the suit coat. Two for coats. Three -
Think about it, wrong. One -never !
\"Without small enough clothing details, snobbish people will not invent some rules for it, ideally a rule that will let you down.
Three buttons are one thing.
It took them a little time to look for it.
As for the chest pocket on the shirt, well, they scream at the world where the clothes are snobbish, how obvious you are wrong.
News of a slump in shirt sales with chest pockets
From 90 per cent of all shirts sold ten years ago to 25 per cent today
I\'m not surprised at all.
Snobbish people have been fighting them for years, unfortunately --
For a chest pocket fan like methey\'ve won.
As they do in all the costume snobbish battles, snobbish people attract style when arguing, but what they really attract is snobbish --
The old slogan \"I know this rule, you don\'t know;
I\'m right. you\'re not right.
\"The Tailor said that the pocket on the chest would break the line of the suit.
Thin cotton pockets of course have those 12 square inches-
Much thinner than the button next to it.
Don\'t break this line unless you put something in it.
But the pocket is full or empty, not here or there.
The real point is that pocket is useful, and useful is an enemy of grandeur in a world where clothes are snobbish.
This is why the study of ancient Greece is greater than business management;
Play tennis with a worn-out tennis racket instead of a new carbon graphite racket;
The old Triumph fire-breathing convertible is more reliable than the new Vauxhall hatchback.
All these choices say, \"I don\'t care about the dull old days --to-
The practicality of the day, arrive at the place on time, make money and so on;
I like style, elegance, art, eleganceminded things.
\"When it comes to clothes, the more useless things, the more precious it will be;
For my big lawyer boss, it is vital that you should be able to unlock the cuff of your suit.
\"When should I undo them? \"\"Never!
Former Congressman Matthew Parris made his point in his autobiography a few years ago.
The book includes portraits of him and other members of the blue chip Club, a group of blue chip members
Close to John Major\'s hot-blooded MP
All membersTristan Garel-
Jones and the future Duke of Salisbury
Wearing a shirt with no chest pocket.
Matthew Parris, the only member with a breast pocket, wrote in the title: \"They may be thinking, \'What the hell are you going to put in the breast pocket? \'?
\"This means that only the craftsmen need to put half --
He chewed a pencil in his coat pocket;
That is, if he does not put it behind his ears.
A gentleman doesn\'t need a trading tool, so why does he need a pocket?
The equally ridiculous argument applies to other pockets in the suit --
I was told before that I had put a novel in my hip pocket.
Pocket is a very useful thing, especially if you hate carrying bags like many men.
Clapping dance-
The left and right palms are double beats to the left and right chest jacket pocket, and then double beats to the left and right trouser pockets-
It\'s a special male ritual, the last of its kind --
A minute of skill before leaving the house, in my case, accompanied by the spell \"key, wallet, Diary \".
\"If something is useful, comfortable, and harmless to the eyes, then it should go beyond the dirty, empty statement of snobbish.
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