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Spare me your \"femvertising\": The advertising industry\'s weird, persistent woman problem

by:QiMeng     2019-09-01
Recently, during the Advertising Week in New York, a hedonistic celebration of all business things, six groups focused on women.
The topics of discussion range from teaching, that is, how to avoid insulting women when you try to sell something to women, to philosophy, which raises some tricky questions \"they are not promoted, could this be a woman\'s fault? \" The group titled \"women have no creativity\" is easy to recognize that women account for 80% of family purchase decisions.
Executives smiling on the center stage acknowledge that only 3% of women\'s creative directors make decisions about how best to sell goods to these millions of shopping ladies.
The word \"feminism\" has been thrown a lot, but there has never been the word \"feminism.
\"Maybe it\'s because in an industry that\'s known for its gender discrimination, it\'s scary even if feminism has sales.
On Friday, in the discussion of \"women have no creativity\", the advertisement for the \"what do I want\" campaign of under Armour was played on the movie screen, for hundreds of veterans and promising people in the advertising industry, most of them are American women.
In the ad, ballerina Misti Copeland performed an amazing solo as the voice of a child told Copeland about a rejection letter that she was not a ballerina.
At the end of the advertisement, the crowd cheered: cheering for women, for Copeland, for an advertisement that did the right thing about women, it doesn\'t matter, the creative team that produced fuzzy Copeland ads at Droga5 consists of 56 people, only 11 of whom are women, and essentially many men tell women what they think a woman might want to hear.
Not to mention that there are three women in the campaign: Copeland, ballerina, Gisele bonchen, supermodel and skier and swimsuit model Lindsay Von.
Accomplished Women, absolutely, but also very attractive women, succeed in ways that most men may not feel particularly threatening.
\"I Will What I Want\" is characterized by the success of almost perfect women in entertainment.
After all, this is an advertisement for running shorts that are overpriced.
We all know that advertising is a white lie.
The real problem with advertising like \"what do I want\" is that the industry has been able to sell these idealized snapshots as legitimate feminist comments to the mass media.
Another problem is that the advertising industry has one of the worst records on equality and seems to be falling on its own.
At a later conference called \"women have no creativity,\" Oglivy and Mather\'s former CEO, Charlotte Beers, explained that, one of the biggest challenges women face in the workplace is that she sees it as a tendency for women to work with colleagues
Staff and teamwork.
Simply put, the women around her just don\'t want what they want.
As an alternative, she advised women to be more \"leading\", a trait she saw in men around her office.
Leaders are confident and persuasive, and they are right to stick to themselves in the face of opposition.
Hours after that meeting, I witnessed this leadership.
After a tight panel discussion on how to win Instagram fans, limited space and excessive body create bottlenecks near the exit.
I\'m waiting in the middle line-
Old man in a suit and technology-
Typist in kha cloth and velvet.
Because we didn\'t move, I looked down at the phone.
When an old man on my left was stuck in a row of chairs, I was pressing the home key to put it away and he yelled at me \"stop texting and moving \".
\"Stunned, I looked around to make sure the line was not moving (no movement) and to make sure he was talking to me (he was moving ).
\"Have you just corrected my behavior in public? \" I asked ? \".
Accompanied by another male colleague, the man shouted, \"Someone has to do this . \".
In the still line in front of me, the man in the suit moved over uncomfortably, looking as if he might say something, but not.
\"They hire children in the industry,\" the old man vented to his male colleagues and other audible people.
The older advertiser apparently thinks I\'m not in the industry, not even in the room, and just a few hours ago, in the \"women have no creativity\" group, executives wanted to know, why more women are no longer in the advertising and publishing industries.
Molin Dodd told the audience that some women simply did not have the ability to put their careers first.
In the past, she said she tried to give women the last time
They inevitably say that they have to check: with the husband and the child.
Women are less likely to cancel their leave and bail their families to work, and men are more likely to make sacrifices, she said.
What I learned from the Ad Week discussion is that to be successful, I need to avoid family commitment and collaboration with the team so that I can work harder. Like men do.
I would like to know what Charlotte Beals or Maureen Dodd will tell me to say to the person who scolded me in front of my colleagues.
How can I deal with this like a leader, instead of dealing with it like a woman, it would be different if I explained I was checking the email
The Mail is to take on more writing tasks rather than planning a vacation, and I will not complain if the rough insults of the men around me are the only problems women face in the workplace.
Contrary to that person\'s belief, I am not a child.
But the problem is not limited to condescending remarks.
Somewhere, no matter which company the person is from, he may have to make a hiring decision and I bet he chose the \"lead\" man instead of the \"kid \".
\"Telling women that the key to gender equality is to work harder on the assumption that the competitive environment is fair and that women just don\'t play well enough.
However, no one will tell a male employee to stop being manly and start to be a leader, because culturally the words still mean the same thing.
No one tells men that if they want to succeed, they must pay less attention to their families and work.
When scolding a young woman with a phone in a crowded room is as unacceptable as scolding a woman in her fortiesyear-
The old man in a suit, then the success and failure of women in the workplace will have to blame themselves.
The advertising industry captures the commercial possibilities of feminism, but they do not understand the concept of equality.
Activities like \"what do I want\" are called progress by the advertising industry and labor
The same is true of feminist tabloids, but all they really do is highlight the message that women can\'t want enough if they don\'t get what they want.
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