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speed skating - u.s. suit switch yet to be approved: isu

by:QiMeng     2019-08-31
SOCHI, Russia (Reuters)-The U. S.
Speed Skating Team plan give up they of many
The campaign\'s governing body said on Saturday that the acclaimed Armour Olympic costume is still under review, and an American coach questioned whether the shift would boost their medal hopes. U. S.
Speed Skating president Mike Plante said on Friday that the team will switch back to leather covers made by the same American company but worn before the Winter Olympics in the remaining six games in Sochi.
On Saturday, American athletes went to Adler Stadium to train in three different suits.
Known as \"the fastest ever\" Mach 39 \", a full black, an AmericanS.
There is a flag and team emblem on it.
Some American players wear jackets.
\"The request to change the long track speed skating team racing suit is currently under review,\" ISU said in an email to Reuters . \".
\"The proposed suit was approved by the ISU at the beginning of the season for the ISU World Cup and tournament period, however, in order to be used during the Winter Olympics, clothing must comply with IOC Rule 50 and subsequent IOC rule 223.
\"If these requirements are met, there is no objection from the implementation support unit to this change.
International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams said the agency was also pleased with the change but has not yet been approved.
\"We are aware of this.
This is in progress.
As long as it meets the rules of the IOC, we have no problem.
It\'s not done yet, \"he told reporters on Saturday.
S. coach Matthew Kooreman said \"sure\" his skaters will take part in the men\'s 1,500 m race in their World Cup jersey later on Saturday, but not sure
\"More is trying to make a change and make us happy with today\'s performance,\" he told reporters after training at Adler Arena . \".
\"I don\'t know if there is solid evidence that we have to do this, but we just want to change our mood a little bit.
We know we have good suits from Under Armour and we have set the world record before, so just a little bit of a change in the atmosphere.
\"I think people now have something to lock in and say \'OK, it\'s a change\' and now it\'s up to us to perform and there\'s no excuse anymore.
Kooreman said that a separate meeting had been held with all skaters before the panel discussion, but not all of them were satisfied with the change, if it was approved,
\"There may be differences between the parties, but people are hopeful,\" the coach added . \".
\"It\'s just an intellectual game for me.
This is something we have eliminated now, perhaps a small part of what people once suspected, but now they are mentally focused.
\"When you lose your doubts, you look at your skates, your suit, and why we\'re basically not performing well.
I think it looks worse because the Dutch are doing so well that there is friction on our faces.
\"When Americans were looking for the first medal, the Dutch won 12 medals, including four gold medals, from six previous projects.
Plant said Americans have no doubt about the quality of the three bomb-proof suits offered for the Olympics.
\"The United States is provided under armor. S.
\"Before Sochi, we had three different set configurations for speed skating, and we were confident in the performance advantages of each set,\" Plant said on Friday . \".
\"We constantly evaluate all aspects of competition preparation and execution to help our athletes increase their production and maximize their physical and psychological strengths.
The sportswear maker told Reuters on Friday that the organization overseeing the US speed skating team has asked to choose from the fastest-selling suit --
Participated in the sport.
Speculation about the underlying causes of U. S. economic growthS.
The bad start to the Sochi Winter Olympics began with two Olympic champions, Shani Davis, who won three of the four World Cup games this season, won eighth place in Wednesday\'s 1,000-meter race.
The women\'s 1,000-meter World Cup champion Heather Richardson and world record holder Brittany Bowie also struggled in the women\'s competition.
Zhang Hong of China won the women\'s 1,000 m title, and Coleman sees Richardson and Bowey as missing the gold medal and sees the lawsuit as a factor.
Davis told reporters on Saturday that after the 1,500-meter race, he will be talking about suits, as will Brian Hansen, Joey Mattia and Jonathan Cook skating for the United States.
Kevin Hayley, senior deputy to Armour
The President of Innovation told Reuters that only about four skaters asked for a suit change, the \"vast majority\" in the United States\"S.
Speed skaters did not blame Mach 39 for their disappointing results.
A shares fell 2.
Friday 4%The hi-
Tech sportswear makers recently announced that apparel revenue rose 35% in the quarter ended December 31.
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