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by:QiMeng     2019-08-30
Roundwood AFC: the result of this weekend is: Blue of u8-Roundwood 2 -
3 St P u9\' s White-Roundwood 2 -1 Greystones (
C fee, K Johnson);
U11 Division 1 Shield-Roundwood 4 -
1 Ashford Rover (
Cowley, Karen, Gaffney 2).
The Arklow squash club held doubles and super national tournaments in Kilkenny last weekend, and the players played very little, which was never as intense as it is now.
There are a total of eight champions to compete for, and Arklow has won three of the men\'s 30 and 40 singles at the men\'s open.
In the men\'s Open doubles, a tough match between Adam nayley and Mark Murphy, who beat Jimmy Gannon and Palo Alto and won aklow/
When Joe Farrell and Adam Neeley entered the final, 30 singles were an Arklow thing, and there was no coin as both tried to win the championship.
But Joe Farrell finally stood up.
In 40 games, Jimmy Gannon played his best squash to date, and he beat Stephen O of Belfast\'s team on loan and won a second in aklow.
At home, the Arklow Club c/ships will be held next month, followed by the stage for the May low Irish Open, which will be held on the May Day bank holiday weekend.
The squash continues on Monday night. Welcome to try it at 7: 00. 40pm to 9 pm.
Under Carnew AFCOur-
8 people went to Arklow on Saturday. Unfortunately, they lost 4-2.
The boys were a better team on the day of playing some great football, but unfortunately some decisions, including penalties, were bad for them on that day.
But please note that they will be back next weekend.
The best player of the week is Josh White;
Josh is a great team player who works hard like lightning on the pitch. Our under-
On Sunday morning, 10 people traveled long distances to Ardmore with bare teams, losing their first game of the year.
It\'s just the second game of the shield and there\'s still a long way to go and I\'m sure they won\'t let this little accident make a big difference to them.
The best player came to Conor Wafer this week, a dedicated team player. Our under-
The 13 game is currently in progress and there is only one match from the Champions League.
They received Wolfetone C on Sunday morning and showed them how to take an impressive 7-1 win.
Score from Darragh Kinsella-
That\'s right, our goalkeeper, Jorge, Jon Holmes, Cade Askins, corm Hayes, Hannah Kilbride, jack Nolan has a 35-yard volley as his goal and a new competitor to score this season.
The best player this week is Hannah Kilbride, who has only started playing this season, but has brought a lot to the team and scored in her debut. Our under-
The 15 people are looking forward to returning to the field, but unfortunately the game was canceled due to the pool of water, so they had to wait another week.
Don\'t forget to add us on facebook-Carnew AFC.
Anyone with team photos can send them to carnewafc @ gmail.
We can load them on facebook.
The team of Wicklow rovers went to the Cherry Garden on Saturday afternoon in the White Orchard;
So far, their opponents are the only team in the league this season to beat the lads.
On a day when football conditions are not ideal, the first to be threatened is the tourists, and in the limited opportunities, the first half is the orchard, when they switched to one of the few clear opportunities to enter when they broke through 1-0, the orchard was ahead.
In the second half it was seen that the lads were more forward without testing the away goalkeeper, but at rest the away looks dangerous.
With 13 minutes left in the second half, substitute Ken Doyle played an excellent cross from the right, Paul O\'Neill against Darag O\'Donnell, Darag O\'Donnell
The lads had two great chances at the last minute in a tight game, but both Luke Bourne and Jim Foley were rejected.
It\'s a good point of view for a game, and at one stage it looks like it\'s getting away from them.
When the third team is disappointed, there is no match for the Premier League team.
Jonathan Dunn scored a goal in a home defeat at the Roundwood Stadium.
Our young man 3-
1 against Las New, Ryan Bloomfield scored. The under-
11 girls received a walk from Cloghertown Utd.
13 won 9 wins from 9 games in beating Balrath 4
0, Rioghna Mcgettigan earned 7 points this season, and Kate Hennessy and Eve Christie added singles to keep a record of 100%. The under-
Canceled 15 girls.
Everyone at the club would like to congratulate former player David sullivan on his shortlist of honors for Irish youth players of the year, who was nominated in the last three and invited to the FAI International Awards on Sunday, February 26, the awards ceremony will be broadcast live at the RTE studio in donibrook at six o\'clock P. M. that night.
His performances with the club in last season\'s FAI and Leinster Youth Cup gave him an international competition, he became one of the key players in the Irish youth team. The Irish team had a wonderful journey at the European Regional Championships in Portugal.
He played an important role in helping the team enter the final, scoring several goals on the way forward.
On the way to the final, they drew with Turkey while defeating Serbia and Russia, and by the way, David won against Russia, which put them in the final, unfortunately lost to host Portugal.
This is a great achievement and recognition of David\'s hard work.
Everyone at Wicklow Rovers AFC wants to wish you good luck in the evening, while also congratulating you on your nomination;
It\'s a truly well deserved honor for a player who has done well every week for both the club and the country, and everyone at Wicklow Rovers has done a great job.
We have a player in our hat.
This week\'s magic club, what a wonderful performance it is.
Eoin malulay is wearing a great double hat
The trick below
In their 9-
Home 0 victory over St. Antoni, 6 goals in a game is a great achievement, excellent performance.
Everyone at Wicklow Rovers AFC would like to express their sincere condolences to the family and friends of Frank Mullen, who recently died tragically;
Our thoughts are with you at this sad moment, and may he rest in peace.
Our club store offers club gear and if anyone wants to buy club gear, you can contact Franny Copeland at 0872230063 or email him at fcopeland8 @ gmail. com .
The following is a list of equipment and prices: 5 euros for SocksJunior and 8 euros for Senior;
Top shorts-
10 euros for the junior level and 12 euros for the senior level; Tracksuit-
45 euros in primary level and 57 euros in advanced level; -
22 euros at the junior level and 28 euros at the senior level; Rain jacket-
30 euros at the junior level and 37 euros at the senior level; Hoodie-
20 euros, 26 euros.
All sportswear, polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, rain jacket and hoodie can be provided with the player\'s initials free of charge if needed.
Anyone with club notes or club website information can contact me at 0879108706 or e-
Send me an email at Jimmy. Nolan09 @ hotmail.
ComFor all news about the club view the club websitewicklowrovers. com.
The girls entered the semi-finals.
The final of the Boland Carpets Cup, when they were given walking rights to Tombrack Utd, they didn\'t even play and they couldn\'t send a team this quarter --The last meeting
It is nice to see that despite the lack of competition, it has been working hard in training recently.
Keep an eye on it girls, there are a few big games coming up and we will play camolin Celtics in the third round of the Wexford Cup starting on Sunday.
Continue training at seven o\'clock P. M. on Tuesday and Friday.
Congrats Kevin Moran, Clonegal, who won the 100 euro title in our 210 club draw this week;
Winning numbers 2 and 23
At present, the number of tickets for the 210 lottery is limited.
Please contact any club members if interested.
The weekend in Wicklow town starts on Saturday.
On the 13 th, I went home to Avonmore. 3-
The winners of two goals from auane O\'Reilly, Jordan Sinatra and Brian Hayes Byrne. The over-
The 35-year-old went to Dublin to play Larkview boys and ended up having their game canceled at the last minute.
11 people in the away game against wolf, because the stadium is not playable, their game was canceled.
Sunday starts below.
In the local derby with Wicklow Rangers, 10 people took 3-
3 draws, goals from Matthew Ryan, Dylan Kavanagh and Jack Fox (p). The under-
Nine are the next home game for Manchester United, although four-
They continued to win 5-0.
It was their first victory this year and they deserved it.
The scoring scorer was Jack O\'Reilly 2, Troy Sutton and Kayla Carroll.
The second team canceled the match against San fergaal because of the impossible venue.
The 1st team played Glenview at home on the weekend and played a good 7-
1 win, scoring points were Connor 2, Warren komley 2, John Loughlin, Sean Duffy and Willie Sinatra.
The club once again thanks Trevor Dunn for the hard work he has done for the club over the past few years and wishes him good luck with the transfer and we are also happy to say, kieth Brennan will be in charge of u10 with the assistance of Chris Mabuza and good luck to both of you.
The club hopes that our 2nd team\'s Tony Doyle and u9 assistants will recover quickly from the recent accident.
The last date for ordering club gear is February 10.
Training Package is provided. A.
Jerseys, socks and shorts,
18 euro for children 15 euro for adults; B.
Nightclub V collar training jacket, socks and shorts ,-
20 euro for children, 24 euro for adults; C.
3/4 short in length, s socks, V-collar training tops or hoodie and rain; Jacket, -
30 euro for children 39 euro for adults; Tracksuits.
24 euro for children 18 euro for adults;
Club kit for 15 euro, 12 kids and polo shirt for 14 euro. 50.
Add any item to the package and get a discount I.
The E gear bag becomes 12 euros.
All gears are available in sizes from 6/7 to XXL.
Please contact Eoin 086611712 for order details.
For updates on all team and club information, check out our Facebook page Wicklow Town AFC and our website Wicklow Town AFC. com.
Wind farm lawn tennis ClubDublin Winter League 2012 women\'s monthly C aklow month v some short hair Women\'s Month aklow month women\'s team opening 2012 this weekend event delayed the first game last week due to drowning Charles court of Lan
The back-to-back match against Rathgar 4 on Saturday 4/2/12 was played at Rathgar at 3 points. 30 p. m.
The weather was good for us at the beginning, but soon we felt bored and we needed a good shower to motivate us and inspire us.
Erin Ryder and Kay\'s kiss marks will comfortably be set in the month, Jacintha Kim Chi, Lucia McMahon almost destroyed each person\'s death sentence at the time of the opponent\'s 3rd sets of monthly matches, Martina Bayan (Captain)
Win with Magus Kelly.
In Group 3rd, the sixth gear was found in groups 1 and 2 of each group, winning 6/2.
After our first game bag 2 points, well done team!
On Sunday 5/2/12, the ladies team traveled to devissey 2 v Arklow 1 to play in the beautiful landscape of their club grounds.
The conditions are perfect for excellent tennis from all 3 comparison matches.
Martina Behan and Mags Kelly took the lead in a comprehensive 2-set victory.
Jacintha Kinch and Lucia Mcmahon won their 3rd games in this game and after the excellent tennis match between the two sides they won the game and did a good job!
Erin Ryder and Kay Hickey also took their game to climate 3rd and continued to win, winning 3rd points for the team.
Wish the ladies all the best in the rest of the game.
The men\'s 7-level E-section Arklow 1 men\'s team made a great start in the winter league with back-to-back matches on Saturday 4/2/12 and Sunday 5/2/12. A 3-
Saturday\'s 0 win over Mount Pleasant 7 gave the team great encouragement in Sunday\'s game against Wicklow 4.
2-winning score
1 puts the team in a 5-point vantage point in their section, and the table may appear at the top before other match results.
Good for the team and good luck for the rest of the game.
Sunday tournaments: these tournaments continue at 2: 00 every Sunday. 00 p. m.
Come here and enjoy social tennis.
Social: anyone interested in taking a walk in Macreddin village can meet at 11 in the club parking lot. m.
Saturday, February 11 or 12 noon in Macreddin village, 2 hours walk.
See the club bulletin board for more details.
Look at our website www. altc.
Information about members.
David Sheehan club coach adult and junior tennis class, David Sheehan registered tennis professional, contact David at 087 8166525.
The new adult 5-week course will begin at 7: 00 on Tuesday night. 30 pm to 8. 30pm.
Start the ideal re-creation of February 7
Starters and improvers.
The fee is € 50, open to members and non-members, only 12 people, first come, first served.
This is the ideal way to try tennis and facilities at ALTC, no need to join.
This is a great incentive if you want to join and meet other players after the course is over.
Booking is essential, please contact David Sheehan at 087 8166525 for inquiry or booking.
All devices are available.
Start a new junior course every Saturday morning at 9: 00 on Saturday, February 4. 15a. m. to 10a. m.
Tennis at little Tots: 4 5 year old, the ideal way to get your kids to take part in this great sport.
The rolling course fee for 5 weeks is 25 euros.
Special Offer for non-members-
Not the same price
The Member States are usually € 40 and now only € 25.
Booking is essential, please contact David 087 8166525 for inquiry or booking.
All devices are available.
Junior tennis classes continue every Tuesday, below-10\'s 4. 30 p. m. to 5. 30 p. m. 11-15 years 5. 30 p. m. to 6. 30 p. m.
5 euros for members and 7 euros for non-members.
Racket provided.
Could be delayed in bad weather, please text 087 8166525 if in doubt.
Saturday class: 10a. m. to 2p. m. Five-
Week lessons for children. 6-
8 years old at ten o\'clock A. M. , 10 years old at eleven o\'clock P. M. , 11: 12 noon, 1 to 2 teenagers. m.
25 euro for members and 40 euro for non-members.
The location must be booked in advance, text or call David Shane 087 8166525 tennis professional.
Kilcoole ACFit4life League 2012-Round 1 -
Thursday, February 2-
Month meter Charlesland, GreystonesAndy illegal: month.
57 minutes: 5 days: 3rd SM;
John Baldwin: 11.
06 points: 7 days: 2nd M45;
Joanne Cullen: 13.
03: 28: 2nd SW;
Esther growl: 13.
06: 30: 3rd SW;
13-year-old Patrick Mullen
08 points: No. 31: SM No. 9;
Sarah Jane Cullen: 13.
41 minutes: No. 41: No. 5 SW;
Michelle rambagin: 13 years old.
46 min: 42 nd: 1st W35; Leon Byrne: 14.
11 minutes: 45: SM, 11; Ann Kirwan: 14.
26 points: 47: 2nd W35;
Susan: 14 years old.
51 points: 51st: SW 9;
Louise Macon: 15.
347 points: No. 60: No. 10 SW;
Hillary Bourne: 18.
59 minutes: 88: 9 w40 newtown Juniors FCOnly the four players of our team saw the game last weekend because the stadium again clashed with the weather. The under-
Eight went to kilmark but lost to glancomac United in the game, but they had their own moments. The under-
15 people went to greystone with the emphasis of 9-1 win.
Both Kenneth Turner and Dillon Kasi have hat-tricks, and Evan Moran, Ross Davis and Robert Green have also scored.
It was nice to see the team\'s injury list finally cleared as some players came back after a long break --offs. The under-
The girl of 15 went to castleruk, at 5-3 scoreline. The score is 2-
At half-time, but the team can\'t put their noses in front of them and may be disappointed with their overall performance.
On the day Katie Miley scored twice, Niamh O\'Brien also scored, and Miley, Chelsee Snell and Kelsea Parsons played in the most recent match
The 17-year-old girl played a friendly role in greystone and ran out of 5-
There were no winners due to 5 different goalkeepers.
Elaine Sutton, Amy Murphy, Laura O\'Neillpen)
Katie Miley scored in a great team game.
The club\'s three players celebrate their birthday in the coming week, they are Darragh Heffernan under 8, Josh Kennedy under 10 and Adam kier under 12
Happy birthday to everyone, boys. C.
For all other inquiries/matters regarding the club, please contact Huggie @ 087-
6987653 or visit our websitenewtownjuniors.
You can also find us on Facebook.
Newton United played FCNo for the 17 or development team last weekend, but both the first and second teams, which brought two good wins to the two teams.
Deshi Waters and John Tiney scored for the first team at 2-1 scoreline.
The second team\'s away score was similar to that of the Celtics, with Tom Simmons and Terry Murphy scoring.
Congrats rich Dalton, development team manager who won the January LFL monthly manager award.
Ritchie did well.
The winner of our member\'s draw was Keegan Fitzpatrick, who received the euro.
Keegan did a good job.
You can view fixtures and so on the New Alliance website www. wdfl.
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