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spring 2016 is all about lacy shirts, floral prints, silky fabrics — for men. why not?

by:QiMeng     2019-09-13
The gender issue is coming to an end.
The mission of the men\'s wear designer is to eradicate it.
Some people wear lace shirts and soft grandma shirts, just like cultural grenades.
Others are taking an invisible approach through non-
Traditional retail, models and profiles.
From London to New York, the vast majority of men\'s wear designers.
Stimulated by the strong interest of men in fashion and the transformation of social customs, they are showing their creative muscles, taking risks and challenging customers to think beyond the pastel suit, leggings and a tight pair of trousers were cropped at the ankle.
When they go deep into women, they avoid the temptation of a hundred miles and don\'t look too sexy.
They prefer a big swing, cool, just a bit of a bad ass.
Last month, London began its 2016 men\'s season in spring, with men wearing loose pleated trousers, printed patterns and lace shirts.
When a group of retailers and editors moved to Milan, they were more strongly welcomed, wearing lace and casual clothes.
When the designers in Paris showed their goods, the cat steps were covered with flowers.
Embroidered cardigan.
Next week, when New York hosts its first men\'s season in recent memory, one can only expect more men\'s season. The over-
Important Information: gender is an emotion, a metaphor, and an error of the times.
Tim Coppen will be one of dozens of relatively new people showing their work in New York.
He was born in Belgium and works for Ralph Lauren and Adidas.
When he launched his brand in 2011, his point wasof-
Views are rooted in skateboarding culture, hip-
Jumping and visual art
His commitment to luxury makes everything better.
He recently moved to the women\'s clothing company, but the source of inspiration is still the same.
Coppens said of his subtle gender: \"It\'s all from street clothesblurring ways.
His female customers may look \"cute and feminine, but they have something tough on them.
I don\'t like to wear beautiful clothes very much.
In his fall series, if a man is wearing a smooth pilot jacket, the girl behind him is wearing a jacket of the same style.
His outline coat may have been hers.
Their striped shirts are the same as sweaters.
The elimination of borders makes women feel more connected to the streets, more adapted to the reality of urban life, and more relevant.
But so far, no designer has spoken out
Or in exaggerated terms.
Designer Alexander Michelle of Gucci.
His 2016 spring series is the storm of Playboy, fey, drag, rockand-
Roll and Tide people.
It includes embroidered lace shirts, floral suits, silk robes, and a shirt with a soft bow tie reminiscent of a skirt --for-
The successful accessory worn by women in the 1970 s is a four-in-hand knot.
He was appointed creative director of the brand in January and he may deploy his gender
For a troubled company that needs to regain its financial base, disregard the sensitivity to attract attention.
Perhaps the classic machismo, which has long been associated with Gucci, is waiting to return to the center of the stage once the balance sheet gets better.
\"I\'m a little worried\" about the full acquisition --
Dwayne Brice, an image consultant working in Washington and Los Angeles, noted.
But like a lot of people, he can\'t completely resist what Michelle, Cobain and other designers have to offer.
\"I like it to challenge the traditional male clothing structure with drooping shoulders ,[softer]fabric.
It gives you a different dress.
It\'s not just a suit and tie . \"
\"Designers are not just trying to make women\'s wear a label for men, they are also driving the development of men\'s wear.
\"Like most fashion developments, the trend of gender obsolescence is not achieved overnight.
It starts with a runway, a street corner, a block, a daydream.
These different sparks come together and begin to sweep across the landscape.
There are many labels on the sport, each with its own unique way: Gucci and Tim coppers, as well as Burberry Prorsum, J. W.
Anderson, Lower East Side, Givenchy, Hood Aviation, Rick Owens, public school.
Almost every profile or prosperity given to women by society is pressed on the back of men by at least one brand.
Usually, they book models with long hair, long slender figure and mild quality.
But these young people don\'t let the audience guess about their gender and then feel guilty about guessing.
They are obviously men.
And, before we adjust our eyes: they often look like they\'re wearing a girl\'s dress.
This leads to a basic question that all these designers are asking: why is clothing given gender?
This question does not mean fit.
There are darts in a woman\'s shirt and there is no darts in a man\'s shirt for a reason: breasts.
Women\'s pants are more challenging than men\'s, because the female curve can be from almost non-
The existence of Kardashian. Bootylicious.
Olympic sprinterHave mercy.
Creator of New York-
The label based on Duckie Brown has long been annoyed by the idea that certain styles, fabrics and prosperity are unrestricted for men.
Almost 15 years ago, when Duckie Brown was founded, it had a loose concept of gender rules.
Daniel Silver and Steven Cox have broken the system.
\"We have been paying attention to women [fabric]mills. When it’s [womenswear]
\"It\'s like this magical door is open and all these wonderful fabrics are there,\" Cox said . \".
A men\'s wear designer is in the women\'s wear area, and the factory owner \"almost exacerbated the situation.
\"But why should men be deprived of colorful prints, smooth silk, or colorful hand embroidery?
\"When we started with ducbrown Brown, we just made clothes for people,\" Silver said . \".
\"I don\'t want to add gender to it,\" Cox added . \".
But retailers, editors, and customers need an organizational principle.
Not much anymore.
\"We have a sample for sale and was asked if it was for men or women? ” Cox recalls. His answer?
\"If it suits you and you like it, it\'s for you.
The autumn 2015 ducbrown Brown collection includes an elegant set of chiffon shirts and satin shirts.
Duckie Brown has also provided a similar female image in the past, and they usually get a patient nod to acknowledge the quirks of the brand.
This time, however, top fashion stylists asked to borrow shirts to take photos.
After all, these shirts are-
The mood of the big men at the moment.
Part of the reason is that pop culture tells people that they can. Tony Gyepi-
Garbrah often blurs the line between men\'s and women\'s wear in daily dress, wearing a redesigned vintage suit, wearing a bright orange motorcycle helmet, and wearing a cat collar as a bracelet.
He and Sadiki Harriet. C. -
People who make gentleman edge style blogs during the day, if the silhouette is attractive, may grab a pair of jeans from the women\'s clothing department.
They will take a woman\'s hairpin as the leader.
\"What would you see if you took it out of the fashion world and put it in the political world. . .
\"This generation is not too worried about being judged,\" Harriet said . \".
\"Your style is emotion.
You wear the clothes you feel.
\"Without thinking about bringing gender identity and gender stereotypes to the forefront and center of broader cultural change, it is impossible to look at this fashion shift.
Kaitlyn Jenner used the classic pin on the cover of Vanity Fair in July-
Dressed up to show her femininity.
The next discussion about how glorious she looks emphasizes the decisive power of clothing.
But it also raises doubts about the validity of these definitions and whether they are necessary.
On 2014, Barnes department store in New York launched an advertising campaign to celebrate 17 transgender people in a photo of Bruce Webb.
This year, British department store Selfridges announced that it will cancel its men and women Division and instead buy three-tier unisex stores under the banner of Agender.
The two men behind Proenza schooner include a man-
Women\'s Wear series-
On their runways, the breadth and plasticity of their work are quietly emphasized.
Rick Owens is full.
In a provocative statement about gender bias, the frontal male was naked on his runway.
Even Kanye West, in a partnership with Adidas, offered a vague group of men and women on his runway, all wearing the same soft, loose pants and lazy coats.
They may be wearing clothes in West\'s own closet.
Ferrell Williams
The star in the Chanel advertising campaign wearing a women\'s brand floral jacket and cardigan.
Recently, French documentary and artist Ikai Ude celebrated the gorgeous boom of black Denmark at an exhibition in New York.
Now, the flashy performer jaydenna is exploiting these male peacocks in his \"classic Men.
\"Historically, fashion has always been creative in terms of gender, and Anne Hall borrowed a male skirt --from-
The aesthetic of boys, of course, also has double sex.
But, unlike the stooge, which usually defines duality, the current trend is full of nuances and energy.
Not so gimmicky.
Designers don\'t wear a dress or two on the runway or a familiar sarong.
They put all the collections
Whole business-
Dressed in asexuals
In many ways, these 21-
Century Philosophy calls for the work of designer Stephen burros, who founded his business in the 1960 s.
Berrose is aligned with street culture and nightlife and the growing sexual freedom of the times.
He likes the ideas of all his friends. men and women —
Pull them-
Take out the wardrobe from a pile of clothes. His clothes.
He made no political statement.
He was just designing for the kind of life he and his friends had.
This relaxed future is likely to be a designer like a copper pen.
Jenner, transgender and agend are not his targets.
\"I have never really thought about these things;
\"They\'re right there,\" Coppens said . \".
\"I just make clothes.
\"What matters to me is men and women.
This is a world . \"
\"This is a group of girls and boys belonging to the same tribe;
They like the same music.
But everyone has some distortions because they want to be individuals in this world.
\"Sometimes people know a lot about men and women,\" Coppens continued . \".
\"It doesn\'t matter if a girl picks up a men\'s sweater and looks and feels right.
\"It\'s still not easy for boys to borrow money from girls.
\"I still don\'t think it\'s [fully]
\"Accept that men can wear female silhouettes or skirts,\" Duckie Brown\'s Cox said . \".
Even though he really liked the chiffon shirt he designed, \"I was a little uncomfortable going out wearing one.
But I like to wear it here.
\"However, the determination to eliminate gender issues is broader than ever and there is an important institutional force behind it.
From the promotion of enterprises-
It has design companies, listed companies, large department stores, and even wonks.
It is almost certain that every idea will not last.
But men\'s wear will move forward.
Further away from the depressed areas of gray, glen plaid and buttons --downs.
\"It\'s been a while, but I think there will be something that will stick together,\" Silver said . \".
\"I think there may be something left in the fashion vocabulary.
\"This is most likely a simple shirt with a few yards of lace or chiffon.
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