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staying at sri panwa resort, phuket

by:QiMeng     2019-08-30
Hotel Location: Sri Pawa resort is in the South
The East End of Phuket Island, the idyllic scenery of the island.
It is located on the Cape of Panwa, surrounded by 40 acres of dense jungle, with its own private white sand beach.
About 45-
Depending on the traffic, it takes a few minutes from Phuket airport. Check-
Experience: our schlep from Auckland via Sydney and Bangkok to Phuket is very tiring, but the transfer arranged through the resort is on time and efficient to make sure we get to our check-
Safe access with bottled water and mint
A scented towel.
Upon arrival at reception, we were greeted by warm, friendly and efficient staff wearing smart casual uniforms and stuffing polo wholesale t shirts wholesale into Bermuda shorts.
The citronella floats through the reception area and the tuk (open rickshaws)
We arrived at the hotel and took us to the villa not far from the hotel, where the winding driveway runs through the resort.
Once, in our villa, a private concierge team of men and women greeted us and they told us about the facilities and let us know that they were in our Beckham and in the following
Room: We checked in
Bedroom luxury pool villa A, enclosed oasis of two separate buildings.
The master bedroom has a spacious bathroom with a Jacuzzi and a steam room;
The living room is neat and orderly, with a sofa bed, a dining area, perfect for room service breakfast, overlooking the Andaman Sea, and a free mini bar full of bottled water, phuket Beer, biscuits, chocolate and mint
A scented towel.
The private infinity pool is an outstanding feature that explains the tropical modern style of the villa.
Bed: one king bed with soft cotton sheets to keep cool during our stay.
The sideboard allows easy access to the lighting control panel, allowing you to choose between romantic or sexy lights and allowing you to control the temperature of the air conditioning throughout the villa.
Bathroom: large size for couples with our own wash basin and toiletries (
Toothpaste toothbrush included).
Linen robes are ideal for in and out of the villa, and our closets are large enough to store two large suitcases.
Its outstanding Jacuzzi is the perfect way to end a busy day with a glass of wine overlooking the ocean view from the window.
Food and drinks: we enjoy the free breakfast provided by Baba pool club every morning, including eggs, steamed Chinese breakfast and fresh coconut.
Unlike other nearby resorts, vorasit \"Wan\" Issara, social foodie boss and general manager of Panwa, Sri Lanka, under the supervision of culinary director Seth Ridgway, provides incredible experience in all six restaurants he has on site (
And loved by Gordon Ramsey himself).
I love the Baba hot box and its BBQ/grill part is cooked in the Spanish Josper Grill.
Try king prawns and enjoy the outdoor dining area overlooking the rest of the newest area in Panwa, Sri Lanka, with the amazing waterfall pool in Habita.
The modern Mexican menu at the roof Baba Nest Restaurant is the perfect way to start the night with cocktails during prime time (6pm-7pm). See the sun-
Islands and surrounding areas of 300
The degree can be seen from the top floor of the fourth floor, while lying on an oversized mat.
Exercise: during the day, the Baba Nest is transformed into a yoga studio, which is the perfect way to meet the sunrise.
I tried this first morning after a late check-up-
On the night before, it was a great way to meet my first day in Phuket and get rid of the jet lag.
You can also experience yoga classes in the cool Spa (by appointment)
It is surrounded by waterfalls and beautiful ponds, as well as water lilies.
The resort has its own gym and tennis courts.
I also tried Thai boxing with a boxing champion. The hour-
Long training is carried out in bamboo-wrapped boxing circles and is a fierce exercise for active relaxed people.
The two main swimming pools in the hotel are perfect for swimming, as well as kayaking and snorkeling courses.
Landscape: the lush green vegetation around the resort is especially special and amazing on strange rainy days.
The Andaman Sea and the surrounding islands are breathtaking
As you can see from the resort\'s 52 villas and the white sand private beach, it is easy to reach at any time of the day. Wi-
Free wireless network
Fi can be quickly and easily connected to anywhere in the resort.
Contact Information: Sri Panwa, Vichit, Muang, Phuket, Thailand, 83000, 88 Sri didej Road. Price: The one-
Bedroom Villa A costs about $550-
Depending on the season, the price is $650, and the spacious size and amenities of the villa are reasonable.
Up to $3000 per night for five people
Bedroom Villa for family or large groups. Smaller (
But still luxurious)
Habita penthouse suite is the newest member of Panwa Manor in Sri Lanka and can book more affordable rooms (
There is also a free mini bar here).
What\'s good about this place: stay away from riff-
Raff at Patong Beach, Sri Panwa is an informal luxury way, which means it\'s good
Suitable for people who like to escape and have a good time.
You will be spoiled by the space and attentive staff during the off season.
This is a great place for families and young entrepreneurs with young children who love a good party atmosphere, but it is important to be healthy and happy here.
The unique dining experience, especially the roof top bar of Baba Nest, is worth a visit.
Its Fusion way of dining offers some of the best food you\'ll find in Phuket.
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