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step aside, crazy socks. colorful men\'s belts have gone mainstream

by:QiMeng     2019-10-04
Brother, your belt can get a little boring.
Keen to take advantage of young urban men (so-called Yummies)
Experienced seldoists are hoping to issue a fashion statement that retailers are hoarding a range of brightly colored belts.
Like the color sock trend that started a few years ago, it\'s a way to create demand, and before there is no demand, with more and more men\'s clothing companies competing for share, it is a smart way to find a new product to sell. (
In the short term, too. suit. )
\"This is definitely a thing,\" said Mona Bijoor . \" His Joor network platform will help retailers buy clothing worth about $3 billion from fashion companies
Forward wholesale brands this year.
\"It started in spring and entered the holiday season at the end of the year.
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In the mainstream giant, J.
The crew are rolling out the orange version (right)
Woven rope ($29. 50)
When the Banana Republic sells a reversible belt with a black side and a bright saturated blue side ($49. 50).
Perhaps the best example of this type is the stretch paper chip tape (
$125 at the top Barnes department store).
The disorganized colors match almost anything one may wear, and the \"stretch\" function matches 30-July 4-pack.
Famous fashion companies are also stepping up their Belt games.
Ralph Lauren is using a box of colors, including dark purple (below)
And a cream Orange ($140).
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Hugo Boss is using a full-white belt ($135).
Burberry has a deep blue hue, but also sells the signature plaid waist clothing ($350).
At the same time, Salvatore Ferragamo is looking for someone who can play serious red (below)
And a heavy gold buckle ($420).
Called c Luo.
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For big brands, a loud belt provides an opportunity to showcase stylish muscles;
They also lend to manufacturing start-ups.
They are relatively simple to make, low cost for shipping and installation, easy size compared to buttonsdown shirt.
Beltopology, launched in January, only sells belts.
According to The Wall Street Journal, it wants to do what Swatch does for the wrist for waist.
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Suitsupply, at the same time, has a number of weaving (right)
It looks like chocolate. chip ice cream. ($79).
Penguins, like Hugo Boss, are also playing white cards with a belt that looks like a crit board ($45).
The Vineyard Vines, known for their ties, have a bunch of belts called sherberty ($49. 50).
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Even for those who like brown and black belts, their socks can clearly see the clarity of the strategy.
As commercial clothing moves to businesscasual—
More and more simple leisure-
Selling more belts is a great way to make up for any income missed by tie and pocket square.
The economy of wearing the waist also has a beautiful small multiplier effect.
After all, the belt should match the shoes.
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