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by:QiMeng     2019-09-29
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published at 23/5/04 (5520 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
In 1996, the actor, who has long performed in Winnipeg, chased the character in Toronto and spent $3,000 on a ticket to participate in numerous callbacks.
Even though it\'s-
At the premiere in Canada, he won the second place. The St. Boniface-
Based on the destruction of the actor.
A year later, when a replacement is needed, Lesk becomes the front line againrunner.
The Toronto producer entertained him, even at T-
Shirts and hats, while giving him some insight into the idea of playing Morris on a national tour and even in New York.
But he was given the role of runner-up again. up.
No one told him why, but it arrived quickly through the grapevine.
\"They are worried that I am not suitable for their dungeon . \"year-
Old Leske laughed coldly.
\"I gained about 270 pounds.
I\'m better than the actor who got it.
It\'s my weight.
I didn\'t realize what was going on.
\"Over the years since then, Lesk has followed the beast through internal contact.
He once sent a letter to the famous American casting director, Jie Binde.
Tom Persley plays Morris on Broadway.
Expressed his continued interest in musical fairy tales.
He has friends, too.
Including an actor who beat him.
Say a good word for him.
\"This is a role that I don\'t seem to be destined to play,\" Lesk said . \" He appeared in the recently closed Winnipeg Jewish theater comedy pandering.
\"Like my nemesis.
\"Last fall, the Rainbow Stage announced the beast next November as a special part of the 50 th anniversary season, reigniting the feeling of hope and heartache.
On the eve of rehearsal earlier this month, Lesk wanted to fine
In any case, adjust his audition number with pianist Danny Carroll, sentimental ballad, but find that they only have time to practice together over the phone.
However, the next morning Leske sang the song for his rainbow brass audience, including director Rob Patterson, general manager Ken Peter and deputy
President Ron Meyers
Paterson immediately pulled him aside and hired him on the spot despite all casting customs.
\"I did this because he hurt my heart,\" Patterson said . \".
\"Morris is a character that needs comedians and lovely people, and Stan is both.
\"It\'s a sweet moment for a person whose professional life over the last eight years has been hit by physical frustration and disappointment, which in turn leads to weight gain, confidence and career concerns.
When you get hurt easily
In an industry that often hurts people it refuses --
It hurts the self.
\"I went to my car and cried my heart was broken,\" said Lesk, the father of the three children . \".
\"I have experienced a lot of disappointment as a second choice this year.
I feel like I\'m needed again.
I don\'t think I have the chance.
In 1986, lesque left Toronto angrily for losing part of the gay check and settled in Winnipeg --
Please check the Cabinet personnel of the CTV series (1985-88)
A supermarket-based comedy starring Don Adams of Get Smart.
He was told he lost because another actor needed money.
This is the last straw in Leske\'s hometown.
Here, he is the most popular person in many years, but his career momentum has begun to slow down and even Lesk itself has begun to slow down --osteo-
The arthritis in his left hip made him limp in obvious pain.
He was frustrated by participating in the revival of the rainbow 1998 musician and watched Patterson\'s role in Marcellus in 1982, a role he could no longer perform physically.
In the highlights of the career and the savior of the career, Lesk ran out of candy as part
John Steinbeck\'s lucky ranch worker for mouse and man, appeared on the MTC on 1999.
The actor does not lose the similarity between the character and the reality, and he is digging his own pessimism.
In his darkest hour, a benevolent angel visited him in the form of a nurse in charge of the St.
Boniface General Hospital, where he saw lesque struggling to walk on stage, called him to see the surgeon.
A new left-hand hip joint was subsequently replaced for his right-hand hip joint.
The character actor is more agile now, but at 260 pounds, Lesk often goes to the gym these days in order to reduce it by 60 pounds.
Lesk recalled: \"I remember my sports teacher at York University telling me that there was a million and a beautiful tall actor, but they were always looking for Falstaffs, an overweight character actor
\"He said I wouldn\'t have any trouble at work.
I played some great characters and all the bears at the children\'s theater.
\"The Toronto native has only been at York University for a year, and in Carol Bolt\'s young drama, Cyclone Jack, 22, he chose to be a pro, the show boasts
It\'s a good time to be an interesting actor in Toronto as this scene works with sharp
Witty talents such as John Candi, Eugene Levy, Martin Short and Andrea Martin.
He used to hireand-coming stand-
Comedian Kim Kelly attends an industrial performance.
Lesk used to take candy to Jays games and used to travel to Miami with Aykroyd to send an Oldsmobile.
\"It\'s strange,\" recalled the son of a Jewish taxi driver, who was the driving force behind the establishment of two taxi companies in Toronto.
He is obsessed with American police.
The trip was like a movie from brother Bruce.
Those days were crazy and did a lot of things we shouldn\'t do. \"Over his 30-
During his one-year career, Lesk has passed fame many times, but because of bad luck, bad timing and suspicious decision-making, he has never persisted.
Although he and the Second City star were in the same circle, he succeeded in setting himself the name of a stage comedian.
Many in the industry see him as Canada\'s response to Stubby Kaye, a much-loved Broadway comedian with a pomp frame.
\"He loves comics very much,\" said Reg Skene, a former critic of the free media theater . \".
\"Stan may enter a moment to let it explode for the audience.
I always like to see Stan.
Lesque has met his future wife in 1982 of the musician\'s work, which also includes future performances exported to Nia Vardalos and Scott Bairstow.
They got married within one year after getting family approval.
I told my mom, and she said, \"What is she?
She is from Winnipeg. she is French. she is Catholic. she is French Catholic? \"Lesque recalled.
I said, \"I didn\'t bring a man home. you\'re lucky . \"
\"My mother shut up.
\"Is he sorry? Yes, a few —
More than most actors.
Thark, who was made by Shaw Festival, went to Broadway and he was asked to fill it out, but he was stuck in a bad work in Montreal.
He chose to take part in your lonely Charlotte Town Music Festival tonight?
Spent a season at Shaw.
Lesque was never asked to come back.
There is also a trip to Japan\'s green hills Wall to Annie, who had to leave due to the birth of one of his children.
He recently won the second place of the mafia family leader in \"great white shark\" and is currently shooting in town with Robin Williams and Woody halesen.
He mentioned that the actor who played Morris for six years in Beauty And The Beast retired early with his income.
Probably Lesk.
\"We are deeply rooted in rejection,\" he said . \"
\"It can disappoint you.
I don\'t encourage my children to enter my field because of all the rejections.
\"You won some and you lost a lot.
There is no glory in the second place.
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