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stolen fruit is the best kind

by:QiMeng     2019-09-26
\"Come on,\" my mother motioned me from the sofa.
\"I think I saw some plums in the tree on the street.
\"We walked down the street together and giggled.
Technically, the plum tree may be on someone else\'s property, but it grows right next to the street, and the plum tree is ripe and begins to fall on the sidewalk.
No one is picking them. No one but us.
\"Oh, I bought a nice bottle,\" My mother said, with dark red juice on the corners of her mouth.
\"Yes, I like this type best,\" I told her . \".
There are plums, green plums and peach-colored plums everywhere, but we all like the dark red purple plums that look the most like cherries.
\"Can you get it?
\"My mother asked me, referring to the top of the tree. I can!
I have a long arm and a gorilla. like.
I lifted up high and grabbed the branches full of plums.
We eat them as fast as I take them off. \"Um, yum, yum! \" says Mom. \"You are so cute.
\"You eat everything,\" I told her . \". It\'s true.
She always tells me stories about stealing grapefruit from the branches hanging on the fence, or how she used to open the peach core to reach the bitter almond inside.
\"Stealing Fruit is the best! \" she says.
\"Always the sweetest!
\"If the fruit is where we can buy it, is it really stealing it? \" I wonder.
Maybe. \"She said.
\"But I can\'t stand it falling and rotting!
Someone should take it!
I said, \"Let\'s see the bees . \"
On the street next to the house we were looking at, someone had a big hive.
Bees are busy getting in and out all day. I like to watch them.
One day I want my own yard with my own plum tree and my own hive and if my neighbors want to eat some plum trees on my tree they can come in and eat some.
I used to live with a neighbor with a fig tree, and every summer I watched the figs start to turn into small green berries, then grow and grow, black and mature, and then fall off and rot.
I should knock on the neighbor\'s door and ask if I can eat some figs.
Why don\'t I do this?
We watched the bees buzzing.
The neighbor with the hive has a garden which is really beautiful.
\"Look at those tomatoes! \" I remark.
\"It must have been bees who produced all of this. \"\"Guess so. \"We look at them. Bzzzz.
If you stand still and don\'t put pressure on them, the bees won\'t bite you.
They have work to do.
They are not interested in us. But someone is. \"Mama?
\"I heard a sad voice from the house.
\"It\'s there, baby,\" I cried.
She couldn\'t hear me, though, because the phone was still on. \"Mama? Mama? MAAAAAMA!
Then the violet burst out on the street, red, hot and wet --eyed.
\"Dear, dear,\" I held her head in my arms and felt her shudder.
\"What\'s going on?
\"I don\'t know where you are!
I keep calling!
\"Honey, we\'re just watching bees outside.
Don\'t you know mom will never go anywhere without telling you first?
I\'m out there.
\"I can\'t find you,\" cried the little girl who had just been in my womb 20 minutes ago. \"I wanted you.
I thought you left me.
\"Oh dear,\" I held her head again.
\"Violet, you cry like a big child! \" Mom says.
\"How old are you now?
Are you a big girl or a baby?
\"Oh, Mom, now, no. She\'s upset.
Listen dear I remember one time Grand took me and Uncle David to the zoo and she went to pick up the car so we didn\'t have to walk to the parking lot and she only took a few more minutes, I cried scared like you.
\"I remember very clearly that my brother patted me on the shoulder and cried, and then saw that my mother finally pulled up in the car and fell into the whirlpool of traffic.
I remember what shirt she was wearing, a paisley pattern with a bow around her neck, and I remember her young brown hair, all brown at that time, how pleased I was with her face. Mama was there.
Everything is fine.
I hugged Violet and tried to bring that feeling to her. Mommy\'s here!
Everything is fine!
\"I will never, never leave you without telling you where I am going,\" I looked deeply into Violet\'s eyes. \"Never.
This is a promise.
You can believe mom will keep her promise.
\"I snuggled a little bit and put her warm little claws in my claws.
\"Mom left me,\" she said stubbornly. Mom snorts.
\"Violet, don\'t let her feel guilty.
\"Mom correctly noticed that Vi didn\'t like me going out alone, didn\'t like reading books, and didn\'t like to take a nap without anyone jumping on my back suddenly.
She wants everything I have, my girl, a double
If there is one, it is a double-edged sword.
Violet frowned at her and was about to start making trouble.
I turned it off on the pass. \"Say!
I think I saw more mature plums on that tree . \"
We were all shuffling the streets, and I bent the branches down again. Score!
A big, red, sweet plum came out of his mouth and smiled while chewing. \"It\'s sweet! \" she exclaims.
Dear dear, your cheeks are not half as sweet as yours, but you frowned when I tried to kiss them.
Dear dear, if you know how frustrated I am, I wake up every morning thinking, \"is this coming again ? \"?
\"I feel like I can\'t see, gray and sad, every time I send another resume to the blank space and hear nothing, I feel more useless, you will let me kiss you, because in that short moment, the electric pulse of happiness will push out the bad feeling.
But it\'s not your job to know that.
It\'s not your job to make me feel better.
You are seven years old. you just don\'t want to be held by your old and ugly mother. \"I\'ll kiss you! \" Mom exclaims.
\"I will give you all the kisses you want!
\"When I giggled, she covered my cheek with a kiss.
I was wondering if I was as beautiful as Violet in her opinion.
\"Of course you will, dear,\" exclaimed mother.
Will never disappear.
\"Even if I have age spots and white hair now? \"Even so.
You will always be my beautiful baby
Oh, don\'t cry, Joyce. Don\'t cry.
\"Will anyone want me ? \"
Is anyone hiring me?
I\'m looking for a job somewhere else?
\"I asked the same questions as I asked all summer.
The answer will never change.
Obviously, I don\'t have to ask them either.
\"Joyce, I promise.
I promise they will.
I\'m your mother. I won\'t lie to you.
\"Mom looked at my eyes very deep, just like I looked at Violet.
I was sad inside but I didn\'t want to ruin this wonderful day so I forced myself to smile.
They took my hand, one on each side.
It was sunny and I was with my two favorite girls.
This is enough now.
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