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stratford veranda prime spot for people watching

by:QiMeng     2019-09-18
-Nothing better than this.
In this small and perfect town, summer and life are very relaxing. it is the place of the strafus Shakespeare Festival.
We sat leisurely on the balcony to see the passage of the world.
Those iconic Norman Rockwell illustrations of happy family life are not patches for us here.
Although it is a social center, it is also an observation platform that can focus on great and nearbygreat, i. e.
Actors, writers and directors.
\"Omigod, Johnny Goode is there,\" you\'ll hear when the music star whizzes out in his skates.
He\'s Johnny in town.
Only the tourists called him Jonathan.
A long time ago-last year-it could be \"Hi, gorgeous \".
\"That is the bicycle-riding Dion Johnson, who plays Edmund in King Lear and kills a robin in Tom Robinson.
Elegant Sara Topham avoids blades and bikes, but walks-shoulders back, heads up-to the theater and this year she plays laurenica at Fuente Ovejuna.
Sadly, after every storm show, we can no longer see William Hutt\'s white Cadillac going around the corner. (
Hutt died on last June at the age of 87. )
We just moved to strafo and sat on the balcony with white wine in our hands, and a lot of theater viewers were staring at us.
We didn\'t know until a friend and neighbor said, \"they are checking if you are famous. \" Nope.
We considered a brass plaque with the words \"There is no famous life here\" but we decided not to do so.
Of course, it\'s not just celebrity players who pass.
\"Ordinary People\" are also popular here \".
That\'s why it\'s the social center and how we know most of our neighbors-actors, teachers, librarians, artists or engineers.
This is a great town where we can see the children growing up: Owen is now 2 years old and he likes his red fire truck;
His brother Lachlan is 1 year old and likes the blue carriage.
Lia has been traveling in a stroller for six months, smiling in front of anyone who stops and appreciates her.
Nina is 4 years old and likes to dress like a princess.
Her little brother, another Owen, is almost 2 years old and happy with the walking skills he recently discovered.
Indig, the Breyer, lives around the corner with Nina and Owen.
He is a fixture on the balcony and a hot topic for tourists with cameras.
Sometimes, when others sit and watch, we are walking people.
For example, Blake Pinko and Lynn Davidson live on the balcony in spring, summer and fall.
\"I live outdoors in the summer,\" Pincoe said . \".
\"I need to do this after being locked up all winter.
Davidson also likes the veranda, whether it\'s theirs or something else.
\"It\'s great to walk across the street with drinks and chat with neighbors,\" she said . \".
\"There is no risk of drinking and driving.
\"Nicole Langlois and her husband Keith Hagman have a fantastic view point just a block from the Festival theater.
During the day, the free editor Langlois often installs a computer there, or relaxes his body and mind with a novel;
In the evening, they dine outdoors.
David Keeley lives on our street.
Last year, his amazing portrayal of Jude Fry in Homer became a hot topic in the town.
This year, he\'s the Poseidon in the Troy woman.
His wife Laura Burton, the music festival\'s deputy music director, said with a smile: \"He\'s God this year . \".
Wearing loose shirts and shorts, though, he may fool you when he rides to Tom Patterson\'s theater.
Singer and actress Barbara Fulton heard her lovely voice as she tamed the bitch --and at good-
As fundraising is also nearby, Philip Hughes is also nearby (
Actor and assistant director of song and dance performance)
There is also Darcy Evans, the actor and assistant director of the musician.
The ghost James Blendick in Hamlet and forint and his wife Mary are also part of our \"street gang. \" Jimmy (
He\'s Jimmy to us.
And his favorite mode of transportation-his green Cadillac.
However, we are all looking forward to the people\'s march to Toronto via the festival fundraiser Strathford express --
Every spring, Stratford trains bring the rich, if not the famous, to the theater.
We call it \"penguin parade\" because it\'s a dress-conscious thing, a man in a dress and a woman in an evening dress.
Over the past few years, we have provided the welcome committee from our balcony;
It\'s someone else\'s turn this year because the route has changed.
We missed the musical at Avon Theater this year.
\"I still think they should go to the Festival theater,\" said one townie opines.
\"More appropriate;
More elegant.
\"In any case, it is a constant neighborhood watch during the summer of strafus.
We all agree that we hope to continue in the summer.
Vivian MacDonald, a freelance writer, moved from Toronto to Strafford five years ago.
She spent the summer happily, sitting on the balcony of the Edward family in the tree --
A street near the Festival theater.
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