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Stu Cowan: Jordan Spieth comes up short at British Open but is still a winner

by:QiMeng     2019-09-01
Jordan Spice did not win the British Open in the end, but it was another great golf tournament. The Baltimore-
United States-based sportswear company
The endorsement deal in January 2013, when few people in the sports world knew who the two men were. time U. S.
Young amateur champion
January of this year
After he won second place in last year\'s Masters.
Under Armour decided to tear off the original contract and sign a 10-year deal.
Since then, all 21-year-
What the old Texans did was win the first two Grand Slams of the year.
Masters and AmericaS. Open —
At the British Open on Monday, he advanced to the playoffs by a one-shot break, which was won by Zach Johnson.
Under Armour received an unexpected bonus over the weekend, when Irish amateur Paul Dunn finished the lead after the third round of the game on Sunday, dressed like Spieth\'s twin brothers.
The 22-year-old Dunne Bisbee, eight months old, gave in to nerves in the last round of Monday\'s game and shot a 6-over-
The 78 shot ended with a 30-day flat after launching a sensational 66 on Sunday.
Spieth\'s success after signing with Under Armour reminds people of Tiger Woods and his \"Hello, World\" campaign five years after signing
When Nike became a professional in 1996, it was reported that his deal with Nike was worth $40 million.
The money looked outrageous at the time, but Woods\'s father, Earl, called it a \"stupid change\" after the deal was signed \". He was right.
Before the tiger, few people saw Nike swoosh at the golf course.
Now it is impossible to go to any class without seeing the hat, shirt, Ball, club or swoosh on the bag.
According to Nike\'s annual report, its golf revenue was $0. 789 billion in 2014 financial years.
Woods signed the second five.
It is reported that the annual deal with Nike in 2001 was worth $100 million and maintained a contract with Nike, a handful of companies that held contracts with him after his personal life began to break up in the United States. S.
Thanksgiving Day 2009
Woods signed a fourth contract with Nike in 2013. in the same year, Nike inkedRory McIlroy took 10-
It is reported that the transaction value of this year is $0. 25 billion, hope 26-year-
The Old Irish will be the next Tiger.
But now, the next Tiger seems to be Spieth, former Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly said on Twitter on Monday: \"I think when it comes to the incredible Jordan Spitzer, all the golf fans have the same hopes and dreams . . . . . . Please don\'t end up being a dick.
\"The British Open is a tough game for Nike\'s biggest star, Mike Roy-
Defending champion-
Forced out, his left ankle ligament broke, and while playing football with some friends and Woods, he missed seven shots in the 76 round --75.
Fans in the gallery reportedly laughed at Woods while he was in St. Andrews. The 39-year-
The old man has missed three of the last four majors, including the last two.
The terms of the trade between Spieth and Under Armour are uncertain, but Golf Digest reports: \"Industry insiders say the deal has \'Tiger-
Like numbers, including an 8.
Annual Digital Assurance, bonus benchmarks (such as winning a professional degree), stock options, and future clothing signature collections.
Kevin Plank founded Under Armour in 1996-
Former football player at the University of Maryland
This company specializes in sweat. Clothing.
Baltimore Sun reported that the company\'s golf course has more than doubled since signing Spieth
And 6-foot-1, 185-
Clothes in armor caps, shirts, belts, pants and shoes.
The New York Times reported last month that online sales of under Armour golf apparel have grown by nearly 100 since his Masters victory, while the company\'s share price rise is called \"Spieth bump \".
\"Armour stock shares traded slightly below $89 on Monday afternoon, $30 higher than the last July price.
The Sun also reported that when marketing and media agency Optimum Sports won second place in last year\'s Masters, it received media exposure worth about $7 million, when he won the race in Augusta this year, the figure jumped to $21 million.
Spice is not the only young athlete in armor.
It also signed a endorsement agreement with Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.
He led his team to the National Basketball League this year and was named a regular visitor to the league. season MVP—
The Washington Nationals stormed Bryce Harper, who led with 27 gay men on Sunday.
337 and 64 RBIs.
Under Armour earned just over $3 billion last year, well behind Nike\'s nearly $28 billion.
But the Times reported that Under Armour skipped Adidas and won the first place.
Ranked second in sales of sportswear in the United StatesS.
Ryan Kuehl, a former National Football League player, began focusing on Spieth when he was 16 and played a huge role in getting him to sign up with the company.
Kuehl told The Sun that he remembered thinking: \"If he was good enough, when he showed up at the tournament with extra motivation, extra media, he will be very extra eyeballs and players will say I want to beat him.
This is not a bad reconnaissance report.
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