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stupid ideas make good

by:QiMeng     2019-08-27
The next time someone stops you in the aisle at the checkout counter and attacks you with his or her special Kodak moment, this is your chance to retaliate.
Take off your pants and show them your St. Pauli underpants. Holypoly.
Com makes costumes for avid photographers who can\'t keep snapshots. The DIY T-
The shirt suit is smart--the i-
The Zone Tee kit includes a white shirt and a Polaroid I-
Six photos of regional cameras and movies-
But what really caught our attention was the underwear, which had a lookthrough, i-Zone photo-
Shape pocket in front.
Imagine the possibilities!
The website encourages the wearer to \"make your favorite photo a special secret between you and your jeans!
\"We say this is a great, dramatic way to share the image of loved ones.
The next time you want to scare someone, try to stand in front of a fan, repair your quarry with a smoldering look, and say, \"there\'s nothing between me and my grandson. \" -----------------
When it comes to cute kids, the American Girl Scouts will eventually abandon their classic recruiting demon --
Uniform for wearing and adopting Services-
Industry workers class
Like the kids at Starbucks wear, they throw away their traditional uniforms and switch to kha pants and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale!
Martha Johnson Evans, national executive director of the Girl Scouts of America, said the transformation was to modernize the organization\'s image.
\"The new uniform for older girls will help dispel the idea that it\'s not cool to be a girl scout when you\'re a teenager,\" she said . \".
\"Our goal is for girls to have a comfortable uniform that they will be proud to wear as they grow into strong, confident, capable young women.
\"Young women are not only able to sell cookies, they are also able to make a deadly double skim decaffeinated mocha with extra foam.
But at least they will be as cool as everyone else. -----------------
The girl revolution has brought more influence.
A few months ago, we looked at the supposedly popular Vivian life. com --
We will never be able to regain this 15 minutes.
This experience reminds us of five or six years, when it is easy to convince people with money that they are slowly
Simulation of loading cartoon characters in shallow life (
In this case, a virtual apartment of a fictional New York fashionista)
Is the future of women\'s entertainment.
In the era of this point
Com meltdowns, it\'s nice to see at least one stupid idea get good.
Now the Next Model Management has signed Vivian Livingston. -
The cartoon of the website has the same name-
Its model roster.
Vivian has appeared in an advertisement for Mary Claire magazine and served as the \"official guide\" for Yahoo shopping \".
Surprisingly, rough and irritating sketches have also become the \"celebrity guest editor\" of Styleshop \". com.
What is the next National Magazine Award? \"One can forget that Vivian is fictional and dynamic,\" Sherri Krantz, founder and CEO of forever.
Vivianlives of the parent company.
She told fashion connect daily that her senses were temporarily misplaced.
\"She is so real, dynamic and provocative.
\"If you forget to take medicine, you can forget that the sock puppet is just a talking shoe cover.
Oh, please. Sock puppets are so sexy.
We are not the only ones who think so. -----------------
It\'s really socks.
Elle and nylon are socks this month-obsessed.
Both are avant-garde.
Garde shin Kishimoto, his colorful, bold-patterned knee-
Even if it is not necessarily a compliment, the climax will definitely cause a comment.
Nylon likes knees too-
High nude nylon looks with \'50-
Stylish cocktail dresses and round skirts.
Like grandma used to wear.
You know, if grandma is the kind of lazy person.
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