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sunnei to palm angels, streetwear in fashion focus in milan

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
On the third day of Milan fashion week, Young dress and street clothes became the focus. mostly)
Men\'s wear next spring and summer.
It\'s a game of complex materials and avant-garde styling that pushes boundaries and reaches younger clients who are increasingly important, but often not financially independent.
Sunday\'s highlights include Palm Angels, DSquared, Sunnei, John Richmond and Missoni.
SUNNEI ZENSunnei made a leap in complexity with its common advantage
The Ed series features highly researched materials and calm, Zen
Like silhouette
At the unveiling ceremony, founders Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo took the fashion crowd to the white --
The washed concrete of the future public art space under the abandoned overpass in Milan.
Provide a snapshot of 4-year-
The old brand is sophisticated in technology, with a textured but translucent knitwear in appearance, and the front row looks as soft as a sponge.
After careful examination, the knitted fabric is closer to the actual sponge, scratch-resistant and a little itchy. The super-
Light knit clothing helps to layering
Long Men\'s knitted trousers, long women\'s knitted skirts or skirts.
Have matching knitwear duels, Maxi bag in Micro
Package trends shown on other runways.
While some might belittle the cargo pants, the designers accepted their utility without worrying about the line being broken by the stuffed compartments.
In fact, the male silhouette is square, and there are oversized shirts on the wide shorts.
Short denim jumpsuit is wide enough to suggest a dress and ensure comfort, while a jacket with a lemon-yellow belt creates a male nine-point on matching cargo pantsTie-
The back cover finished the appearance.
For women, there are super-wide elephant pants that can be matched with a wrinkled matron top, and perhaps a pure waist coat.
Satiny\'s skirt comes with a tight belt that gives a sense of elasticity.
Platform sandals plus 5 inch (12 centimetres)in height.
The collection features a soothing white blend paletteand-
With green tones, sky blue and denim and neutral black and brown.
Rizzo and Messina painfully announced on a jumper vest that \"I hate \'style\',\" the strategic position of the quotes indicates that someone is working too hard.
The two men had the greatest ease in Milan.
John Richmond tapped 1980 S dna. he is a motorcyclist or a member of the club, a rock singer or Raver, and is not afraid to wear 1980 s punk --
Dress of the times, or fold pants or shorts with fishing nets.
John Richmond says the young people today are all ready.
In spring/summer 2020, Richmond returned to his file and brought back the punk dress on the cover of face magazine 1984 in the UK, giving him a place in fashion history.
The updated cotton version features a simple gray and earthy yellow with a gorgeous mix
Coordinated bomber with snapper print or metal detail panel.
Children wear everything now.
You know they broke all the rules.
So people in jeans are hardly there.
It\'s all changed, \"said Richmond.
Snake and snake skin patterns are the main themes of the companyed collection -
But there is no snake skin.
Featuring her construction shoulder, the collection features a curved waist and flowing pleated trousers for ups and downs.
She might have a skin.
Richmond says the tight tattoo top is an \"image montage with rings, Bowie and a variety of things.
\"In the evening, there are some more cunning expressions, including a snake with sequins, which have suggestive taxiing on the shoulders.
Richmond focuses on sustainability in his wider collection and says it\'s easier to find ecologypolyester.
What it looks like in the store
Not on the runway.
The year of reuse will be included.
Part of philosophy includes the use of footwear on the market.
Here, Richmond works with Converse to be tall for men
The top is finished with sequins and rivets with a snake or JR badge.
After two seasons of losing control over a business dispute, Richmond restarted his historic brand.
He said that now every season is growing, and as part of his latest chapter, he plans to open stores in Milan and Dubai this year and in Malaysia next year.
Palm Angel went deep into the ground, Francisco lagazi entered the port of Venice subway station with his popular palm Angel Street clothing brand, where he was in the green background
For Ragazzi, street clothes come from the ground like vegetation.
I want this to make sense.
\"Ragazzi said backstage that the collection was inspired by an antique shop in Anytown, USA, where college sportswear, preppy college costumes, safari looks and abandoned Hawaiian shirts and ties
Dyed clothing from long-
Forgotten holidays and past lives.
He chose a monarch butterfly as the emblem of the collection, symbolizing rebirth.
It first appears on the front of the black car coat, most notably, like taking off, and appears on the souvenir T-
The shirt with the words on it is left to the guests, \"they will ignore you until they can\'t do it.
\"The show opens with a leather shirt paired with trousers with a unique contrasting black stripe in the middle --
A series of seasonal stock items in combination, black on the yellow color, yellow on the black color, red on the black color.
This jersey comes with a floral shirt or a palm Angel basketball jersey.
The collection is filled with American customs.
A white hospital shirt with a small American insideS.
Flag and deep-cuffed jeans.
A black cap coat is covered with patches that were collected while on holiday or Scout merit badges.
Countless butterfly brothers are dressed in groups in a square white denim top and white jeans, both of which come with a tail strap. A short-
The long sleeve down jacket for sunset scenes definitely has an atmosphere of 1970 s. Wrap-
Sunglasses in black or white finish the look as well as the odd look
Nordic winter knitted hat.
In the square of Milan
Canadian-based design twins Dean and Dan Caten insist on working together
Ed formula has launched a series full of patterns, shapes and volumes --
And a lot of attitude.
There\'s an East-meets-West cross-
Inspired by Bruce Lee\'s film, T-appeared on the movie poster-
He and her shirt.
Men\'s clothing has a fetish, leather pants with lace or sheers tops.
Floral Silk boxing shorts stretch out of their belts, clash with tropical tiger-printed light silk shirts or kimono, and float luxurious in the breeze.
Pants range from straight legs to jeans with handcuffs. Wide-
A pair of worn shorts
The Edge denim jacket has a female silhouette made of bright-
Red backpack
A gold-colored corset is partially untied under dark car coats and olive jeans, giving a quirky surprise.
Accessories include oversized backpacks, usually disguised in a pattern that matches the top.
Women\'s series with a tough 1980 s atmosphere-
Girl denim with tight jeans and shortsshorts.
A pair of gold lame trousers tied to the side waist heralds a gender shift in the fashion show.
Silk bodice worn with jodhpur pants, a pure doll dress provides an after-sales service
Time flies, female temperament.
Although young brands have improved their street wisdom, Missoni insists on doing the best luxury goods.
Latest men\'s clothing collection, preview in showroom display, inspired by French singer-
Songwriter Serge Gainsbourg, creative director Angela Missoni described it as \"one of my teenage idols --age period.
\"He is not the most handsome, but he is very attractive.
He is different from the people in the crowd.
\"It\'s very cultural, it\'s very sexy, it\'s very unusual,\" said Missoni . \".
Classic pinstripes, argyle, hound-
The Prince of Wales\'s teeth and patterns
Give the brand the advantage of a city.
Hand embroidered argyle pattern on the sweater.
The thin striped trousers have powder tones.
Race inserts have brought a new twist to the French ship. neck knit top.
In Missoni, the technical treatment of knitwear is in use.
A car coat is treated with aloe vera for a soft effect, plus one more benefitbaterial layer.
Another ultra-fine cotton summer coat is waterproof while keeping the knitwear light.
Marcelo burlon provides RIDEArgentine designer Marcelo Burlon\'s Milan County collection with a simple RIDEArgentine collection that brings together the extremes of technically active clothing and custom suits
It looks like it includes wearing chino\'s Laca running top with a bucket cap on it, just as easy as a runner\'s leggings and a flat runner pack, or a notch blazer
The 1969 motorcycle road travel movie \"Easy Rider\" is touted at the top of the graphic and pants in the style of the movie poster.
The paint effect on sneakers and jeans gives the impression that a garment is marked by street artists.
For a more sophisticated look, there are polo wholesale t shirts wholesale in faded placesin-and-
A color gradient from black to yellow.
For women, there is a long time
Split tank dress with the same effect.
A suit jacket with a tailored finish for the zipper
Sports tops and bike shorts.
Women\'s jeans are looser and wider than men\'s jeans.
Burlon also showed off the lines of his children with mini
A model in two clothes.
Royal blue button suit
There\'s a pair.
Chest version for adults.
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