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surge in luxury shooting ranges caters to new gun culture

by:QiMeng     2019-09-09
FRISCO, Texas-
This is the most recent lunch time on Wednesday, with more expensive cars than pickup trucks parked in the crowded parking lot of the indoor Frisco Gun Club.
Mercedes, BMW, Lexus
They\'re all here.
At the club, men sit in leather chairs and do business while enjoying a delicious lunch. A middle-
An older lady went through a spacious shopping area and saw a wallet with a hidden pistol.
The marketing manager of the club talked about the future pizza. and-
Pistol family night promotion
For a long time, less than 100 feet away, more than a dozen shooters have exploded in a state-wide rangeof-the-
Air purification by art ventilation system.
Pay attention to Elmer Ford
This is definitely not a good son party for your grandfather.
\"It\'s like a country club,\" says Jason Tanaka, 40. year-
The old mortgage manager, he skipped lunch and made 100 rounds through his new half round
Automatic pistol.
While the $12 million Frisco Gun Club lists itself as a \"national premiere indoor shooting range,\" it is by no means a person. In gun-
From the Rocky Mountains to Miami, from Vegas to the friendly area of Virginia, there have been a dozen \"gun clubs\" open in the past three years.
\"They are now appearing more frequently than they were five years ago,\" said Zach Snow, promotion manager at the National Shooting campaign Foundation (NSSF)
Represents the manufacturers and distributors of the industry.
Frisco Gun Club, a trendy 43,000-square-
The walking facility in the center of the affluent Dallas suburb sold 2,400 members before the past Thanksgiving Day opened.
\"Unlike your typical gun range, when you walk into the building, it feels more like you\'re walking into a high place.
End the department store, \"says Brandon Johnson, vice president of marketing at the club.
This is in sharp contrast to the traditional shooting range.
Many of them have been relegated to the warehouse area or outdoors on the edge of town.
This is not the case for these clubs.
Lock & Load Miami hotel is located in the gallery and museum of the city\'s Winwood art district.
Centennial firearms club is minutes from training facilities at Denver Tech Center and Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche.
The strip gun club in Las Vegas is 59 steps away from the Wimbledon casino, hotel and tower.
The boom in the luxury shooting range comes at a time of polarization in the country\'s gun ownership debate.
In last October, Gallup poll found that the United States still has differences on the adoption of stricter gun laws.
But gun sales have soared
In 2013, Congress and several states imposed stricter restrictions on gun purchases after Sandy Hook and other mass shootings, the highest.
Jimmy Taylor, a professor of sociology at Ohio University and author of American gun culture, said it is estimated that more than 0. 2 billion working guns are currently in circulation, accounting for nearly 40% of the United States. S.
Families with guns are reported.
\"It makes sense to have such a big market,\" Taylor said of the premiere series . \".
He was not surprised that people wanted the country club.
\"By default, society is more specialized, we are more differentiated, and we tend to arrange things at some level,\" Taylor said . \".
Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center, who objected to the 40% figure, said other studies showed that home gun ownership was close to 33% and continued to decline.
\"They are constantly trying to find new ways to increase gun sales and normalize gun ownership, not only for adults but also for children,\" said Sugarmann . \" In addition, there is still a risk of injury and lead contamination in the luxury series.
\"It\'s kind of like turning a strip club into a gentleman club --
At the heart of it is still the same concern and the same danger.
\"Despite the wealth and VIP services, most of these new collections are open to the public.
Retail, service and membership are the ways they make money.
\"What better way do you have to create an unforgettable corporate event, hold a club meeting, or kick-
Start a bachelor party with a fully automatic weapon?
The shooting world in Tampa asked on its website.
Members of the year range from $200 to $800 depending on benefits and any monthly fees.
Top facilities such as Frisco and Centennial also offer VIP packages
Time start-up costs were $7,500 and $9,250 respectively, with a monthly fee of $200.
Depending on the range of services, premium customers can use private shooting access, concierge reception, executive lounge, free gun cleaning, cigar room and other care services.
\"We are still growing and have new members every week,\" said Richard Abrams, Centennial general manager . \".
This is not to say that the new club only serves the rich.
Part of the reason for this trend is what some in the industry call \"gun culture 2 \".
\"The new generation of non-hunting gun owners is more diverse, independent and socially active.
A recent NSSF study found that new shooting targets are getting younger, female and urban.
\"We have seen a brand new market for gun ownership,\" said Snow of NSSF . \".
Demetra Caston, 33-year-
Old mothers, wives and graduate students who were shot a year ago recalled visiting other places before the opening of the Frisco Gun Club.
\"They are really dark and dirty, so to speak,\" she said . \".
\"To be honest, it\'s scary.
\"Snow compares the customer service and layout of the ritzier series to the Apple store.
\"I won\'t say the real charm,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s just trying to build a cleaner and more professional image than the normal retail layout.
\"The concrete floors and polished metal decorations give Miami the feeling of a nightclub.
\"We are in the entertainment district and we are an entertainment complex if you want,\" said general manager Mike Pryor . \".
The series opened in September to provide membership for shooters who pass background checks and complete safety positioning.
Non-members can\'t bring their own guns, but can buy packaging to shoot a variety of fully automatic rifles.
20 people, including two women from Singapore, are waiting for the range, which opened last Thursday, so they can buy one of the machine gun bags for $82, Mr. Pryor said.
$50 for \"trainees\" and $545 for \"automatic satisfaction.
\"Filming is supervised. on-
Provided by former military or law enforcement officers.
\"We don\'t want to pass the gun to them and just say \'Here, \'\" said retired Miami Beach police officer Pryor.
\"We made it an experience.
We want them to have some real world. type training.
\"From the member polo shirt in Miami to the Felite milnon in Texas, and then to Denver to arrange shooting through the iPhone app, many began to ask, is the gun a new golf?
\"A lot of the people who have joined here have given up on the membership of the country club, rather than doing so,\" Johnson said . \" There is an executive chef at Johnson\'s Frisco Club restaurant.
Frisco Gun Club does not allow gunmen under the age of 8, but is planning a promotion where a family of four can buy pizza, drinks, rental pistols and range time for around $90
\"We\'re going to compare it to, \'Hey, you can go to the movies with your family or go bowling with your family, or you can go bowling with your family, Johnson said: \"And the price is very competitive. \"
The promotion proved the United States. S.
At the Violence Policy Center, Sugarmann said he was too careless about guns.
\"Only with a gun can we talk face to face about bringing 8-year-olds, 10-year-
\"In this case, you have deadly weapons passing through your hands and being used to fire on the target, or even fully automatic,\" he said . \".
\"If we were talking about alcohol, smoking or any other product, people would say there was a problem with that.
But it is considered different because it is a gun.
Caston says she supports the concept of a family night, but does not think of her 9-and 7-year-
The old daughter is ready for this range.
Instead, she plans to get them to the NRA \"Eddie Eagle\" class at the Frisco Gun Club
Sponsored projects teach young children important steps to take if they find a gun.
\"I want them to get more training before we start,\" Caston said . \".
\"But I think it\'s a good idea because the way the club is set up makes it easier for your children and family.
Follow Jason Sickles on Twitter (@jasonsickles).
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