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sweat and manure, the smell of money

by:QiMeng     2019-09-14
I have a metaphysical hangover.
Too much champagne, party and Polo.
The result is: go down and eat bugs in the garden.
Hero drinker Kingsley Armys understands the nature of the dayafter ennui.
When the unspeakable compound of depression and sadness (
These two are different)Anxiety, self
Hatred, sense of loss and fear of the future begins to steal you and begin to tell yourself that what you have is a hangover.
You are not sick for anything, you are not suffering from minor brain damage, you are not so bad at work, your family and friends are not united for a conspiracy, this conspiracy is hardly silent about what a terrible person you are, and you end up not seeing the real face of life.
\"The numbness of this existence goes beyond the physical aging brought about by the weekend of strong wine --
More like a mental breakdown. year-
After the birthday party, the children have too many artificial pigments and spices.
Why was the more fun the company\'s hospitality activities were, the more mentally dirty the next day?
What\'s more, people swear to be dedicated, drinking green tea and raising money for Haiti next month?
It will never last, of course.
I have to say polo is great.
Everyone there looks more charming.
It must be the glory of the King\'s movement.
Even our usual sledding looks like it\'s in Ralph Lauren\'s ad.
Like Mount Rushmore, there is real estate agent Michael Bolton.
And Gilda Kirkpatrick, who has no face like Victoria Beckham.
One of the criminal barristers, Ron Mann and Ricardo Simic, wearing the Squire\'s hat, appeared to have gone through a shocking heat makeover.
There is also the queen of polo, Fiona Alexander, former marketing manager for Chapman Tripp, who now has 10 polo ponies and Versace kavantan.
But, strangely, I think what makes polo sexy is the horse dung mixed with the designer label.
The sweat of the young man and the fresh pony feces tied up with Tom Ford\'s Black Orchid was exciting, bringing swank dirty edges.
Of course, when I say \"Polo\", I really should designate the BMW New Zealand Polo Open at the Auckland polo club venue in Clevedon.
The sponsor will write the name of the big buclo peony on paper.
Although I\'m not sure about the BNZ who sponsored one of the teams in the final.
They may prefer to continue supporting pukka Games on QT.
Other sponsors include luxury brands such as BMW, Mon champagne, Stella Atos, Rod and Gunn.
Since when is BNZ a luxury brand?
How many mortgagees did BNZ promote sales this year?
Does most people with BNZ accounts think sponsorship of polo is a big use of the bank\'s marketing budget?
Perhaps so, because Polo represents a way of life that combines dynamic movement with timeless elegance.
I understand why BNZ might like some stardust to rub them.
But seriously, if banks were to restore public confidence, I think they might be doing better --
Realistic dose.
So maybe they went for horse dung instead of champagne.
Dhc @ deborahhillcone.
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