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by:QiMeng     2019-09-13
Catherine Zeta-
Jones likes leggings.
I know this because she told me this in the magazine I threw away, quoting a sentence I don\'t remember.
She only joined them recently, though, and she loves them because they are as comfortable as sportswear --
But more fashionableApparently. Catherine Zeta-
Jones is not the woman I like.
Like I can\'t look at her reptile husband.
The basic instinct is not to think of a common toilet for men and women and some kind of tight-
So, the image of the tower will also be suitable for the high collar shirt
Jones is always in my mind tied to a big hair and a massive Versace slump.
Of course, she laughed at the cake on the cover of Hello on the wedding day, but that doesn\'t mean that the lady has no standard. Zeta-
Jones in sportswear? In public?
Not your nelly. And yet, La Z-
J seems more and more lonely at this point.
Refusing to shake her footprint outside her comfortable house, Zeta-
Jones is so old that he is making a style statement.
It\'s almost quaint.
For decades, the traditional line between casual and premium bespoke clothing has been happily disappearing as there is a growing recognition that all areas of our daily wardrobe require design wisdom.
It\'s a recognition that the everyday look of success contains all the different needs that come with the day.
Your average. rounded, high-
Realized, slightly sick-
Make the city professional look as stylish as she is in the office at the gym or on the track. A manky old T-
A team of shirts
The building practice at about 1997 of rotovegas may mark the opening hours of Conchords, but it is a clear turning point --
Pilates at rice mills.
Therefore, the cooperation between top enterprises is becoming more and more popular.
Designer and sports brand.
It was Stella McCartney who launched the campaign.
Fashion Fusion, as early as 2004, provides a series of fashionable, streamlined separation products for Adidas.
It\'s a combination of beautiful, mouth-watering forms and features, the collection flies out of the door, and if your yoga pants don\'t have a limited edition label, you suddenly don\'t.
McCartney was hailed as fulfilling the seemingly impossible feat of making silk sheaths with Sow shorts, but in reality the connection between high fashion and sports gear began long ago.
The pursuit of leisure has always provided a wealth of new ideas for designers.
Coco Chanel showed just as much in 1929, when she hid in the Manor of her lover, the Duke of Westminster, and spent the summer vacation perfecting the holiday
Her tennis uniform is very simple.
The result was the original tennis dress, and today you can see its illegitimate child decorating the useless frame of Paris Hilton on Rodeo Drive with a delicious little tea --cup chihuahua.
The relationship between fashion and sportswear will be explored in a fascinating new exhibition opening this week at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
Fashion V Sport focuses on the connection between contemporary fashion and global sportswear brands.
It covers all aspects of the relationship between the two, from the initial historical overlap to the design synergy that companies such as McCartney and Adidas pursue so profitably.
Presented in this way, it\'s easy to see the similarities between premium fashion and high fashion
Sports clothing;
Both are based on exaggerated and vibrant aesthetics designed to inspire greed and worship.
Starting from scratch on the surface of your regular coach fanatics, you\'ll find a style enthusiast, as picky and as proud as fashion geeks who pick Galliano hemline at a speed of 20 steps
Of course, some sports understand fashion more easily than others.
Recently in the Guardian, Ligaya Salazar, curator of fashion V Sport, gave her explanation on the link between fashion and certain sports: snobbish factors.
\"The most attractive sport in fashion --
Tennis, golf, equestrian
Sports elite.
Tennis is now popular, but it is still linked to a certain class.
\"It is not slow for designers to use this association;
That\'s why officials at wiimbleton call directly-to-
Ralph Lauren
Of course, the Wimbledon Open has always been very attractive in style.
Since \"gorgeous\" Gracie Moran saw her crumpled shorts during the 1949 match, the players have put on their clothes to get noticed.
Major sportswear brands are now taking advantage of the free exposure offered by the world\'s most popular tournaments, so that the central court has become an international fashion show;
Spread their latest designs to millions of families around the world and get recognition from tennis stars wearing them. For style-
Wimbledon 2008 is a league of its own.
And Maria Sharapova\'s neat white shorts and controversial Nike tuxedo, where a player threw her away on the court --ouch!
Cutie Urzula Radwanska, Poland won the hearts of the people with mini
Tutu is as popular as her sweet girl.
The streets of Britain are now filled with ballet themes inspired by Swan Lake\'s Givenchy performances.
And the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena.
The two always follow their own style of drumming and the result is to look more like gin and juice than strawberries and cream.
No difference this year, both sisters raised the stakes and shot one shot
Every game they play is full of energy.
Venus won the final, but Serena won the style award and she played a match on her thigh. skimming snow-
Screaming the white trenches of charm and business to the same extent.
It\'s not just a chicken thing either.
It\'s an interesting difference.
Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer choose the style of the court, and their historic showdown is called \"Preppy vs. Pirate \".
Of course, in the literal sense, Federer has been a fashion darling for some time. His on-
The strength of the Court has won him a large number of fans, and there is no more unlikely than the powerful Anna Wintour.
A few years ago, the fashionista swayed at Bryant Park to allow her to watch the Fed at Flushing Meadows at the time of the New York Fashion Week overlap with the New York Open, which shocked the fashion pack.
In turn, he accompanied her to the front row of Oscar de la lunta.
With such a certificate of advanced customization, the limited edition \"five-
The button herringbone card he showed throughout the tournament proved to be the most popular --
After Nike in summer?
This class consciousness is a microcosm of the dynamics that Salazar sees in her fashion V sports exhibition.
Of course, it can be argued that this is something that the British are particularly concerned about, that the rest of the world doesn\'t care how you make money or where you go to school.
Local labels like Nom * D and Kate Sylvester often include sportswear in their collections, and the references can also be skate style or football bags, like polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and cro balls
Fashion V Sport has the potential to become a powerful and important exhibition in the history of design.
Its curators have recognized that the core of the two aesthetic relationships is desire;
Hopefully she understands that equal freedom is at the heart of sports pursuits, which makes it so interesting to combine them with fashion.
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