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switzerland, career paradise

by:QiMeng     2019-09-17
With picturesque alpine villages, extensive ski terrain and delicious hot pot, Switzerland is a popular resort.
But these mountains have also inspired innovative engineering and provided exciting research opportunities for ice and snow and climate research.
In the city, clean streets, punctual buses and delicious chocolate, you will also find the top industrial research centers and
Fully equipped scientific research institutions
Since the Swiss National Science Foundation is available at any time, and the salary of full-time professors is as high as 160,000, is this country likely a haven for researchers?
New scientists are investigating
Zurich is home to the University of Zurich, an IBM research center and one of two federal institutes of technology in Switzerland.
Paul Scherrer Institute, about 30 kilometers west of Zurich (PSI)
Ranked third among the three governments
Research Center funded.
Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland (ETHZ)
Science is covered from all angles.
In addition to natural science, social science and mathematics, the institute also has several powerful engineering departments from architecture to biological systems.
As a geotechnical engineer in Ertz, one of Sarah Springman\'s research areas is unstable soil in mountainous areas.
Since falling rocks and landslides dare to hinder the famous Swiss
These studies are far beyond the scope of the laboratory.
During his work at the University of Cambridge, Springman visited Ertz for the first time in 1994.
\"When I saw the wonderful lab, my chin almost hit the ground,\" she recalls . \".
When I saw all the wonderful labs, my chin almost hit the ground. She believes that the teaching schedule is very demanding & colon;
\"I teach a lot more in Cambridge than I thought.
But responsibility comes with the benefits & colon;
Funding a scientific team to share the tasks of preparing and marking assignments with teaching and research assistants.
Short trip north
West of Ertz, you will reach the home PSI of many of the top scientists.
This year\'s chemistry award is appropriate for Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, who used the Swiss Light Source of £ 95 million from the Institute to win the prize.
Studies on the structure of yeast were obtained.
SLS is one of the main facilities of PSI with super
To understand the chemistry and magnetism of the material, or to create detailed images of the animal tissue, a bright photon beam is emitted to the team.
Not all Swiss chemists work in the lab, though.
Some people, such as Margit Schwikowski, who leads the analytical chemistry group, use their environment.
\"We work with ice cores from Alpine glaciers,\" she said . \".
She is concerned about climate change and pollution in the past.
In addition to the main laboratory in northern Zurich, PSI is also international high
Jungfraujoch research station at an altitude of 3580.
The University of burdock is a huge intellectual behemoth that covers all sciences and liberal arts and has more than 25 institutions dedicated to mathematics and scientific research.
Irving Dindoyal began working at the University of burdock in August as a post-doctoral in medical imaging.
\"I think the people here are very friendly.
\"They are very welcoming to outsiders,\" he said . \". Swiss medical-
Data laws protect the anonymity of patients, but Dindoyal still finds it easier to get his research data in Switzerland than in the UK.
Dindoyal has gone through the collaboration of Switzerland and has regularly met with a group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.
Schwikowski said the distance between Swiss cities is very short and cooperation has been promoted.
\"It\'s good that you can easily go to Zurich or Bern for a seminar.
CERN, located west of Geneva, is the center of nuclear and particle physics, with its famous particles
The accelerator ring crosses the French border.
The real estate of the lab may be shared with France, but is based in Switzerland.
Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
The most powerful particle accelerator in the world
When it works)
It aims to explore the most basic aspects of matter-the particles that make up everything we know and the forces that govern them.
British residents can participate in the operation either through domestic universities or by applying for employment opportunities at CERN.
Many of its resources are concentrated on protons.
The center also has an antiproton ring whose main purpose is to study the interesting physics of antimatter.
The purpose of two of these experiments is to manufacture and capture the inverse
Hydrogen atom compared to ordinary hydrogen-a glimpse of anti-atomsworld.
People working at CERN can choose to live in a city or French countryside, which has one of the best ski clubs in Geneva.
Most agencies provide any necessary documentation, initial housing or even support for spouse settlement.
Expats in good company and Cologne;
Teachers and scientists from the Swiss Institute of 40 to 80 are lured by other countries.
Some British researchers find ways to bring British culture around.
Springman missed the self-evident competition between students to ask the most difficult questions at a technical seminar.
\"One person is trying to recreate a little bit with their PhD students, help them get up and think and ask key questions,\" she said . \".
\"They are all like a stupid English sense of humor.
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