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Symbolic Representation of Greek Life

by:QiMeng     2020-05-14
There is a great degree of pride when a pledge completes initiation and becomes a full-fledged member of a sorority or fraternity. Even though they will be celebrating their entrance into this society by wearing a lot of Greek gear, there are also rules and responsibilities that come with being a Greek, as well as rituals and special symbols that represent their society. The Greek letters that make up a society's name can be the initials of a Greek motto, stand for a virtuous cause, or describe their history. Many secret symbols and rituals are part of Greek society, such as secret handshakes, songs, or passwords. Members take a lot of pride in their society, and often purchase Greek merchandise with their Greek letters, and tend to wear and display their Greek gear all the time. However, there are often rules that no member can wear their letters if they are consuming alcohol, as it is considered disrespectful to their society when drinking. It is also considered taboo if a person who is not a member of the society wears the Greek letters in any fashion. There are a number of items that can be customized with Greek letters, everything from apparel and jewelry, stickers and magnets, and even towels and household items. Most society members have a number of Greek merchandise items. Sometimes, this Greek gear is handed down from a senior member to new pledges. There may even be competitions between the new members for certain older items, and some Greek merchandise has been within the society's chapter house or dorm for many years, being consistently passed down. Many Greek organizations have a number of distinctive symbols or emblems that represent their society, such as a special color or flower. These symbols can be incorporated into badges or their coat of arms. Collectible pins especially have become very popular Greek gear, to the extent that even non-members have tried to collect these rare pins. Membership pins are the most coveted item of all the Greek merchandise, and, as they represent exclusively the society they were made for, licensing issues have come into play. Some societies even have rules about when pins can be worn, limiting it to days when professional or business dress is required, or on very special occasions. Members usually keep their pins until the end of their life, and then it is returned to their Greek society. Even though wearing Greek gear means being part of a special society, there's more to just being a Greek than that. Many societies volunteer and contribute to charitable organizations, and everyone who wears or displays Greek merchandise is mindful of the society that they represent. They are reflecting the entire group that they belong to whenever they display their Greek letters, and have a responsibility to not tarnish its reputation by upholding the motto or virtue that those letters stand for at all times.
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