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teen t-shirt entrepreneur wins $10,000

by:QiMeng     2019-09-11
The T-
The shirt says \"be careful: an educated African-American male.
\"Kalief rolstrom thinks this will be the next mostseller. The 17-year-
Old man from Carson, California
Near Los Angeles, he won the $10,000 prize in this week\'s national youth start-up competition for businesses selling custom T-shirts.
Design inspired shirt.
Rawlins competes with 27 finalists and 24,000 junior high school students for the award, which is presented by the nonprofit network of start-up teaching.
Rawlins said the first big seller of Phree Kountry Clothing was President Obama.
Rawlins told NPR\'s Scott Simon that these shirts, designed by his 22-year-old brother Anthony, \"have leadership themes and positive messages \".
So far, Rawlins has sold about 300 tons.
He has shirts in his garage and offers catalogs through phreekountry @ yahoo. com.
Next year, he said, \"We plan to put our shirts into events such as markets, exchange meetings and farmers\' markets. . . .
We would like to have our shirts delivered to different stores and they can also be sold there.
We\'re looking for a celebrity to speak.
Asked which celebrity he would choose, Rawlins replied, \"P. Diddy.
With $10,000, Rawlins says he plans to do some business upgrades, including upgrading from Hot Press to silk
Screen extension to improve the quality of shirts.
But Rawlins said he and his brother also planned to celebrate: \"We will bring a few, maybe $20 to $30, and my brother and I will go to the chicken waffles in Roscoe to celebrate.
\"Phree Kountry Clothing is a family affair.
In addition to his brother, Rawlins\'s mother helped.
\"I hired my mom as my chief financial officer,\" Rawlins said . \".
\"She is an accountant, so she is very good at this.
I paid her a little for my equipment using electricity, but other than that, you know, she just wanted to see that I did a good job, so she said I could do it, she\'s just proud of me.
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