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thai cave boys feted by prime minister in trip to capital

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
Thursday was a performance time for 12 boys and their 25-year-oldyear-
The old football coaches were trapped in a flooded cave in northern Thailand for nearly three weeks, speaking at a public exhibition at one of Bangkok\'s largest shopping malls.
It\'s just the beginning of the day, for the little-
Children in big citiescity capital.
Later, they were distinguished guests at an outdoor reception hosted by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan --
OCHA and his wife pay tribute to those involved in the dangerous and dramatic rescue of members of the wild boar football team.
The boys spoke to the public and reporters at the exhibition, showing a replica of the cave and simulating the sound of dripping water.
Equipment and other items used by rescuers are on display.
Psychologists suggest giving these boys a 6-
For their mental health, they took a month off after the rescue in July.
But Thailand\'s military government is eager to share its glory-
News reports have been reported for public appearances and interviews.
Other efforts to promote their story include the construction of a museum and the anointing as a national hero, the former Thai SEAL team member who died while diving in the cave to transport oxygen tanks.
An exception to feeling --
The good atmosphere has always been a feud between American tech entrepreneur Elon Musk and British top expert Vernon Ainsworth, whose advice and experience are considered critical to rescue operations.
Unworth criticized for having
Public efforts by Tesla CEO Musk
Borrow a custombuilt mini-
Musk responded on Twitter that the Englishman was a pedophile.
Last week, when Musk-
Asked about the threat of defamation.
Double discontent with his allegations, hinted in an email to news site BuzzFeed that Unworth, a \"child rapist\", had moved to northern Thailand, \"The child bride, who was about 12 years old at the time,\" was taken away \".
He did not provide any evidence.
Musk\'s seemingly erratic behavior on other things caught investors\' attention, and he also told BuzzFeed roughly that he wanted unworth to sue him.
Unsworth, who attended Thursday\'s grand reception, declined to comment on issues related to Musk.
Government Deputy spokesman Weerachon Sukhondhapatipak, who has been organizing boy appearances, expressed concern about Musk\'s comments highlighting Thailand as a destination for sex tourists.
\"We should not ignore it when there is this feeling.
This reflects the image we have to fix.
\"We won\'t blame him,\" he said, \"Oh, he said all these bad things. \'. \".
\"We should use this information to make changes.
\"Most of the boys are teenagers, and Musk\'s controversy is not even a juggling.
They are carefully directed by the Thai government committee, which aims to control who can reach them as they attract the attention of film producers and the media.
On Thursday\'s mall Forum, at least five people said more or less in the same words, \"My life is the same, but more people are approaching me.
\"The boys gave a detailed account of most of their experiences earlier in a press conference, they were released from hospital observation after the rescue and were interviewed by the United StatesS.
Abc TV station
Weerachon hosted their presentation at Siam Belle Palace Mall on Thursday and they gave most of the short responses. Adul Sam-
On admitted they had urine in the cave.
On social media, the problem of body secretions has always been a topic that people talk about.
The boys did not seem to know the government\'s original suggestion that they should not be entangled in their suffering.
Adul said he was surprised when he met officials such as American diplomats who did not ask what was going on in the cave.
Until later, he said, he was told that it was forbidden to ask them questions.
Ekarat Wongsukchan, his teammate, said he was also surprised that he had not received such a question.
\"I began to wonder if I was also trapped in the cave,\" he said . \". The government-
Organized \"unite as one\" event saw the boys change from trendy yellow polo wholesale t shirts wholesale to standard Thai school uniforms made of buttons
White shirt on kneelength shorts.
They took the stage, but expressed their gratitude to the Crown Prince Maha Bodindradebayavarangkun and those who assisted in the rescue.
A college band played popular songs to people including the United States, including \"You will never walk alone\" and \"we are the world\"S.
Australian soldiers assisting with the rescue mission on Friday will head to the Grand Palace in Bangkok, the main destination for Thai and foreign tourists.
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