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The \'Woodstock of Capitalism\': The National Post goes inside Warren Buffett\'s investor pilgrimage

by:QiMeng     2019-09-07
Last weekend, Buffett\'s Berkshire Hathaway
The annual conference was held in Omaha, NEAs. A three-
The holiday of billionaires eating hot dogs, Buffett distributing wisdom and Bill Gates playing table tennis has become the world\'s leading capitalist pilgrimage.
Tristin Hopper from the National Postthe-
Buffett called it \"Woodstock of Capitalism \".
\"The pessimistic statement is the current au couture in the United States, which makes Buffett has always been one of the most optimistic public figures in the United States more unique.
In order to kick off the meeting, Buffett produced a New York Times of March 1942, which published a description of the United States at that time.
Losing War with Japan
Still, Buffett pointed out that the index with the United States was $10,000. S.
By 2018, the economy would grow to $51 million.
He said: \"In my life, people have repeatedly felt that this country is more divided than ever . . . . . . I heard everything . \".
When it comes to the war with Asia, Buffett also expressed the enduring confidence that the ongoing trade dispute with China will subside before it becomes too destructive.
The annual general meeting-especially the general meeting held by the holding company-is often a steady meeting characterized by a large number of male baldness.
But Berkshire Hathaway has attracted young and old people. ragged.
It is also very common \"!
\"In various activities.
Borsheim\'s is a large jewelry store in Omaha under Berkshire Hathaway.
On Friday night, they called hundreds of shareholders in the store to get them drunk for free.
Of course, the event is to swim with students at Creighton University who are savvy enough to connect with shareholders.
Many of Berkshire Hathaway\'s subsidiaries are set up at the Omaha Convention Center to create a carnival atmosphere with Oscar Mayer widenimall, the geico gecko mascot and the Dairy Queen dilly bar in every fist.
Another subsidiary of Berkshire, the huge Nebraska Furniture warehouse, hosts shareholder barbecues and table tennis competitions in its parking lot, and over the past few years, a newspaper --
Against Buffett himself.
Before the official annual general meeting begins, shareholders are seen as a fascinating low
Buffett\'s match with Floyd Mayweather, his weight training with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his victory over LeBron James in a match --on-one.
According to Buffett\'s legendary frugality, these celebrities perform for free, provided that people outside the Berkshire Hathaway tribe will never see the video.
The most respected core of the event is its legendary Q & A session: Buffett and his colleagues
Chairman Munger-by-
Sitting at the table, eating peanuts crunchy, drinking Diet Coke and spending five hours giving a speech on shareholders.
Some are technical issues, some are philosophical issues about the state of the world, and some are children seeking investment advice.
What made the meeting particularly famous was the married couple.
The dynamics between the two: Buffett\'s plain-
Outspoken philosopher Mungerof-few-words.
When talking about Buffett\'s semi-equity investment prospects, Munger said: \"Warren does nothing . \"retirement.
When a shareholder was asked to peel off the gun Munger, Munger replied: \"We will not ban the gun that Omaha is surrounded by wild turkey.
In support of his statement that the scandal could improve business operations, he said, \"I think Harvey Weinstein has done a lot of work to improve behavior . \".
When a young shareholder asked a jargon about the investment formula, Munger told him to \"go back to graduate school . \"
Cryptocurrency trading, naturally, received one of Munger\'s sharpest nifty words: \"Someone else is trading a radish and you decide I can\'t be excluded.
\"As a British Colombian couple told reporters in Borsheim\'s, they traveled to the desert in 2016 and went to see Bob Dylan before he died, and this year, for the same reason, they visited Warren Buffett in Omaha.
Berkshire Hathaway\'s B shares traded at $195 a share.
64 Friday, good price for music festival tickets.
It\'s a music festival-
When these types of events occurThe question-and-
Answer the meeting was crowded with 17,000 people at the Centurion link Center in Omaha, and Dizzy shareholders began queuing up before four in the morning. m.
\"It\'s too late if you show up at 4: 30,\" said a particularly excited finance student . \". Buffett is 87. Munger is a 94-year-
World War II veterans.
Answering the question for 5 hours is clearly a good sign of vitality, and there are many subtle questions about inheritance.
\"I think I\'m going to miss a little bit, but you won\'t notice it,\" Buffett said . \" He also pointed out that rose Blumkin, a manager at Berkshire Hathaway, reached 103 before he retired.
It is difficult to exaggerate the couple\'s presence in the event.
From jewelry to rubber ducks, their faces are printed on everything, and there are at least six Photo stations in the exhibition hall, where shareholders can take photos with Buffett and Munger\'s cuts.
For Berkshire Hathaway, they are already equivalent to colonel Walt Disney or Sanders: half
These mythical characters will be shrouded in the company for decades after their death.
Still, Buffett has repeatedly assured shareholders that the company\'s core principles will last longer than him.
\"My phone didn\'t ring because of good deals, so my reputation may not be as useful as you think,\" he said . \".
If a comic writer is to design a work that is completely contrary to the United StatesS.
President Donald Trump, they are no better than the Sage of Omaha.
Where Trump spends hours a day watching TV, Buffett is known for reading for up to six hours a day.
Trump reported on the big Manhattan area in the golden leaf, and Buffett didn\'t like to spend more than $3 on breakfast.
In a book that Trump has attached his name to a book called The disabled America, Buffett likes to say the \"downwind\" behind the US\"S.
No matter who the president is, the economy is strong.
Most notably, Buffett often mentions his \"stupidity\" and \"mistakes\" and repeatedly assures shareholders that what he does is \"not a complex business \".
\"This year, after questioning the serious misconduct of Wells Fargo (Berkshire holdings), Buffett responded unusually to the heads of most companies: \"guarantee\" that something more unpleasant may happen to other Berkshire Hathaway companies.
\"We have 370,000 employees and we can\'t assume they all act like Ben Franklin,\" he said . \".
When there is no gold
Everywhere under Buffett\'s name, there are electroplating buildings, and he quietly built a more valuable personal brand of Bitcoin.
One shareholder called the Buffett approval seal, a reputation-strong stock that adds billions of dollars to Berkshire\'s property.
On Friday, Berkshire Hathaway\'s Class a shares traded at $292,600 a share.
At this event, there are some very wealthy people, many of whom have become richer by knowing Warren Buffett.
Nevertheless, although they collectively represent the GDP of a small country, they are close-
Impossible to find
The only suit seems to be the wallet.
European analysts said.
Everyone else in a polo shirt, cowboy hat, parked in the middle. range American-
Make a car outside
Even Bill Gates, a board member, appeared in jeans and an orange sweater.
Introduced as \"William Gates\", it\'s easy for him to miss it if you don\'t pay attention.
Everyone comes to Berkshire Hathaway.
Of the AGM\'s many lineups, take a few minutes and you can hear Spanish, Hindi, Russian and anything they say in Australia.
But the scale of the Chinese team has been particularly large in recent years.
As China enters its third decade of rapid growth, Buffett has become a symbol of a Chinese upstart.
As one Chinese participant told me, the explosive growth of China\'s economy is generally conducive to entrepreneurs who are \"getting rich quickly.
But as growth slows and China\'s economy matures, Buffett\'s \"buy-in --and-
A strategy to stabilize investment.
If China once produced the richest person in the world, then it is entirely possible for him or her to take notes in that room, buffett explains why no one knows how to set insurance rates for cybercrime why he never put money into Amazon.
\"It\'s a miracle and I tend not to bet if I think something will be a miracle,\" he said . \".
Few people can accumulate 11-at the same time-
Calculate the net value with few enemies.
Ask Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, or the Koch brothers.
But Buffett is respected in Omaha.
For example, Omaha World
The Herald is one of the last newspapers in the United States to phase out. format pages.
\"Warren loves the size,\" explained a guide at the newspaper\'s printing factory.
Even though Buffett is the greatest person in the world
The powerful investment God, Buffett, has retained his simple taste in the Midwest, and he is deeply respected.
The billionaire continues to live in the same humble Omaha house he bought in 1958.
He often eats at a local village hotel equivalent to Danny.
The reporter bravely tried to find a single person in Omaha who didn\'t care about their city\'s most famous son.
The only result is a college student who says she has a very conservative friend of a friend who doesn\'t like Buffett\'s daughter donating millions of dollars for family planning.
Canada can proudly boast that a considerable number of local children are quietly controlling the world.
One of the top Canadians on this list is University of Alberta graduate Greg Abel, who is currently the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Energy.
Given that he spoke on behalf of all 90 subsidiaries of the company in the voting section of the annual general meeting, Abel May
Eventually ranked first in Omaha.
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