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the 2000 campaign: the vice president; gore\'s new pal, a favorite of independent voters

by:QiMeng     2019-08-26
In \"Everything in the Sun\" shot by James Dojun 2000, they stayed up late at midnight to chat.
Their wife went riding together.
They laughed at each other\'s jokes, taking turns teasing journalists, and even people in shorts and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale.
Vice President Gore visited a junior high school here today with the governor.
Jesse Ventura has combined the seriousness of the policy forum with the forced joy of partner Films, driving a proposal to increase federal aid for special education. (Mr. Ventura\'s 16-year-
Old daughter Jade has learning disabilities. )
But the broader political view is
Gore seems to be trying to smash his home because his relationship with him is getting closer and closer.
Ventura, a former professional wrest wrestler who won the election on the Reform Party line in 1998, remains a favorite among independent voters across the country.
\"It\'s no secret that I reach out to independents and independents --
A Republican with ideas.
Gore said at a joint press conference.
Many polls show that,
Gore needs to improve with those voters who are not affiliated.
Two weeks ago, for example, a Los Angeles Times survey showed he was behind a possible Republican rival governor. George W.
Bush is 23 points ahead of non-partisan figures. Mr. advertising
Mr. Gore met him three times.
In the past four months, Ventura has discussed campaign finance reform.
Paradoxically, administration officials said today that an official at the Justice Department suggested an investigation into Obama.
Gore\'s role in the campaign fund in 1996raising.
Co-debut on NBC\'s \"Today\" show
Ventura described their initial friendship like this: \"I think the vice president looked at me more like a break from the rigors of the campaign.
He added: \"We really don\'t talk much about problems when we get together.
We talk about other things.
We tell stories of old war.
We enjoy each other\'s company and fun, you know.
Asked if he would support it. Gore, Mr.
Ventura said he believed it was a betrayal of the third-party movement.
But he added that if the vice president had put forward the \"policy that I agree with, as it is in special education, I would have come out and supported it.
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Gore jumped in and said, \"I don\'t work for his endorsement.
I\'m working on his vote.
The famous tough vice president continued in a joint interview with MTV that he had been trying to teach the famous Dirty governor how to relax, and the bald governor said he had put the hair of the bald Vice Presidentstyling tips.
\"I\'m even thinking of a baby feather . \"
Gore said he was referring
Ventura\'s favorite gear as a wrest hand.
Later, at a joint press conference
Gore praised him.
Ventura brings a \"spontaneous, free, candid style\" to governance \".
After a while, it seems to be prompting, sir.
Gore grabbed the phone that CBS producers were just talking.
\"This is the vice president,\" he said . \"
\"Do you have a problem?
The caller asked to speak to the gentleman. Ventura, so Mr.
Gore handed him the phone.
Just then, a CNN producer\'s phone rang.
Gore answered.
\"Gore press conference,\" he said . \"
While visiting North Junior High School here, sir.
Gore said he would increase federal aid to special education to $1.
His first year in office increased from $5 billion to $0. 7 billion.
He also called for annual protection of a portion of the federal surplus dedicated to education, including funding to expand pre-school programs and recruit new teachers. Later, Mr.
Gore flew to Denver for a speech on two funds
Raise money for the Democratic National Committee, which raised a total of $1. 1 million.
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Gore\'s new friend, the favorite of independent voters.
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