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the 40 most insane easter eggs ever found

by:QiMeng     2019-10-08
Easter eggs: the ultimate symbol of humanity
Bunnykind\'s never-satisfying need is to hide neat things in front of you. For the last . . .
Our entire existence, Cracked has recorded the craziest Easter eggs hidden in movies, TV, ancient art, religion, and even the websites you use every day.
Think about it, this is a love letter we wrote to crazy people who are responsible for all this. . .
40. the great old church, full of many works of art during the Italian Renaissance, is specially commissioned by the decoration of the walls of the Catholic cathedral to provide eternal enlightenment to Catholic God lovers.
Until the middle,
In their 1500 s, the Catholic Church was so cool that artists could move freely on the wall.
Sometimes, the \"hand of freedom\" means an elegant imagination of the heroes in the Bible.
Sometimes, \"free hand\" actually refers to having a free hand to masturbate after watching the above picture.
Renaissance artists often use their art to attract their monsters.
At least before the church\'s blatant display of the sacred genitals and a loincloth painter to cover up the most offensive penis movements, such as the above scene, from the \"final judgment\" of Michele Angelo Giro.
\"Front Cover-up, Mr.
The red robe behind is full.
Naked and looking down at St. Baden Caton
And the naked lady Gun.
Considering her determination
In the pose, he looks like he got some from behind.
But the Catholic Church is not the only game in town, and many Renaissance artists have proved it with their amazing talents.
Once these people enter the secular world, things begin.
For example: Finally: before you notice that the curator has put it in the \"catalogue\", you will consider it a urine.
\"If you\'re one of those people who never really appreciated the old man --
Before that, we ask you :.
In this case, who of us is not wearing this expression?
39 call on Duty: Black action--
Subtle reactions and passwords show that the main distortions are sincere and touching physical and psychological costs soldiers pay to defend their homeland while you are throwing down seven or 8,000 foreigners for decades.
But the plot is clever, Shyamalan-
The end of last fall\'s distortion.
You play a rude badass named Alex Mason, who was captured earlier and imprisoned in Gulag prison in Russia with a man named Victor ReznovSPOILER! )
It turns out that Reznov is just a fictional figure in Mason\'s imagination.
The real man died years ago.
You see, you thought you were just shooting a bunch of guys in the head, but your mind justsorry).
Of course, savvy players may have noticed that no one in the whole game talks to Reznov except Mason.
Mason and Reznov were accompanied by several other soldiers, but none of them were like watching Reznov, not to mention why a damn Russian hovers around those responsible for destroying as many of his fellow citizens as possible, one shotgun shell at a time.
But there are also some small touches.
For example, not only do they not talk to him, but when you talk to Reznov, other soldiers will stare at you like you lose your mind (
You have it completely).
Will they interrupt the \"conversation\" with sounds like \"well \"? \" \"Hmm . . .
\"Very concise \"?
\"If we see one of our comrades talking to his imaginary friends in a damn shootout, most of us will react like this.
But the game also gives its own tips in a way that is perfectly suited to spy games.
Full of the Cold War era.
At the beginning of each level, a small briefing will appear on the screen showing your location, task, date your wife wants you to go to the market on your way home to buy something.
Now, have you seen the circle word next to \"specify?
The word changes every level.
If you put the first letter of each designation (
\"X\" in this case)
Arrange them in the order they appear throughout the game and you will get XREZNOVXXISDEDX: \"Reznov is dead.
Or \"gzreznovgkzzzisdedix\" if you are someone who really understands everything. 38Black Swan --
The club scene in the 2010 ballet thriller Natalie Portman tells you that the whole movie is a dancer who can\'t stand the pressure to play the main character, and it\'s a little funny in his mind.
She had some fun time with other dancers Lily before she crashed (Mila Kunis)
When the two go to the carnival party together, and then have sex.
We will save you a YouTube tour and show you a part of the previous sentence you immediately want to find (
Carnival party of course)
Do you understand?
Okay, because of that.
The minute scene just tells you the whole movie.
Shooting is too fast to see, but if you press your finger firmly on the pause button (or watch this )
You can see strange things like Nina being followed by the characters in the ballet, including the roles she plays: Or Nina Dancing with the theater director who is not at the club at all.
He later became a feather-like villain in rosebart.
This represents his negative impact on Nina.
Then Nina popped up as a black swan and didn\'t do it until the movie was over.
We also saw another scene at the end of the movie. -
End of performance (
Although in a slightly more drugInduction version).
And then what-the-
From Another Dimension, the eyes and faces that people did not show: Suddenly, everyone in the room was Nina, and we got the wallpaper from Nina\'s bedroom, that tells us the next step.
She is basically surrounded by different versions of herself in the movie.
What does all this mean?
Well, it\'s almost got you through all the twists and turns of the late film.
All the plot and images are squeezed in one minute, everything Nina does here (
Close contact with people who are not there, see her face in everyone, fantasy characters are real people)
As the film continues, it will happen again.
In other words, the movie tells us that Nina won\'t get off track because of the pressure to get the parts-
She was crazy from the beginning.
There are 37 creepy hidden messages in your Web browser the one you are using now has a creepy hidden message.
Let\'s say Mozilla Firefox.
If not, Open Firefox and read this sentence again. We\'ll wait.
Each Mozilla browser contains a special \"about\" feature that allows you to configure certain sections simply by typing \"about: anything\" in the address bar.
For example, if you type about: about, you will see a list of all the menus they provide.
Some menus are actually cute Easter eggs like \"About: bots\" that take you to a page that references things like, and things that end up destroying all of humanity.
However, if you enter \"about: mozilla\" and perhaps want to learn more about the browser, you will see a red screen with ominous Bibles written on it --
Like the words written above: What is the complete hell?
What you \'ve just read is an excerpt, which is the continuing text of the Book of Revelation that Mozilla secretly inserts into each of its Web browsers, dating back to when the company worked on Netscape at AOL in 1995.
So if you type in \"About: mozilla\" 17 years ago, you\'ll see this: 1998, when the next release comes out, it looks like this: when Mozilla launched its own browser Firefox, in order to keep the tradition, they kept the content, including secret information, and may keep the protocol with Lucifer.
Here\'s a quote from 2003: Obviously, each poem is a metaphor for one of Mozilla\'s updates.
The developer comments hidden in the 1998 page code confirm that beast on is actually Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla\'s main competitor.
The first poem we showed you says that Mammon has become \"nothing but followers\", a direct reference to the latest version of Internet Explorer.
This includes the \"About: mozilla\" page--
If you type this type in some versions of explorer, a blank blue screen appears.
36 dead Sean mentions every zombie movie, a kind of unapologetic tribute to every zombie/horror movie and video game.
If you have seen it, you may already know that there are hidden jokes throughout the process (
For example, if you listen carefully to the news stories played in the background, they will mention things like angry viruses and crashed probes).
But it barely touches the surface, so let\'s get out of the obvious references and go straight to something \"they shouldn\'t bother.
For example, when Sean walks into a local store to buy ice cream, you can vaguely hear the DJ of the Indian music station announce that the deceased will be resurrected. . . .
Hey, remember Sean trying to book a table at the restaurant? You can\'t read the name of the restaurant unless you pause like we did.
Known as Fuli, it is a reference for the famous Italian terrorist director Lucio Fuli.
Mary, the zombie in the garden was pierced by a tube? If you freeze-
You can see from her name tag that she works in a place called Landis, which refers to director John Landis.
Have you ever wondered why Sean has so many vinyl records and is so partial to electronic music?
Don\'t doubt it anymore, because if you\'re looking at Sean\'s shoulder, you\'ll see a poster that says \"Sean smiley Riley,\" suggesting Sean used to be a DJ, and tell you his full name, which is something the film itself never mentioned (Although Yes).
In the whole scene of the actor hiding in Winchester, you can hear the zombies steady on the window to catch.
While it\'s easy to do in the post-production sound combo, Edgar Wright has extra stuff standing outside and actually took a few days in front of the window because of realism.
But the attention to detail ended up in the first scene: When Ed and Sean were dumped by their girlfriend and they were having a drunken conversation, ed actually reveals the whole plot of the film :[
Garden Zombie Mary[
Sean\'s stepfather was bitten. , [
Meet David and Diana at Leeds apartment], [
Pretend to be a zombie[
The last scene of Winchester, where they shot their way out].
35 The Art of the Renaissance was full of ufos, except for the typical study of rock and roll
Hard baby Jesus abs. . . . . .
Domenico Ghirlandaio\'s Madonna with San Giovanni also shows an interesting little spot hovering in the sky above Mary\'s left shoulder.
Especially when you notice the character in the background, you look at it a bit.
Some Renaissance paintings were completely ufo-like.
Ghirlandaio\'s \"\" is just one of several strange, slightly creepy paintings in the Middle Ages
Watch the UFO fly in.
UFO lovers have been mouth watering for many years.
Don\'t mind expert Narsey and poo.
Poo and images are consistent with early Christian iconography and are intended to represent so-
Called the Holy Spirit
They are not there.
Anyway, from what point on, will the Holy Spirit take the form of crouching little golden man space and travel with flying arrows?
Or a flying hat?
There are also people who actually show what they claim to see.
In Switzerland, a black sphere is swirling in the sky.
It is said that these points will turn red before they disappear.
Then you have the following illustration, which is a detail of a woodcut in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1561.
The story is that on the morning of April 14, a battle broke out in the sky.
Science quickly denied these events, but because the people who witnessed them did not know what NASA was, the Nuremberg carving of Hans Glazer was called \"(
This may explain why the lowest spacecraft looks like a Super Star Destroyer).
34 Reservoir Dogs-Mr.
The secrets of Orange are constantly being leaked, and Quentin Tarantino\'s first film tells about some professional cheats with colors
Based on a pseudonym (Mr. White, Mr. Blue, Mr. Pink, etc. )
They joined forces to Rob diamonds, only to find one of them a secret informant for the police.
No scammer has ever seen it before, and no one can make assumptions based on anyone\'s reputation because of a pseudonym.
So the cat\'s complex gameand-
When the criminal tried to find a traitor among them, the mouse started, but the film suddenly revealed that it was Mr.
In the cheers of Michael Madson, orange runs through about halfShot Dead
However, you can find out if you really pay close attention
Orange\'s mouth was wrong before.
There are several wells-
Known visual cues that pop up before disclosure
Orange is a mouse, like the good guy Eddie talks on the phone about how the robbery turned into a police ambush, and the orange balloon floats behind his car: or when Mr. Pink and Mr.
White was arguing about who the mouse might be in a room full of orange, pink and white bottles: However, the biggest one (
Most often overlooked
In the first scene of the movie, patent 10-In Tarantino-
Sounds cool but doesn\'t seem to push the minute conversation of the plot in any way.
After breakfast, except for the gentleman, everyone put in a dollar to tip the waitress
He refused because he thought the tip was stupid.
When boss Joe came back from the bathroom and asked to know who didn\'t give the small time, he said:
Pink admits that there is no problem, he continues to defend his position to Joe, but the implication is clear ---Mr.
Orange can\'t wait to leave the money on his teammates.
In fact, the opening scene (
Including the subsequent debate on tips)
Define the personality of each person (Mr.
White is soft.
Kind heart, sir.
Professional in cold powder). Mr.
However, Brown\'s cut-off speech about how \"Like a Virgin\" is about a man with a huge Dick is still not able to relate to the rest of the film in any meaningful way.
33 Crysis warheads prepare Easter eggs for Pirates
You paint the shooter of a battle
Hardened soldiers with lots of guns and armor fight hostile alien forces.
No game has such a unique plot before or after that.
Or at least a quick shot without a gun.
Flstream\'s fire stream, which you will eventually get if your copy is stolen.
Eager pirates start the game and catch his double
Waving a machine gun and pulling the trigger. . .
Sprayed a bunch of chickens in the air: Yes, the developer sat down and tried to figure out how to make the game for anyone who illegally downloaded the copy and came up with \"all guns turn into chicken guns.
\"It doesn\'t matter which gun ---
You spray chicken bullets, as if it were out of date: no matter how many times you upgrade, the result is the same: Chicken gun.
You won\'t even get a bigger chicken or something like that.
It\'s a wonderful thing: if you want to know, the chicken bullets don\'t do any damage, which means you can\'t kill anyone and the game won\'t win.
You can\'t die either, because the bad guys also use chickens.
You can always \"play\" the game seriously and never make any progress, and you and your enemies endlessly bounce poultry out of each other in a sad metaphor.
However, shooting enough chickens in a building will actually destroy it (
Do not hurt chickens)
So if this is a good time for you to think, do it.
Sadly, it\'s a damn shame that the developers didn\'t include any giggle sounds.
Watching the most fruitless gunfight ever, while thousands of chickens tumble in the air and quarrel with their little heads, it could be a feature worth paying.
Nevertheless, when it comes to pure entertainment value, we guess that the blind complaints of hackers, the reason why they do not know the existence of white chicken bullets is not enough: 32 The character of the deceased is marked as dead (Literally)
If you \'ve seen Martin Scorsese\'s movie, you know, at the end of the movie (
Tip: The phrase \"end of the movie\" means that there will be spoilers next, yes, we will make this sentence longer and give you the chance to look elsewhere), .
What you may not notice is that, like Steven Siegel, every character destined to die is marked as dead.
See the X between Damon and dictorio?
This is not the location of Jack Nicholson\'s magic treasure. -
It appears behind the characters who are going to die before the end of the movie, most of them.
We saw a mark behind Jack Nicholson: Leo DiCaprio and Martin Xin: all three ended up dying from multiple gunshot wounds, one shot in the head and one shot from f. g respectively.
However, it looks like death has a hard-
Especially for Dimon (
Apparently he missed the flight that later exploded)
, Because the mark appeared many times behind him: in fact, the only main character that was not marked was the Sgt. Dignam (Mark Wahlberg)
Guess who\'s watching the whole movie alive?
This is the only one with a hip. hop album.
But maybe it\'s just a huge coincidence, or the result of a crazy porn --
Obsessed with set designers?
No: Scorsese is a super movie nerd who has deliberately paid tribute to Howard Hawkes\'s version 1932.
31 The hidden jokes of the community span many years, and there are reasons for the network to show as follows (
Yes, it will be listed later)
NBC has cultivated such a loyal fan base that they ask strangers to watch almost door-to-door: the shows are full
Reward the jokes and callbacks of the most obsessed audience.
In this world, so much entertainment can make you feel that it is created for people who treat head trauma, and using your brain is a great feeling.
Some of them are very good-
Hiding it, they obviously don\'t care if there are more than a dozen people catching them for the first time ---
Some of these bits are shown across seasons and even on other networks.
For example, in one episode, the character Abed has a full storyline to play in the deep background of several scenes.
You saw it at first (
Through the window, behind the character who is talking)
She made friends with a pregnant woman.
Later, when the main characters were discussing outside, you saw the bed behind them, on the sidewalk, blocking the girl\'s jealous boyfriend.
Finally, at the end of the episode, you\'ll see him giving birth in the parking lot behind the \"real\" scene that happens in the foreground: OK, so any viewer will see this on the second viewing even if they miss it for the first time.
But if you notice this for the first time next time, you should probably take some kind of medication: It\'s a moment of \"blink, you\'ll miss it\" and it took three seasons to build it up: in every episode of the first three seasons, the word \"Beetlejuice\" was
A joke.
If you have seen the movie, it is the naughty ghost with the name.
Was this guy once the biggest star in Hollywood? \" Keaton)
If someone says his name three times, he will appear in the world of the living.
So, sure enough, in the third mention of a character, the guy showed up in the background for two full seconds: It was a random person dressed up as Beetlejuice or Gary Busey.
They waited patiently for three years before they arrived at the monster.
Because it looks like the show will be canceled a few times before that, B)
When you consider that some of the shows can last for eight seasons, the only point is \"look! Nerds!
\"How did you do that?
How about asking the audience to chase jokes from completely different shows on completely different networks?
In season 2, Abed tells a seemingly one-off anecdote about how to get extra work on the show (
Yes, it\'s a real show, on ABC)
Due to the pressure.
If fans decide to switch views, just rush away at the end of the scene.
You know, it\'s like he has an emergency stomach problem.
We haven\'t seen the show yet, but we assume everyone in the restaurant was attacked by a Puma at the end of the scene.
30 Pinke Floyd puts the reverse message into the real reverse message in the music (also known as )
Is all the rage back to \'80--
What we call \"anger\" refers to \"the subject of congressional investigation \".
\"Bands like Pastor Judah and Zeppelin are accused of including subconscious Satanic thinking --
No doubt, control the information in their songs.
Of course, the \"message of Satan\" is completely nonsense, because in reality it is impossible to have a destination to sing or say something that can be understood both forward and backward.
That\'s why most of the so-called messages sound like a singer having a seizure.
But bands like The Beatles used background music on purpose. . .
Mainly because
They never wanted to hide anything: it was done purely for aesthetic reasons.
In 1979, Pinke Floyd became the first pop band to contain reverse information that was actually hidden.
In the first half of their classic album, the song \"empty space\" contains a voice that sounds like a mumbling bling when it\'s heard going forward, but is actually a muffled speech, when reversed,
Any citizen of concern who is eager to find something angry, must be very excited when he reaches that part. . .
Until he heard what he said.
Turn up your speakers):. . .
Then the speaker was interrupted by a female voice saying someone was on the phone.
Not entirely \"give your anus to Satan.
\"We are concerned that this is as exciting as the real situation of anti-blocking.
Well, unless you go from: 29 Fight Club: short intimacy-
On the phone, the ending is of course full of hints about the big turn (
Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are split personalities of people who beat themselves for no reason)
After the fact, most of them are obvious.
Like Norton had a fight in his boss\'s office, saying it reminded him of his first battle with Tyler Duden (Pitt)--
This seems to be an informal review of your first viewing, but it\'s obvious in retrospect.
One thing, though, Brad-Pitt-is-really-a-mind-
The ghost foreshadowed that we were pretty sure that even the most pious audience didn\'t pick up the DVD of the premium yearbook offer, that was the damn paid phone.
Just after Norton\'s apartment exploded, he called Tyler to ask if he could crash on the sofa at Taylor\'s stinky tramp tomb.
Tyler didn\'t answer, so Norton hung up.
The phone rang,-
Taylor was on the other end and called * 69 to redial the last number to call him, because for some reason a man in a designer costume lives in a huge rotten shed, he felt the need to block his phone.
However, once the phone starts to ring, we are seen as an exposed intimacy.
Up: it\'s hard to see, but read that line directly under the word \"TELNEX ---
It says \"No calls are allowed.
\"This means that it is physically impossible for this phone to receive incoming calls.
That means it\'s impossible for Tyler to call Edward Norton back.
That means Edward Norton is standing in the phone booth, the receiver pressing on his ear and talking to him in detail.
Of course, we found out later that this was exactly what he was doing.
Of course, this does not explain why a man beating himself out in a parking lot would attract a group of men deprived of their rights to ask if they could join him, but this will be the subject of another article.
Cathedral of the Holy Pope.
Francis of Assisi is the proud home of some of the most famous murals of the Renaissance.
Master Toto\'s work occupies a prominent position throughout the church.
Unfortunately, some of these works were badly damaged in the most recent earthquake.
This blasphemy can only be the work of the devil. . . . . .
He might just want to escape from prison in Joto\'s painting.
After the 1997 earthquake, a team of repairmen worked in the church and found some minor structural damage, some faded spots and--oh yeah --
Hidden in the cloud of this so-called divine work.
27 naked women who died were hidden in the silence of the lamb. Most of us don\'t watch the movie posters twice, mumbling short under our breath and saying, \"Oh f * they\'re doing a sequel/remake/reboot?
\"So it\'s easy to miss out on some awesome stuff that the artist is hiding in the poster, probably for its hell.
Bring the poster.
Do you remember the movie was only 10 minutes, but the posters were all over the place?
Of course, their skulls are really small.
Looking at the mark on their back, it\'s totally malicious.
But they don\'t have the details on the poster. Why is that?
Maybe style choice?
Why don\'t we take a closer look?
This is not a skull at all.
Seven naked women were arranged to look like skulls.
It is actually a very, very small version of the independent horror movie poster as its inspiration.
Now you will never look at Judy Foster\'s mouth the same way again.
There\'s a hidden movie in The Simpsons.
The esque action star that has been around since season 2?
The early footage was a clip of Castle Wolff\'s most famous role, a loose cannon detective named McBain.
When the character is watching his movie in the background, you will see him for a few seconds: it turns out that if you put together the various McBain clips that aired between 1991 and 1993, there are beginning, middle and end.
Someone bothered to edit them together: producer Al Jean said, \"It\'s always considered the most exaggerated piece of a bigger movie, and we never really thought of a big movie.
\"However, when you see the final mini-
Movie, totally OK.
First of all, we see McBain arguing with the chief of police because he can\'t go after Senator Mendoza.
McBain\'s partner was then killed by Mendoza\'s mob, prompting McBain to tell the chief he plans to avenge his death.
Then we saw McBain dive into Mendoza\'s house and get caught.
Finally, Mendoza\'s mob assured him that McBain was dead, but the hero came back unexpectedly and pushed the bad guys from the building into the truck that exploded.
Hey, look at this when we sprinkle Easter eggs: 25GTA IV--
The secret of the Statue of Liberty, because the game world is so vast that you can almost never fully explore all the secrets, this series is full of strange City legends about what you can find there.
Like the one who claims you can see big feet wandering around, or leather face, or the ghost of CJ\'s mom, or CJ is actually a woman under his armor (or something).
However, the truth is even stranger than those rumors.
This includes the statue of happiness, which is exactly the same as the Statue of Liberty, except with a disturbing, almost inhuman smile.
The statue is, it looks too laborious to see a monument, this is obviously just the background view of your crazy killing.
If you still decide to go and you manage to climb up the upper floor at the bottom of the statue, you will see a door with a sign on it that says \"there is no hidden content in this way \".
\"We assume that not many people can pass this because if you can\'t trust a video game about stealing cars and shooting, then who can you trust?
However, if you do walk past the sign, you will find a ladder that takes you into the statue, where you will see: a huge heart suspended by an iron chain.
Look at the weird sounds it makes: this strange light suggests that there may be something supernatural about it.
Besides, it is a huge beating heart.
Why is that?
What does it do?
Can you kill it?
If you think no player has tried it, you may never have encountered it.
No, you can\'t kill it (
Even with a rocket launcher, it won\'t kill a pigeon outside the statue)
No one knows why it exists.
Speaking of which, there is no explanation in the same game.
You might say \"big deal \".
\"It\'s a stroller. Who cares?
\"Ask yourself: how many children have you seen in the game?
If not to scare you, why is there a sea-abandoned stroller in a world without children?
24 crazy interactive results of Google
Known for its elaborate April fool joke (and )
The company will announce some ridiculous new features in it and anyone without a calendar or common sense will like it.
What you may not know is that this sense of humor also extends to Google\'s search engine itself, which has some hidden jokes triggered by specific words or phrases.
For example, you are likely to use Google search to search for the purpose most people use it for: spell checking.
Yes, we \'ve all entered a word and we don\'t know how to spell it into Google to make \"what you mean \". . .
\"Partially correct us.
But if you want to know if you \'ve spelled the word \"crossword\" correctly, Google won\'t help you ---
Instead, it provides you with an actual crossword puzzle of \"crossword.
Or, if you enter \"recursion\", the process of repeating something, it implies that. . . \"recursion.
\"Click on it and it will show you the same thing over and over again in an infinite loop.
Google also has a calculator feature that is very handy when you enter \"answers to life, universe, and everything\" as a reference.
Like that book, the answer is given in this way. . .
For more festival results, you can try searching for \"Christmas\": or \"Festival of Light\": or \"Kwanza Festival\": or, yes, even \"festival \"(from )
, It shows the traditional Festivus bar on the side of the page.
Other searches are more interactive.
Aviation or (more likely)
When you type \"do a bucket roll\" in Google, I\'ll be happy to see what happens.
At the same time, searching for \"skew\" can make things more complicated, effectively simulating the experience of searching on Google while drunk.
While we are working on it, here are some of Google\'s best Easter eggs: inception has a hidden sound track, and the storyline is when no one realizes it, sneak an idea into someone\'s mind.
It turns out that Chris Nolan is doing the same thing when you watch a movie.
More specifically, Nolan sneaked in the \"ideas\" in your mind like this :.
Some background: In the movie, whenever DiCaprio and his gang are about to wake up, they hear the song \"\" by Edith Piaf.
But you know that part. -
They never hide the fact that they used the song in the plot.
What you may not realize is that you are hearing it even if you think you are not.
Remember you heard it over and over again in the last 45 minutes of the movie?
It sounds like a typical summer movie soundtrack designed to make you know that s *** t is real. . .
But this is actually the case.
The cool part is that it makes sense.
Edith Piaf\'s song is a way for characters to know they\'re about to wake up ---
But since the time has been slower in the dream, actually two minutes and 23 seconds may last longer for them.
When the song is played at normal speed in the sober world, the character should hear it slow down.
The composer of the film said that in order to achieve this, they are actually.
Obviously, the two notes go a long way because he also says, \"all the music in the score is a subdivision and multiplication of the rhythm.
So basically, the letter \"V\" and the number \"5\" of the old song \"(
\"V\" is the Roman number of \"5)
Almost every frame is hidden.
You may have noticed something more blatant, but some are subtle.
For example, when we first saw them, the characters of cridi and Finch were separated by a \"V\", indicating what would happen later in the film (
Kerry wanted to stop V, and Finch finally decided to help V)
: When Natalie Portman wakes up in the single dungeon of V, she has a small wound in the shape of \"V\" on her head: the character Gordon\'s base has a copy of the forbidden Quran.
Sir, they are usually flat when books are opened on the podium, but not in this film: the evil talk show host has a \"V\" highlighted in every frame of his show behind the clock: during which V throws two daggers at a time, they cross together in a \"V\" shape: then the dagger forms as it rotates in the air: then, credi fired five shots at V, leaving \"V \"-
Blood on the wall.
But hey, you\'re sharp.
You probably caught it all the first time you saw it.
Okay, let\'s take it down to another level: there\'s Evey\'s (
Natalie Portman.
Name: \"E\" is the fifth letter of the alphabet, \"V\" is the fifth letter, and \"Y\" is 25 letters (five squared).
Later, Finch, who helped V, had five letters in his name.
When V attacks the villain Credi (
His name is also full of \"E\" and \"Y\"
Beethoven\'s fifth one happens to be playing in the background.
But wait, it gets even more vague.
V\'s favorite phrase is \"by the power of truth, I conquered the universe while I was alive\", translated into Latin, meaning \"Vi veri veniversum vivus\" or \"\" Finally, on what is perhaps the most mind --
One of the main characters of the film is to blow all the details.
Jurassic Park--
The seatbelt glitch reveals that dinosaurs can breed is a movie about dinosaurs killing people, but there are a few things that have to go wrong in order to achieve this.
Sure, the security system that Newman shut down was a big one, but before that, the news that dinosaur breeding was out of control came, even though it was impossible.
It was a big twist in the film, when Dr.
Sam Neil found that although dinosaurs were all female, they were breeding (
Especially to prevent this situation).
In fact, this is a development that no one has foreseen, because in the name of science, how can a group of prehistoric lizards who have nothing but the girl part be able to have children?
However, if you keep an eye on it, the movie will turn around in the first 20 minutes.
It\'s just a one-off joke. -
The helicopter carried all the people in their 90 s.
Fashion scientists stormed nunublar, who was told to wear a seat belt.
But this happened. that\'s right. -
Neil was stuck with two belt buckles instead of the tongue and belt buckle combination he needed to securely secure him on the helicopter bench.
By the way, the buckle is also called the \"female\" end, so Sam has nothing technically but the female part.
He went on groping for the mismatched seat belt, and Jeff Goldbloom stared at him like a man who knew something about the female part: Finally, exhausted all possible options, neil simply ties the ends of the seat belt together to form a temporary seat belt. There you go --
He needs to create something new. a seat belt)
But he only has a female purpose.
So he improvise.
This is the end of the Jurassic Park dinosaur.
They only have half of the gender pairs needed to reproduce, but somehow they are able to create baby dinosaurs.
They succeeded.
Of course, the specific reason why dinosaurs can cross this biological barrier has never been fully explained (
In addition to the rationalisation of some geneticists who use frog DNA)
So we had no choice but to imagine two female dinosaurs tying the vagina together.
Jimmy Hendricks\'s hidden aliens conveys the song \"The third stone of the Sun\" from Jimmy Hendricks\'s album, a quirky jazz/rock instrument in the background
This is the only musical instrument track on the album and one that is most likely to trigger an acid flash back.
But what even trippier doesn\'t know is that if you adjust the speed of the record machine, play a 45 rpm vinyl song (
Format usually reserved for singles)
You can hear it all of a sudden.
In an album on simple topics such as kidnapping ladies and burning items, what is alien information doing? Nobody knows.
Sadly, the only speed
The up version we can find enhances the vocals, which means they don\'t sound as creepy as they are on the album: but if you want to be creepy, you can always trust nine-inch nails to take things to the next level: the track \"\" in their remix album is long and repetitive. . .
Maybe it\'s intentional, because if you
Forward on a normal CD player.
So if you \'ve ever heard this song at normal speed and then feel like there\'s an inexplicable impulse to format your hard drive, now you know why.
The pen and ink patterns of GoldenEye 007 are no stranger to hidden content, or groups of players are obsessed with digging it.
We \'ve already told you some of its situations, and it\'s also known for having unlocked cheats like stealth and Big Head mode, as the Post-90 s game knows how to have a better time. But as chock-
Brave fans have found that the game was originally intended to have a \"line mode\" and the game seems to have been made with pen and paper.
In addition to being able to play in a whole new way, this will be the closest way you will experience \"\" for the first time
A new form of music criticism.
If you watch the video, it\'s not hard to understand why the line mode is cut ---
For most levels, it\'s impossible to know exactly what\'s going on, which makes it closer to \"polar bears in blizzard mode\" than fun art adventures \".
If players want to go through the minimalist version, they basically need to remember the level and you can\'t see your ammo and health as one of them.
Still, it will be a huge challenge model for obsessed fans, the 13-year-old fans.
Holy crap, can you imagine how much improvement this madness can bring to already chaotic multiplayer games?
This is the ultimate counter.
Screen viewing mode, because if someone throws a bucket of white paint on the TV, it doesn\'t make sense to watch your friends.
Developers Find line mode useful for debugging, which is why you can still find it in the game if you use GameShark, when cheating code is one thing, attachment of serious cheater choice.
It was originally intended to occupy the final cheating time of the game, and the constant taunt emptiness of this time triggered a lot of crazy campus rumors.
While we can\'t get angry with developers of such a logo game, we\'re a little sad that they don\'t have the potential awesome line mode perfect, instead, it takes time to create spoilers of the Oddjob nonsense multiplayer characters and countless friendships.
The mysterious things on the cover of The Da Vinci Code are cooler than the mysterious hairstyles of Tom Hanks\'s career long ago, giving history professors chest pain and becoming a literary phenomenon.
Real historians may be happy to have increased interest in the Bible as a historical document, and may even favor Dan Brown\'s portrayal of history as a rich, mysterious tapestry, however, they may not be too excited about Brown\'s promise because the secrets are clear --
Anyone resourceful can find the right and wrong answer to solve the crossword game of USA Today.
While the secrets his main character encountered during the course of the book may be a bit obvious, the passwords and crosswords did not stop in the book.
In fact, Brown left his most interesting mysteries to the dust jacket.
In the years leading up to the publication of the book, fans of Brown\'s novel may have noticed a series of seemingly random numbers and letters appearing on the last page of the book: \"1-V-116-44-11-89-44-46-L-51-130-19-118-L-32-118-116-130-28-116-32-44-133-U-130.
\"While rational readers may think that a mouse is stuck in Simon Schuster paperback, crazy fans may have checked, if you replace each number in the sequence with the first letter in the corresponding section, what happens.
If you do this, you will find the letter sequence \"T. V. C. I. R. H. O. D. C. C. E\"-
You might think so.
But Brown\'s crazy fans didn\'t decorate their shed with newspaper clippings and urinating pots because they were quitting smoking.
Those fans will notice that there are 25 letters, a square.
When you put these letters in five letters,by-
Five squares, you will get: T. V. C. I. h. I. O. E. . .
When reading by column from top to bottom (
Instead of moving from left to right line by line like you just did)
The Da Vinci Code will surface.
Of course, this is two years earlier than the phrase \"Da Vinci Code\" means a damn thing to anyone, and they will most likely want to know who Dav Incico is, how exactly did he mix up in the voice of evil --Ill Surface.
This made Brown even more impressive after two years of crazy walking on the last page of his book.
When it finally surfaced as promised, the dust cover of the book was full of crazy saivers.
The clue leads to two numbers written in light red ink on a dark red background on the back of the book, if you can find them. . . . . .
By inserting them into Google Maps, you will find yourself the latitude and longitude of Kryptos, a sculpture outside the CIA headquarters.
If you solve Kryptos, then you will find yourself interrogated by the CIA in a dark room because.
In fact, the reference to Krytpos will be an endorsement of Washington, D. C. C. -
Will be the protagonist of Brown\'s next novel.
As a huge hit, the publisher created a promotional game around the thread, presumably laughing nervously while he was waiting for a madman who was crazy enough to solve the damn thing.
When you sponsor-
It might make the whole thing look like a capitalist scam selling books, and Brown saved his most difficult and interesting mysteries for his audience, which was at least impressive, he did it before he had no reason to believe that anyone would give an answer to anything.
The matrix uses all the twins in Sydney, Australia. The first lesson we learned about the matrix is that anyone can be an agent.
Morpheus teaches this to Neo through a training program in which Keanu is distracted by a sexy woman in a red dress.
But Neo, like everyone, is doomed to fail: they wander around a business district, and every pedestrian is wearing a boring and monotonous suit, except for the beautiful girl.
Of course, he will focus his attention on her and notice the agent.
We, the audience, because we have been removed, can only watch the scene objectively through testing.
But we did not pass. Not at all.
Because we didn\'t notice that everyone in the scene was a doppelganger: if it weren\'t for this, we could write it as an extra shot to repeat the different shots. . .
What\'s really crazy is that it\'s not CGI: Wachowskis spent a lot of time looking for and casting real identical twins for this scene.
The idea is to show the viewer that the mouse that created the code is a lazy programmer, copying/pasting a bunch of characters instead of someone with a unique design.
But really, because basically no one in the audience has noticed the clone army, it just proves that God can get away with less work with a simple palette --
Exchange human beings.
It turns out that as long as there is a hot girl in a red dress nearby, we will be very cool with it.
The Konami code runs on the site, arguably the most famous video game cheat code ever.
It gained popularity when it was included in the game by Konami, in which it granted players 30 lives as follows: it\'s easy to understand why the code became popular: 1980 games are tough.
Soon, however, it spread to the game from other companies and other systems. . .
From there to nowday websites. GameSpot.
Com is a video game news website that provides you with trailers, reviews and downloads of the latest games.
But once you enter the Konami Code and click enter, the home page switches to what might be seen if the Internet appeared in the 1980 s.
Just to tell you, this is not an American. S. -
The only thing is that in some part of the code, entering the code will show the doctor\'s robot dog K-9.
Unfortunately, the Konami Code Easter egg is usually very short
Survived, presumably because they were sneaked in by nerds without consulting with the boss, and then removed as soon as they found out.
Before that, we have mentioned that for some time, when entering code on Marvel comics\'s website, it appeared when entering code on ESPN. com .
In 2009, Facebook did something similar when a temporary Easter egg caused the Konami Code to trigger.
But so far, the best use of the Konami Code is for the old site of Newsweek magazine, which now does not exist: pressing the familiar key causes all titles on the home page to be replaced.
13 Daredevil and Ninja Turtles were created in the same traffic accident, the superhero intersection is not new, but to make this special is blatant illegal and illegal
The meaning of its story.
Before the appearance of Ninja Turtles, the night devil had existed for 20 years ---
However, their origin proves that they are both the products of the same traffic accident and the same mysterious goo.
The origin of Daredevil, as shown in 1, was that when he was young, he saved a blind man and prevented him from being hit by a truck, only to have a fall from the same truck, hit him in the face.
Of course, this is before the shipping law that we take for granted now \"take some time to protect your radioactive material.
Between the radioactivity of the substance, the impact of the impact and the cylindrical shape of the container, Daredevil is blind.
But he is very good at other things, so it is clear that he eventually became a superhero.
The real question is not \"how to be blinded by the jar after saving the blind a story of origin?
\"This is\" what happened after the mysterious jar popped out of the prototype
The kiss of a coward?
\"Fast Forward for 20 years: the creator of the Ninja Turtles is a big fan of them, especially the question of Frank Miller.
Instead of content with simplicity, they continue to write their characters in.
In 1, we only see the exact same scene from different angles as before.
The radioactive tank hit the boy in the head. . . . . .
Then fell into the sewer and turned some little turtles into cowboy ninjas.
Of course, the boy has never been explicitly identified as the night devil of the future, but this is because the character belongs to Marvel Comics and ninja turtles do not.
Nevertheless, it is clear that it is the same child, and it turns out that the jar is full of mutant sticky matter, which does explain why being hit in the head by something can bring someone super power. (
Life Tips: not usually. )
So, without the courage of the young, the cans may not fall into the sewers, and these four ordinary turtles may not be fighting crime today.
All TMNT and variants showing the same source, especially radioactive ooze has become an iconic part of the turtle brand-
Although it was completely stolen from another comic. 12Memento --
A glimpse of Leonard\'s split personality is a simple story about a man who wants revenge for killing his wife and only tells him to fall behind and take half
Leonard Shelby, the main character of Amnesiac, because Christopher Nolan (
He must have told jokes at the party).
In addition, there is a non-backward black-and-
A guy named Sammy Yankee, like Leonard, also suffers from retrograde amnesia and accidentally kills his wife with his absence --mindedness.
As Leonard explained in that clip, Sammy\'s wife had diabetes and refused to believe that her husband could not create new memories, so to figure out if Sammy was just pretending, she decided to give him insulin injections several times, hoping he would refuse.
We suspect that he did not. She died of excessive insulin.
At first it seemed like a pointless anecdote about the middle of a movie about revenge and evil body tats, but at the end of the clip, especially at 8: 28, what is this?
After the death of his wife, we saw the casual Sami sitting at home, but when someone was walking in front of him, his image changed: a short second, we saw Leonard sitting in a chair instead of Sammy. . .
This is because, in any case, they are the same person in this part of the story.
We found out that Leonard\'s wife was not murdered.
She had diabetes. she lied to her husband and stabbed her to death.
So Leonard put these memories on Sammy\'s personality, like Taylor dudon\'s less sexy version, and in his illusion he went out to look for his wife\'s \"killer \".
\"We didn\'t find this until the film was over, and even then it came from a less well-known source, but this Easter egg seems to confirm that.
So, with this split
In the second shot, Christopher Nolan shamelessly revealed the last plot twist of his film half an hour before the end of the film. .
Does this mean that our tattoo killer has lived in a home surrounded by an old man playing checkers all day for a while?
If that\'s the case, we can\'t really blame him for going out one day and shooting drug dealers because he\'s so boring.
As you may have noticed, Toy Story is full of references to shine, and today\'s children\'s animation studio just likes to quote in the movie what most viewers can\'t get.
This means dick for DreamWorks. . .
In Pixar\'s case, it means it\'s linked to a movie about an alcoholic being driven mad by a ghost and trying to murder his family.
Do you remember, for example, the scenes of Bath and Woody trying to escape Sid\'s home?
Did you feel inexplicable fear while watching that scene?
Well, it\'s probably because Sid\'s carpet is exactly the same as the carpet pattern at the Overlook Hotel, where junior psychic Danny Torrance once played with his toys: baz and Woody eventually fled the place without killing each other, but terror continues.
Once we saw a monkey toy watching feeding on a surveillance camera in the nursery.
On the same table, there was another small box with a carpet pattern overlooking it. In addition, the 1970 s walkie-talkie imitated the walkie-talkie seen in the hotel manager\'s office in the movie, but the most common element in a movie is 237.
We saw a security camera with the model \"OVERLOOK r2 37\": a garbage truck with the license plate number \"RM237: woody uses the username \"Velocistar237\" and all these are references overlooking the hotel room 237-
You know, the one where Jack Nicholson was with the naked woman.
Apparently, her Wi-
I like to spend time chatting with toys.
By the way, it\'s all no coincidence: Director Lee onkley is a huge fan of all these Easter eggs and a fan of him personally. . .
Except the one in.
This is probably just a direct problem.
Batman: Arkham City-
A painting reveals the fate of the clown and there are three things to do: Batman once again shows his ability to violently beat criminals at all the scenes
On a long day, every criminal locked up in the Akham asylum area escaped collectively, turning the entire island into their own private playground, and the shocking ending was the death of a clown.
Unless you count (It\'s so non
Specification, really no reason)
Bruce Wayne\'s legendary opponent has finally kicked it like never before, completely unexpected.
Of course, if you are an art lover, then the turning point of the whole process is in front of you.
Halfway through the game, you start playing as a cat woman, sneaking around Arkham City while enjoying as much as possible.
One of your tasks requires you to steal something from a safe hidden behind the painting: the title of the painting, \"Cain and Abel: duality of man,\" it is clear, because God prefers Cain Abel, the story in the Bible is mentioned. Whatever --
It\'s a beautiful picture, but it\'s just a window, right?
Okay, this is Batman, carrying the clown\'s lifeless body in exactly the same way.
Then you remember the name of the painting and say, \"Yes.
\"Almost from the beginning, the Joker and Batman have the most distorted Brotherhood imaginable, and each relationship symbolizes the extremes of human nature.
The clown represents anarchy, chaos, and impossibility of animism, while the bat represents justice, law, and order.
If the Joker kills Batman, the painting could be more blatant because he and Kane are both evil.
Nerds on the internet may make such a tragedy worth it.
However, the affair between Cain and Abel is not over.
The murder of Abel is
In any case, according to the Bible)
First death in history
Again, the clown\'s Last Laugh represents the first time Batman has anything like a direct hand. .
The \"last supper\" has a hidden sound track. Okay, that\'s weird.
So, you know da Vinci, who is the celebrity of the \"last supper\"/helicopter design.
No, he didn\'t pass the password or reverse crossword game search or something.
He just added a secret soundtrack to the Last Supper.
The delicious dinner roll scattered in the Last Supper may be the note of the music arrangement.
In fact, not only bread, but also the hand of Christ and the Apostle.
By drawing a five
The music staff opposite the painting lined up and the hands and bread seemed to be the notes of a very small composition.
Of course, this is assuming that the notes are read from right to left, which is written by Leonardo da Vinci.
Don\'t believe us? Give a listen.
It has even been admitted that the harmony of the composition is too perfect to be a coincidence.
After all, da Vinci is complete
One of his talents during the Renaissance was music.
But madness is not just on the notes.
The same person who found the music also claimed that the painting matched the rhythm of the song and the duration of each note.
So, technically, the first album to play behind with secret information is \"The Last Supper \".
\"How does the egg feel on your face?
The next Pixar movie is always hidden in the previous one, and it\'s not surprising that the director wants to nod his head to the past.
Whether it\'s David Finch setting up an account for Tyler Duden on Facebook or Peter Jackson popping up his Sumatran mouse monkey, the director likes to be a little bit more about previous movies
But let Pixar take the idea and open it up.
In addition to the fact that Pixar movies are usually just a big incest, they also like to feature characters that are not even made in the movie.
Of course, you may have noticed Flik saying, \"to infinity!
\"In bloodireel, Pizza Planet trucks appear in almost every movie at Pixar. . . . . .
But you found out too.
From (2004)in (2003)
Or from (2009)in (2007)?
From what we can gather, these future references have come up since then, but if you keep your eyes open, you are a very special nerd and you will find
This is Nemo (2003)
To make some early cameo (2001). . . . . .
And it looks like Sir.
An incredible comic book was published before. . . . . .
Before he had eyes, he came from (2006)
Superheroes enjoy the cold when fighting robots. . . . . .
When the mouse Remi ran around, it scared the dog away from WHO.
Not to mention Lotto from (2010)
He has his own guest. . . . . .
Or there\'s a new character on Andy\'s wall with Finn Mike\'s missile. . .
7Radiohead\'s decade
Ten years later, spanning the secret album radioradiohead was released on 10/07, with 10 letters in the names of the two albums.
Also, the original job title is \"01 \"(
Mirror image of \"10. . . obviously).
The last part alone is enough for Radiohead fans to start looking for a crazy conspiracy, as you may know if you have to sit in a car next to a conspiracy for a long time. The scary part?
This time they were completely right.
There is a way to get from (
Hereinafter referred to as 01)and (
Form a hugealbum.
As explained: they don\'t sound friendly together; it\'s that .
Like the sleeping Golden, the carrying weight and the end of the day flow to each other on the Beatles, the songs flow to each other, as if they were all recorded in a big meeting.
Don\'t believe us?
In order to get the full effect, you need to set a 10-
The second crossing between tracks fades in (more 10s! )
But you can notice most things without doing so.
Put on your pants.
Pointed out that the song \"naked\"10 album)
Starting with the reverb of \"underground homesick alien (01 album)
Still lingering, the beat at the end of the \"Airbag (01)
Set the rhythm for \"15 steps (10).
It\'s nothing unusual. . .
Unless you think these songs are created and recorded 10 years apart. The pants-
The lyrics also have the immediacy of shit.
Gave some examples and said: \"There seems to be a concept in 01 and 10 playlists.
The idea in a song [are]
Pick it up next time.
\"In fact, one of them came from was and the title of the other song seemed to summarize the whole thing:\" The puzzle fell to the right place.
\"Remember all the\" 10 \"stuff we mentioned above, about the date, the time between albums, the number of letters in the title, and so on? Want more?
Radiohead announced it before it was released (
This is quite unusual)
After that, the band posted a series of 10 announcements on their website.
This is nothing new: Mysterious messages may be the only way alternative rock musicians know how to communicate.
However, Radiohead fans, who are Radiohead fans, note that this information emphasizes the letter X (
A picture called \"Xendless Xurbia).
For example, isn\'t \"X\" a Roman figure of 10?
Also, let\'s take a look at this cover art.
As our Review section tells us, the first numbers for the album are 0 and 1.
Radiohead has also hosted it once among their fans: the bonus is $10,000.
They ended up giving 10 people an extra $1,000.
And follow up with.
Despite the claims of Puddlegum, the band has never officially confirmed this. Come on, dude --
We\'re not all crazy alien geniuses.
Playboy magazine has a rabbit on every cover, and Easter eggs require artists to pay more attention to tiny details than those who consume it.
If this is the definition of Easter eggs, Playboy magazine may be responsible for the greatest of all Easter eggs.
After all, movie directors and video game makers can be pretty sure that anything they hide at work will be hunted down by careful fans and posted on the website for everyone to see.
The only thing Playboy can assume about the audience is that they will do or at least consider doing something that might get them arrested if they do it in public.
Their fan base is less engaged and crazy, and they are more about burning themselves and looking for evidence.
This makes it even more confusing for Playboy to keep elaborate Easter eggs hidden on the cover of the magazine.
Specifically, Hugh Hefner and the company have been hiding the rabbit logo on each cover, starting with the second one
Playboy magazine was on the shelves in 1953.
We\'re not sure if we can call it the Playboy cover art, but we\'re pretty sure it\'s probably the least necessary detail attention ever to the history of anything.
On the cover below, there is a rabbit on the ribbon on the chest of a young woman.
On this lid, rabbit ears can be seen on the shoes at the bottom.
The rabbit ears of the film are in front of her.
On this lid, the rabbit\'s ears form the shape of the flower that the woman holds in her hand.
This fork hides rabbit ears.
Here, it is the white spot on the white sheet under the left chest of Jenny McCarthy\'s annual Playmate in 1994.
There is almost a sad fatalism in the last one.
Hefner took the time to hide the rabbit head next to something that made sure no one noticed, making the rabbit head look like a stain, marking the end of the audience\'s interest in the product he made.
It may sound sad for someone with so many wives, but we are pretty sure that \"his pajamas have not been changed for more than a decade\" is a sign of serious depression.
The sitcom Chapel hides the hymn of Genesis by an atheist Mesa Gilo, not only as the most famous group of the sitcom chapel, but also one of the most iconic images of mankind.
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