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the best of paris fashion week, in pictures

by:QiMeng     2019-09-23
2019 performances in the fall ended in Paris.
Here, T\'s photographer captures our favorite moments from the runway.
In his recent Louis Vuitton exhibition, Nicholas gasquier rebuilt a Paris landmark at another venue: the Pompidou Center was transported to the Louvre with its unique colors and exposed pipes
Ghesquière said his collection was inspired
Watch at his favorite cafe near Pompidou and observe the variety of visitors it attracts.
As a result, the denim fabric is made of twee printed quilting fabric with a pencil skirt and a square leather bike jacket
Shoulder cut with small leather watch cap.
The soundtrack is also eclectic-
From Suzanne Viga to the Egyptian Lover
This adds fast.
Cut the atmosphere of the show.
Combine notes of fairies
Nod of Forest story, military costume, autumn 2019 collection of sheepskin in Miu-
The lined fur coat and camouflage practical jacket are re-imagined as capes with caps, paired with a puffball taffeta skirt and floral silk.
The setting of the exhibition venue is a magnificent government building in area 16, a maze-like screen that plays a video of the current Miu model created by young Londoners
According to artist Sharna Osborne.
Thick leather boots, grounded in every look, while retro-
The bag with inspiration is placed on the arm.
\"When I got it, people said, \'Don\'t accept it, it\'s hopeless, it\'s over, \'\" said the late Carl Lagerfield\'s pragmatic voice of usage.
At the beginning of Chanel\'s performance, the performance began with a minute of silence.
The brand took over the Grand Palace as usual, but this time it was the 19 th.
The century exhibition hall was transformed into a alpine ski town with fake snow.
The Lagerfeld series is a rich ski team
Inspired suits including a dolphin jacket, a winter white coat, a tweed coat and a mini ski suitlift-shaped bags.
Penelope Cruz walked the show with a white rose in his hand, and the models and guests were crying as the final march progressed on the runway.
Alexander McQueen\'s performance is located in a shabby warehouse, similar to a noodle factory, a love letter to the north of England, where Sarah Burton, the brand\'s creative director, was born.
After the show, she said: \"I went home to buy the series and went back to where I grew up in the north of England, surrounded by mill town and wild country . \".
At the heart of the series is a tailor made of British fabric, which Burton covers with silver chains and large fabrics and is later described as armor.
A laser embroidered evening dress
Cut metal sequins, designed to evoke the sound as the loom pile moves, while the final dress is made of taffta, carved into roses similar to Lancashire and Yorkshire.
In this big and bold season with shoulders, Giambattista Valli takes a softer approach to the silhouette, showing the dress with inflatable princess sleeves.
The shoulders of these statements are balanced by ventilated folds and wrinkled skirts that are mostly cut above the knee. Monet-
Carry flower in contrast to leopard print
End of the premium custom fashion show at Valli on January.
The designer, who has been looking at Guy bulding\'s photography in the design of the series, describes it as a tribute to the \"unwary charm\" of the bourgeoisie.
Claire wait Keller has taken a new approach to her recent Givenchy show, which is full of a variety of looks and attitudes.
The series from square-
The Shouldered shoulder is paired with a flamenco é silk dress, paired with a flamenco whirlpool, a dazzling evening dress, and even occasionally interspersed with heavily customized men\'s clothing.
The designer says her inspiration comes from the wave of the post-90s aristocratic models in the UK, and the ease and indifference they have when wearing high fashion.
Located in the Botanical Garden, the set is arranged in a column gallery of bare trees, lit from below.
The result is an obvious hindsight.
\"Dark mood\" is emphasized by thumping music for the soundtrack of the show.
\"The one you love will become the ghost inside of you, like this, you will keep them alive.
Robert Montgomery\'s poems shine bright lights in Valentino\'s performance, for which pirpaul piccholi works with four poets: poet Greta belamasina
Ward and Montgomery
Their verses are embroidered on complex finished clothes decorated with floral, classical statues and butterfly patterns.
In the background, the designer mentioned a collective called the Liberation poetry movement, which is dedicated to sticking poetry to the city streets by putting posters on the wall.
\"This is about the power of emotion,\" he added . \".
\"We don\'t want to have dreams.
\"A corporate office with gray desks, reading lights and typewriters lined up at the Thomas Browne show at the National Higher Normal College --Arts.
There is a Una Vincenzo on each table, Ms Troubridge, early20th-
Century Lesbian literary figure, this image will become a theme in Brown\'s iconic Super character series
Custom suits and coats.
Unified Model
Just like sitting and typing, with more and more gorgeous suits --
For example, embroidered gold coat with generous mink decoration-
Show with dogs
Shape handbags and nip-
Waist bouclé jacket with trompe l\'oeil texture.
Garcons collection can choose one of two ways from clothing or sculpture.
This season, this is a hybrid between the two, because Rei Kawakubo shows costumes that are between functionality and abstraction.
The skirt is spherical and the cut is manipulated into a bone
Shaped and classic houses like plaid and Petticoat are endowed with deeper edges.
There are several spotlights on the T-stage of the square, illuminating the angular model.
In the last episode, they went together before the lights dropped dramatically.
Hermes held the latest exhibition in a dimly lit venue, with lights flashing around the walls, aiming to evoke constellations in the night sky.
This is a theme of Nadi Wanxi --
Cybulski\'s collection opens in a black suede leather skirt set with tiny metal trim that flashes as you pass.
David Bowie plays a neutral role.
Tight leather knickerboker jumpsuit, double
Front cashmere coat, printed silk trousers
Followed by a waist dress.
The venue for the Loewe autumn 209 exhibition-the walls of the UNESCO House are arranged on the 16 th and 17 th --
Miniature portraits of historical figures of the century.
\"In the form of digital now analog communication meditation, every hard fax combines the form and function of the inherent personal scale call,\" read the program notes.
In other words, Jonathan Anderson is thinking about the origin of selfies.
He showed a dedicated series that presented a streamlined outline in the craft production signed by Loewe.
The wing cap completes several looks while the brand is in Spain-
Broderie anglaise, silk strips, feathers and upholstery fabrics offset the carefully crafted leather.
Olivier rustain seems to pay tribute to Karl Lagerfeld for his recent Balmain show.
Rousteing draws on the iconic vocabulary of late designer bouclé tweeds, monochrome, jeans --and-jazzy-
Clothes and quilting leather bags, compared to wearing-
The metal is very sharp and looks down. Charm gathered.
The main collection is-
Black, interspersed with pastel and classic blue denim fabric in the middle, some of which are transparent PVC coatings.
\"She can be an angel or a devil,\" Rousteing explained . \".
The Celine show of the Hedi Slimane sophomore opened a mirror box that fell from the ceiling.
When it reached the ground, a model in a pleated skirt, a white shirt and a printed silk scarf stood up and started a show, this marks a dramatic 1970 bourgeois legacy of the designer\'s French brand.
Skinny jeans stuffed into the thigh
Brown high boots with roll
Fur coat or sequin cardigan with neck and blur.
The voice of Embrasse Moi\'s \"j\'ai Un Plan\" emphasizes a relaxed and Polish attitude.
Rick Owens dedicated his fall 2019 show to American fashion designer Larry legespie, who made gorgeous costumes for Kiss, Divine, Grace Jones and Labelle.
\"He introduced a crazy camp to the mainstream and helped many children like me get freedom,\" Owens wrote in the program notes ; \";
In October, he will publish a book about LeGaspi with Rizzoli.
In this collection, Owens, in collaboration with Italian legendary fabric maker futuoni, produced a gorgeous printed jersey, hung on it, honoring Charles James, the tailor of the middle of the century, owens often draws on his work.
If the model looks like an alien
Like, this is because of the artificial limbs created by artist Salvia, Owens saw him on Instagram for the first time.
\"The aesthetic of body modification has replaced tattoos from this generation,\" Owens said . \".
Vigil arbor covered a gym with a yellow board for his latest show.
This is a theme that runs through his entire holiday.
The white series is a tribute to the racing flag, a hint to the designer\'s track that grew up in suburban Illinois.
Also plenty of loose coats and streamlined leather cuts, as well as red clothing for Abloh
Carpet outfits worn by supermodels Karlie Kloss, Adut Akech, Gigi and Bella Hadid.
Hadid hinted at Abloh\'s roots in street clothes, wearing a black spaghetti --
Single color Off-dressWhite sneakers.
Dries Van Noten\'s latest collection combines a double-body cut with a vigorous flower language.
The exhibition kicked off with a fine striped gray velvet cut and then burst into a dark
Fan Noten\'s photo gallery of flowers in his garden.
\"Prints are frank, avoiding whimsy, fantasy, and romance . \"
Instead, they nodded to a more serious mood, which was offset by black velvet and gorgeous embroidery.
The soundtrack also highlights a hint of emotion in the air: two songs of the same name, Roy obisen\'s cry, followed by Rebecca del Rio.
John garriano was outspoken about his pyramid work style, in which his idea of a premium custom handmade series designed for the Magira House gradually penetrated into the brand\'sto-
Wear proposition.
His previous craft shows explored the concept of decadence, which he defined as \"excessive, skillful, and depravity \".
His autumn 2019 ready-
Wearing a range of clothing is a related meditation on what Galliano calls a \"degraded\" technique that strips traditional clothing into its purest form and makes them doubly contextual.
As a result, a cashmere coat becomes a dress, an equestrian trousers becomes a bus, and a wrinkled trench coat becomes shorts with a deconstructed hem.
The result is completely familiar.
But it is not harmonious.
In the background of the Eiffel Tower, the coed show of Saint Laurent is a dark, thoughtful representation of Anthony wakarello at midnight --
Hours vision of famous fashion companies.
A mirror box reflecting unlimited moving lights echoes the sharpness of the designer\'s tuxedo cut, its square padded shoulders and ornate decorations that decorate the thighs
Cocktail dress for grazing. The side-
At the same time, popular hairstyles are a recognition of Betty Katou, one of the muse of Yves Saint Laurent\'s life.
The exhibition ends in a tunnel of black lights, which turns the appearance of the model into a day
Orange, purple, UV and lemon green Glo rainbow.
Maria Grazia Chiuri often works with female artists, the set of Dior Autumn 2019 show is on display at the Rodin Museum and is a collaboration with Tommaso Binga, whose female image is decorated in white like letters in the alphabetwalled space.
These works set the scene for Chiuri\'s latest collection, which includes T-
A shirt with the title of a book by feminist writer Robin Morgan draws on two other seemingly different references: the post-war British subculture Teddy Girl (
Girls are equivalent to Teddy Boys)
And Princess Margaret, Dior\'s lifelong royal client.
The former performed significantly in the gray Edward Diana tailor and pussy bow;
The latter in lover
Chiffon skirt neckline.
The performance of ocean Serre is staged in a smoke-filled concrete basement illuminated by a pink flash to dramatically Open the Headto-toe-to-
Designer signature finger lacab set in New Moon-moon print.
The work marks the continuation of her exploration of the face and body covering, which was later inlaid into dotted balaclava and masks.
Serre often uses recycled materials to transform used clothes and fabrics, and this series is full of eclectic textures (
Plaid, light silk, highlighter
Bright faux fur, rainbow-colored clouds)
She uses printed denim, spherical wallets and, of course, those immediately recognizable tights to shape them into striking contours.
Simon Porte Jacquemus kicked off Paris Fashion Week with a performance to celebrate French country life, paying tribute to his growth in southern France. The life-
The size of the city square, complete with fruit stands and drying clothes, is impressive in scale and is the perfect backdrop for the smallest bag ever, as if it were French baguette.
There are also Brobdingnagian handbags.
Jacquemus has also improved his cut this season. strong-
High shoulder trailblazerwaisted pleat-front pants)and outerwear (
Casual windbreaker with practical pocket)
All colors are saturated, including shocking pink, bright orange and parrot green.
Osman Ahmed reports.
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