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the best shorts to wear if you have bigger thighs

by:QiMeng     2019-09-06
At this point, we have determined that the man in shorts is a polarized theme.
But when it comes to women, legs --
This is a warm dress. weather must.
We like to think that shorts are one of the best air conditioning forms in fashion-
But, of course, only if you find the pair that suits your shape.
After solving the dilemma of big companies
When we tried to look for sunbathing clothing, we decided to take on the challenge that the thigh-sized lady faced in picking the right shorts.
Thankfully there are a lot of different types of shorts to choose from.
We have filtered out countless options and collected an option to adapt to your body without sacrificing an ounce of style. Side-
What is the difference between a few split shorts.
Due to its frivolous design, these picks provide ample space for larger thighs.
Note: You may want to wear a boy shorts or motorcycle shorts under these options, as the wind will soon set sail for them.
These clever folds of pleated shorts make the fabric move with you, not against you.
For those who think the folds are out of date, just look at the runways and you will find them very popular.
The latest row: Stella McCartney \"Zanda\" shorts, $635;
$45 mango Daisy shorts.
Bottom row: $30 Gina Terry Scott \"Rachel\" shorts;
Zara shorts, $50;
Polo Ralph Lauren, $179.
One of the biggest difficulties in wearing shorts ---
Especially when the thighs are big. -
When you walk, they ride at the crotch. Ugh.
The trick to solving this terrible problem is to choose a pair of shoes that are very pressed with beads or other decorations.
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