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the boys of wanna one, winner and got7 love this women\'s fashion label

by:QiMeng     2019-09-17
Founded in September 2015, InstantFunk is a women\'s clothing brand with a unisex design and is welcomed among other Korean male celebrities by fashion forward boys from Wanna One, WINNER and GOT7.
Not only is it their favorite Manish trailblazer or typical trench coat, Jihoon is wearing a sequin jacket and Yesung of super Junior is wearing a UV sweater, jisung wore a fluffy pilot jacket on a torn knit sweater.
Provides a good combination of street clothing infrastructure such as hoodie, sweatshirt and oversized long sleeve t-
InstantFunk\'s shirt adds fashion to its beautifully cut jacket, bold color selection, and cool denim fabric.
Buy the spring/summer series now.
At the latest Seoul Fashion Week, you need to get the accessories of the oversized patented rope bag that has been warmly welcomed by Korean celebrities and fashion crowds.
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