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the failure of larry david\'s \"snl\" monologue is an argument for letting women lead the way

by:QiMeng     2019-08-27
In his \"Saturday Night Live\" monologue this weekend, Larry David said: \"I don\'t like Jews appearing in the news for notorious reasons . \".
It was a monologue to put David, a Jew himself, in the news for a rather notorious reason.
In a story that has dominated the entertainment industry over the past three weeks, David has led a national dialogue on male predatory behavior, and the allegations against Harvey Weinstein have been exposed to new, perhaps unwise
David said: \"I can\'t help but notice that a very disturbing pattern is emerging, that is, many predators --
Not everyone, but many people are Jews.
\"I know I \'ve been trying to be a good Jewish representative,\" he said . \".
This is a joke, of course (
David\'s comedyis revolves around the idea that he is a terrible person).
\"When people see me, I want them to say, \'Oh, you have a good Jew! \'\"It was . . .
Strange, a little uncomfortable.
But so is David\'s whole act.
The real source of criticism is the following joke.
For more information on how David actually delivers the line, see the relevant section below, starting at around 3: 46.
The Holocaust joke says it\'s not a particularly good joke, though it does align with David\'s ego
Humble, off-track comedy, and almost all of his jokes tend to turn himself into a more naughty and mean person.
It is also in line with the Jewish tradition of banter.
Hate and use the Holocaust as a source of dark joy.
Whether David\'s joke on Saturday is fun or not depends entirely on you.
Of course
Self-defamation Alliance
Anti-appointment fortress
In the media and politics, the Jewish mood does not make the monologue interesting.
ADLCEO Jonathan Greenblatt wrote on Twitter: \"He managed to be offensive, insensitive and boring, but also a feat . \".
Whether on Twitter or Twitter, this view has been criticized by Jews and Gentiles.
Similarly, David is also very keen to get into the ongoing discussion about male predatory behavior inside and outside the entertainment industry and turn it into a piece of material about cracking down on women in a sad and comedy environment.
Whether these criticisms are valid and whether the material is offensive depends on you again.
It\'s not worth arguing that this is a classic case in which comedians don\'t understand the audience --
A major sin in this industry.
In fact, it has become a problem for David to know his audience.
First of all, it is worth mentioning that David\'s history of using Holocaust humor is very special.
Those familiar with much of the Jewish humor of the 20 th and 21st centuries will realize this effort to attract some uncomfortable laughter.
Making reflective
Ironically, Jewish acceptance and attachment
As far as we know, Jewish hate speech is as old as Jewish participation.
Comedy itself.
With the example of anti-towering
As we know, Judaism is a comedy material for the Holocaust, not much younger than the Holocaust.
Even Jewish community members who don\'t like professional comedy may have heard of this humor appearing at the table, even if they disagree.
Many people regard this humor as a way of survival as a way of dealing with cruel, changing things
The reality of anti-corruption
Jewish and Holocaust in Jewish minds.
Making the darkness light, laughing instead of crying, has become a regular choice for many people (
Even though many people in the Jewish community have been disgusted with this. )
So at least half of David\'s monologue is nothing new, and at this point it is not particularly controversial for many in the Jewish community.
However, what is controversial for all is the background.
In the comedy, context is everything.
The environment is completely wrong here.
Yes, for a Jew, joking is one thing, and when surrounded by something like that, they take advantage of and make fun of false stereotypes about Jewish misery or Holocaust
Members of the community with ideas
This can be said to be a safe space, and the value of this comedy is well known if someone is against those who continue to reverse
Judaism can be solved in private.
However, by putting these same jokes on the national broadcast platform, the value will change.
On the other side of the TV screen, we have some men and women who actually believe in the worst things about Jews who minimize, deny or actually celebrate the Holocaust, wearing polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, walking down the street with Tiki Torches, chanting \"Jews will not replace us \".
More importantly, you have a lot of Americans who don\'t know what you\'re going to do with such a joke that they may not be familiar enough with the value of this self
Humble, off-track work.
Jokes accepted by many Jews in private are completely unacceptable in public.
But that\'s more than that, isn\'t it?
Choosing a sexual harassment issue in Hollywood and trying to combine it with Jewish survival humor is a real failure here.
Yes, like Jews, those who share the story of harassment, and many who read the story of harassment, also need a narrative that helps survive and last.
Perhaps this should be a humorous one with a similar sense of humor to the gallows.
Maybe not.
In any case, it should not be decided by an older, wealthy white man who clearly has problems dealing with what to say and what not to say.
Survivors and women around them must lead the way here.
In fact, they have already started.
But it\'s still under construction and we all have to wait patiently when the female comics are being made.
There has been some laughter, but not enough to get any sustained relief from grief and anger.
When we wait for this to happen, it is important that we do not let others cooperate
Choose territory.
More or less, David tries to dig deeper into the narrative of survivors, just as it begins to show the necessary moments in the spotlight, before women in comedy find reliable ways to discuss it.
This is his real sin.
MeToo has the right to discover its own survival humor brand.
David doesn\'t seem to be aware of this, and even at this point he tries to look at the world from a male perspective in his 90 s, which shows --
He\'s still funny though-
He may already be a comedian.
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