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The 'Green' Zone - Eco Fashion on the Rise

by:QiMeng     2020-05-19
Today's generation of fashion designers and beauty companies are starting a new revolution-the Green revolution. From global warming to saving Mother Nature and concerns on spendthrift fashion, the 21st century style is widely 'going green'. To these eco-friendly clothing distributors and cosmetics manufacturers, everything from dresses down to shoes and makeup has to be earth friendly. Life cycle in the fashion industry to them is not simply about keeping in touch with what's cool and hip, but more about the concern on what happens to their wholesale dresses and makeup bottles after they are out of season and empty. In Paris, Pedro Lourenco, a budding Brazilian designer showcased his collection with a theme, 'Diana the Huntress'. His dresses clearly depicts of a warrior woman living in close connection with nature. Sophia Kokosalaki's collection was a reflection of her childhood days in Greece. The satin pants with rippled fabrics and dresses ornamented with gold covered matchsticks are a clear depiction of a burning forest, a clandestine reference to last summer's fires in Greece. In Los Angeles, last week's L. A. Fashion Week showcased The Green Initiative Humanitarian Fashion Show, which gave designers a new look in eco-fashion. The show featured eco-friendly designers Emily Factor, Lizzie Parker, and Puridee. Emily kicked off the 'green' catwalk with her sexy silhouettes which used organic fibers, non-hazardous dye, and reclaimed materials. Lizzie worked out her work/night out ensemble using organic fabrics. Her eco-fashion style combined with exquisite accessories artfully exuded versatility and flair. Meanwhile, Puridee stomped the runway with fiercely feminine and alluring organic wedding dresses made of silk that was organically raised and woven by hand. Following the fashion designers' green revolution is the beauty industry. In a study conducted by Mintel in 2008, forty percent of the women surveyed said that the eco-friendly packaging of cosmetics matters a lot in their purchasing decision. The study brought about a significant change in packing methods and materials used in beauty products, even in the form of energy used in the production such as energy-efficient bulbs. Companies are continuously finding ways to make their products as Earth-friendly as possible by using organic and renewable substances, e.g., Mineral FX's biodegradable corn resin jar and the recycled jar of Aveda's Green Science Firming Face Cream. The goal of green revolution is to use natural resources more sensibly. But is it enough to change the world? Not entirely. But a stiletto-sized step frontward will take us farther than expected. The fashion and beauty industry is a highly influential world. Organic fashion produced for the runway, 'green' beauty products, and eco-friendly mass-produced wholesale apparels is surely a sensible move towards saving our ailing planet.
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