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The Market of Wholesale Clothing

by:QiMeng     2020-05-18
The wholesale clothing business is an alluring one. But prior to embarking in this retail sector, it is important to know the nuances of the market and the customers that it seeks to serve. There are major segments in this market: women, men and children market. It is essential to choose the particular market segment as one needs to specialize to succeed and sustain in this retail sector. We can find certain business houses that focus on the all the three or for that matter more than one of the segments. But as a start-up, a clear demarcation of specialized segment is necessary to ascertain the target market and then sprawl over to other segments. The three segments: Kids clothing - This is a very sensitive segment. On one hand, there are the kids who are exposed to the fashion world due to the presence of media. They are also quite aware of fashion trends by observing people around them, their parents in particular. This develops an urge to imitate fashion icons, media, film or sports personalities who they admire as idols or just they might simply want to wear what their parents are wearing. Then there is another segment, the parents who shop for their kids. They basically try to fulfill their unmet desires through their children. They choose to buy those dresses that were not available during their childhood. They are ones who look for extravagant buys. They prefer high-tone dresses over casual ones. They are not very concerned about what is in or give much consideration to their kids' choices. A wholesale kids market must meet both these demands of its target customers. Men clothing - The manner in which men perceive clothing is a lot different from women. They are most likely to save their money to buy some thing different than invest them in regular shopping for the wardrobe. But, with the increase of dynamism in the corporate culture and the preference to be a part of the moving crowd, men have begun to appreciate fashion through clothing and style. The formal and urban clothing lines in the men segment can be stock piled for the wholesale clothing section. Women clothing - Women are always more keen to have a properly stocked wardrobe and are extremely particular about their clothing choices. Women are found to visit quite a number of clothing stores before deciding on a particular buy. Apart from money, they like to invest time and effort in order to attain the dress of their choice. A lot of women are found to be compulsive buyers. At times, they are just found to hang out at wholesale clothing stores without any predetermined plan for purchase. As they sift through the racks, they more often than not, return to the counter with a handful of shopping bags. The wholesale ladies clothes therefore should remain stocked with all the casual, trendy and designer apparel catering to different customers segments as well. Some readily spend in bulk-shopping while some go for budget-spending and it has been observed that the casual section experiences the maximum sale.
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