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the queen of cosy: wicklow designer lucy nagle

by:QiMeng     2019-10-10
For any new mom, the question of what to wear can be a tricky one.
Whether it\'s pregnancy or before pregnancy
In many cases, the pregnant wardrobe is suitable.
For babies in need of care, flexibility and comfort are as important as style.
But what are the options for Lucy Nagel besides sportswear and pajamas?
Casual wear supremo in Ireland.
For any new mom, the question of what to wear can be a tricky one.
Whether it\'s pregnancy or before pregnancy
In many cases, the pregnant wardrobe is suitable.
For babies in need of care, flexibility and comfort are as important as style.
But what are the options for Lucy Nagel besides sportswear and pajamas?
Casual wear supremo in Ireland. \"My day-to-
\"Day uniforms will be tight jeans, flat shoes and always knitted, usually my own knitting,\" said Wicklow . \"
She welcomed her first child six months ago.
\"I really like layering, like wearing an oversized knit sweater on a cute long sweater
Long sleeve cotton T-shirtshirt.
I\'ll wear more if I\'m going to an event, but I\'m casual during the day.
Lucy said: \"For those of you who are wearing fashionable clothes during the day, after a whole day in the office, the recliner provides a way to relax without giving up your sense of fashion.
\"Casual wear is an elegant casual style for me.
Now people are very busy, they want to relax those luxurious things in it.
It\'s not wearing your old sportswear pants, what you want is something you feel comfortable.
On top of that, people want something flattering, something they can leave the house in and still look good.
\"Lucy\'s cashmere jumper, cardigan and bottom pants collection is absolutely perfect, from curling up to raving in your favorite box to having coffee with friends.
No wonder Amy Huberman, fashion Williams, Pippa O\'Connor Ormond and Andrea Cole and others all wear her unique design.
Grangecon village from Lucy Co Wicklow (36)
Started her career as an interior designer.
She completed her diploma from London KLC School of Design and found a job as a design assistant directly in London after graduation.
Three years later, she started her own business.
\"London is a great place because you can choose all the indoor shops and fabrics.
My favorite part is always design.
\"Put the color together with the fabric,\" she said with a smile . \".
Eight years later, she decided to move back to Ireland.
\"It\'s time,\" she said . \"
And start to explore the prospect of designing your own clothing collection.
\"I always like fashion, I always like clothes, (move)
A catalyst for doing something.
I don\'t know if I\'m going to be as busy in Ireland as I am in London, I don\'t know if there will be enough indoor work for me to move on, so that\'s when I started working on the knitting series, i\'m glad I did it!
\"In 2012, after the initial collection of handbags, Lucy introduced a range of women\'s knitted garments in the second year.
Her design was made in Scotland with cashmere and merlot wool from Inner Mongolia at prices ranging from 95 euros to 10 euros.
\"My style is very casual, I am not high --
She said about why she chose knitwear.
\"I really like what I want to wear and I think knitting is a daily wearable and you can still have a little fun out of it and get more fun.
I was just attracted to it naturally.
\"In addition to her signature star print, the shades in her design are also different, from dusty blue, gray Marr and cream vanilla to Staples black and navy in the wardrobe.
This winter, Lucy added some pieces to her vibrant raspberry pink, which is especially popular among Irish customers.
\"I definitely noticed that people are attracted to brighter, thicker colors, and I actually think they are suitable for a lot of Irish people --
We all like a little color!
Any key element of Lucy Nagle\'s work is quality, she said.
\"Quality is very important to me.
Cashmere is a luxury and you will want it for many years if you want to invest.
If you wash it the way you should, take care of it, don\'t let the moth ball attack it, you should have it for a long time.
\"With a new baby boy, Scott, to take care of, Lucy\'s day starts very early, usually 6 years old. 30am.
\"I always get up early even before the baby is born,\" she said . \".
\"I like getting up early.
During the week, I woke up and got my baby up, had coffee and breakfast, and then the first thing was to exercise.
\"She is a loyal pilates enthusiast and also enjoys a walk in the park near Dublin\'s home in Cabinteely.
Lucy works on her own most of the time, but she has hired an intern to help manage.
A typical weekday includes checking emails and online orders, updating her social media posts, and developing new designs.
All the Brown Thomas stores in the country are in stock.
As well as the Mall Road in common Kildale, The Muse Boutique water-
She visits her stockbrokers once a week in Dublin and the rest of the country, every six weeks or so.
Before Scott appeared, she spent a few weeks in Scotland, Germany and Inner Mongolia, visiting the factories where her clothes were made.
\"Inner Mongolia is a real cultural shock,\" she said . \"
\"It\'s very different here, but it\'s nice to see.
It is so interesting to visit the factory.
It was amazing to see the whole process and I had a new respect for the work they did.
\"Although she has always been passionate about design, Lucy has not avoided business issues.
Her two-year husband, Jamie Rohan, general manager of Lohan Holdings, Ireland\'s largest commercial property company, said he was a good supporter when she started running the business.
\"My husband helped me a lot.
He asked me to do spreadsheets and other things before I started so I could list everything and figure out how to get everything to work.
This is where I learned the importance of keeping overhead down and doing it myself as much as possible.
I find it attractive and I am lucky that I have put in time before I put in.
\"The beginning was the hardest part because it was my name on the door.
I know I have to do it because you put everything in and you want it to work.
It was the most stressful part when I was completely unheard of and I didn\'t know how it would go, but you have to take a step and she said: \"I work very hard, hope everything goes well. \"
The biggest lesson she learned from running her own business was the importance of getting her brand out and making an impression.
One of the most useful tools she found when building a brand is Instagram.
\"I love Instagram! \" she gushes.
\"I\'ll take a picture, either sell it directly online, or I\'ll get feedback from a girl from Brown Thomas, someone showed them a picture of a post, and looking for that article.
It\'s really a big difference.
\"Lucy\'s success is far beyond the streets --
Style snapshots and Instagram likes.
Her cashmere crew neck sweater and hoodie are often the best-
The seller of Brown Thomas, who was nominated last month for the annual Image businesswoman award.
She also made a stir abroad.
In September, she was invited to New York fashion week to attend the first fashion fair in Ireland.
A funding event at the Irish consulate in Manhattan.
\"It was an amazing experience and it was great to be invited.
Since I started doing this, I haven\'t felt anything but the good atmosphere.
I think the Irish are very good, which is very encouraging.
In this way, you have the confidence to push your brand and pursue it.
\"One of Lucy\'s most striking things is that she has taken a humble attitude towards what she has achieved in just a few years, and how gracious she is with the support she has received.
She admitted that the job was not without pressure, but she accepted the challenge.
\"There must be ups and downs, and sometimes there is a lot of pressure, but I think I\'m lucky.
I like it so much that I can work for myself and be my own boss.
She smiled and said, \"I got such enjoyment from it . \"
While many people may find that a new child will put more pressure on their work, Lucy says it inspires her to be more productive.
\"You know it\'s probably the best six months,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s too busy, when you have a baby you think people are saying it\'s true,\" What did I do with my time before ? \" It\'s just my real business, but I\'m lucky to be able to work from home.
My schedule has changed.
I did a lot of things when he was sleeping and I had to use my time more carefully to ask my parents for help, but it was great.
\"Currently Lucy is busy with her fall/winter 2016 women\'s collection and plans to launch a range of high quality cotton T-
Shirts that can be layered with her sweater.
After that, she is working on the possibility of creating a new collection of household items, men\'s and children\'s wear.
Nor did she lose her talent for interior design, and she plans to decorate her and Jamie\'s new home in Cabinteely --eventually.
\"We only stayed at home for about six months, so I have a lot to do.
This is mine-
\"Make a list now,\" she said . \".
\"I still like interior design, but I prefer what I do now.
In interior design, others are always customers, but it\'s good to be your own.
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