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the rachel maddow show, transcript 01/29/14

by:QiMeng     2019-09-24
MSNBC anchor rachel maddow: Thank you for staying with us at home for this hour.
Well, it\'s election night on 2010, so it\'s on Staten Island, New York, on November 2010. Watch. (
Start Video Editing)REP. MICHAEL GRIMM (R)
If I were Nancy Pelosi, I should be scared now. (CHEERS)
Green: American.
Former FBI agent and new MP. CHEERS)(END VIDEO CLIP)
That\'s Michael Green.
\"Nancy Pelosi should be scared now.
On the evening of November 2010, Michael Green was first elected to Congress.
Last night, Congressman Green carried out a political mission that was almost impossible to accomplish, and when he threatened to kill a journalist, he personally covered up the entire state of the Union and all the other responses to it.
Right over there in America. S.
When the camera on his body was still running, the Capitol. (
Start Video Editing)
New York No. 1 political reporter Michael Scoto: So Congressman Michael Green doesn\'t want to talk about some of the allegations about his campaign finances.
We wanted to shoot him down, but what you saw, he refused to talk about it. Back to you.
Why? Green: Let me make it clear to you.
If you do this to me again, I\'ll throw you away (
Delete dirty words)balcony. SCOTTO: Why? Why?
I just wanted to ask you.
Green: If you do this to me again, why? Why?
This is an effective question. (CROSSTALK)GRIMM: No. No.
You\'re not a man.
You\'re not a man.
I will divide you in two like a boy. (END VIDEO CLIP)
\"I will take you from this f-ing balcony.
You\'re not a man.
I will divide you in two like a boy.
\"I really don\'t understand the\" like a boy \"part of it.
The boy is divided into two halves.
I don\'t know what that means.
After the initial protest, Congressman Green issued a statement after last night\'s incident, essentially defending himself and justifying his decision to threaten to kill the journalist.
His statement said, \"I was very annoyed because I rushed to interview them and helped New York a favor.
Reporters insist on taking a cheap photo at the end of the interview that does not respect others.
I brought the reporter to the task verbally. I called him out because I expected a certain degree of dedication and respect.
So I threatened to throw him off the balcony.
Yes, this is the first statement.
A few hours later, Congressman Michael Green apparently reconsidered his initial wit, and it was reported that he did call the New York No. 1 reporter he threatened to kill, telling him he was sorry
Do you know?
Consider the context here.
Today, I\'m sorry when Congressman Michael Green essentially said little twerp should change his mind.
When he did so today, a man named Bernard Carrick was also preparing to give his first public speech after his release from federal prison.
Bernie Carrick is the former head of the New York City Police Department.
He is also a former head of the New York City Department of Corrections.
President George W.
In 2004, Bush nominated Bernie Carrick as secretary of the National Department of Homeland Security. Mr.
Rudy Giuliani recommended the job to Carrick.
Alberto Gonzalez reviewed him.
Do you remember the story?
Bernie Carrick\'s nomination for the Department of Homeland Security took only about a week, and it took only about a week for that nomination to fail.
Seven days after George W.
Bush nominated him at the White House ceremony, and Bernie Carrick withdrew his name, saying that he had unknowingly hired an unlicensed nanny and housekeeper, so he can\'t accept the job, in part because he will be in charge of executing the country.
Well, it turns out that it\'s more than that. In 2006 Mr.
Carrick was convicted of taking hundreds of billions of dollars from a besieged contractor who allegedly had business before New York City for home renovation.
He admitted to lying about it, lied to the IRS, and lied to him when the White House reviewed him for homeland security work.
But because this is New York, because New York is as amazing as New Jersey, when Bernie Carrick pleaded guilty and was ready to report to the prison that they started serving their sentences, they had to act quickly in New York City, quickly remove Bernie Carrick\'s name from the prison he will be reporting.
Less than 48 hours after he admitted the corruption charges, they had to take his name from outside the Lower Manhattan Detention Center, which Rudy Giuliani had renamed as Bernard
Because that\'s what happened in New York.
Your name cannot appear on the prison and on your prisoner location file at the same time.
In the assembly area 55 in Brooklyn, New York, you will find public facilities such as Thomas Boyland Park, Thomas Boyland baseball stadium, Thomas Boyland School, etc. 73.
You will even find a very nice neighborhood called Thomas Boylan Street.
Thomas Boyland, the man who holds a seat in the New York State Council, has represented this part of Brooklyn since the end of 1970. He was beloved.
Then he died, and his brother sat in the seat of William Boyland.
Then William\'s son got a seat after him.
William Boyland, Jr. , February 2011
The member was arrested in Manhattan on bribery charges.
So he hired a lawyer to help him fight the bribery charges.
He was released in this case.
When he was released on bail for his first bribery case, FBI agents recorded him, allegedly asking for new bribes in another bribery case to help pay for a lawyer.
You give me $250,000. I\'ll get you to the hospital.
You see, I need money to fight these bribery charges.
According to the FBI, it all happened in a hotel suite in Atlantic City. Obviously.
The case is under trial.
Senator Boylan reportedly rejected a plea deal that would hold him for nine years on these charges.
The case is in progress.
If he is found guilty now, he will face 30 years in prison.
Again, the charge here is bribery to cover the defense costs of other bribery charges he was acquitted.
Guilty of taking bribes for the first time.
The second bribery charge, which remains pending in order to cover the defense costs of the first charge.
You want to talk about bribery here?
How\'s this guy?
State senator, once the Democratic leader of the state Senate.
His bribery case is that he tried to pay bribes on the way to the election for mayor of New York City.
He is a Democrat, a Democratic state senator, but he has decided to run as a Republican.
Less competition.
Frankly, who cares what kind of party you are when you operate on this level.
But the state senator needs a local Republican boss in New York City to sign him up, saying he can run for mayor as a Republican, even though he has always been a Democrat.
So how do you get these local Republican bosses to sign?
Well, obviously, in the Bronx, the Republican president needs $25,000, please quote \"in the envelope.
He initially asked for £ 25 and they picked it up and ended up receiving a $15,000 bribe in an envelope.
\"In Queens, he\'s the Republican deputy president there, and he wants $50,000 as his bribe, but he wants it to be spread out so it doesn\'t look so suspicious.
He will pay half the money first and then divide the other money into less than $10,000.
But it must be 50 years old. this is a bribe to him.
On a clear day in April, Senator New York tried to vote as a Republican as mayor of New York City, and he was arrested.
The Republican chairman of the Bronx demanded a bribe and he was arrested.
Republican vice president of Queens who asked for bribes was arrested.
A Republican city councillor in Queens was arrested.
It is said that he was the one who arranged all the meetings and all the bribes.
He specified that maybe those people said that bribes should be paid specifically in the envelope, not what? In a bucket?
In the deal, he believes, he may become deputy mayor of New York City, or a police chief like Bernie.
But if you want to get to know the sewage pool we\'re talking about here, former Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, the one on the right, who was arrested for trying to bribe votes, he is one of the three most recent Senate majority leaders arrested for corruption in the New York State Senate.
Yes, Democrats, Republicans. that\'s fine. Three.
Everyone remembers, of course, the resignation of Elliott Spitzer over a prostitution scandal.
But let us not forget that the national auditor general, who is also a Democrat, was released in last December for his role in the corruption program involving the national pension fund.
All this is a wonderful thing before you go to the New York Congress delegation.
It\'s really a very beautiful thing.
Christopher Lee, a New York congressman, for example.
Republicans in Buffalo, New York state, before married lawmakers forget to stick their heads out from the nude photos he posted on Craigslist to find a date, no one can pick out the lineup.
Speaking of former New York congressman Anthony Weiner, I\'m not sure if anyone remembers what happened to him in the selfie that ended his congressional career.
Frankly, this is not part of the photo that he or anyone else seems to be most concerned about.
Congressman Christopher Lee is a Republican and Congressman Anthony Weiner is a Democrat.
But in New York, it\'s really a bipartisan Kumbaya situation.
In 2010, the New York congressional delegation received Michael Green.
They lost Eric Massa too.
This is one of the weirdest exits ever made by Congress. (
Start Video Editing)
Eric Massa, a former New York congressman: now they say I touch a male clerk. Yes, I did.
I\'m not touching him.
I kept teasing him until he couldn\'t breathe and then four guys jumped on me.
Today is my 50 th birthday.
Kill the old guy.
You can remove anything from the context. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: it turns out that his staff doesn\'t think it\'s just out of context, and Eric Massa, a New York congressman, has gone.
By the way, Vito Fossella is a Republican, but who cares, he got the most surprising ending ever in a diffusion-weighted imaging.
He was reportedly stopped in 2008, with blood alcohol twice the legal limit.
But a string of revelations starting with the arrest of the diffusion-weighted imaging of Vito faussera ended with the disclosure of Vito faussera\'s second secret family that no one knew until he was arrested
These are members of Congress from the same state. Yes.
Remember John?
It is reported that this is John Sweni, who is drunk and dressed up like a member of Congress, plus a hat to attend a frat party at the Union College in Schenectady, New York, what I should have mentioned is not even in his area.
When the Union College student newspaper reported on the front page that the member had a drunken visit to the frat party, the congressman\'s office made a very pleasant statement about the whole thing.
Citing \"as a firm representative of the people of the whole region where he lives and works, the congressman enjoyed his discussion with the students of the Union College.
The congressman was impressed by the energy and enthusiasm the students showed, especially on Friday night.
Member Sweney is a connected person who is a man named Jack Abramoff.
He is considered the rising star of the Republican Party.
In the end, however, things about the Brotherhood have led to more serious charges of domestic violence.
He ended up losing his seat and he admitted to a felony diffusion weighted imaging because law enforcement officers in the arrest said he almost crashed into a state police cruiser trying to pull him over, and then, he surprised the arrest officer in that case, who thought the congressman was sitting alone in that car, but when he approached the car, he realized that the congressman had a 23year-
The old woman sitting on his lap
Yes, Congressman John Sweeney is a Republican, but when it comes to New York and New Jersey, it\'s hard to highlight how the two parties work together-say, the non-partisan is a dirty pool of disgusting public corruption and terrible behavior, which is really.
To some extent, this is almost exciting. Right?
We are always in the midst of all party battles. Not here.
There were about half of the State Council in Albany last year, and I was just exaggerating a little.
About half of the State Council was arrested in New York within a few weeks, and the New York Times launched the convenient rogue gallery, all persons who were recently arrested, condemned, convicted or killed in one case were noted.
I mean, it\'s a good choice in a way-men, women, black, white, young and old.
Politics in New York and New Jersey is an equal opportunity for inequality.
In this case, consider Michael Green, a congressman on Staten Island, New York. (
Start Video Editing)
Scooper: So Michael Grimm, a congressman, doesn\'t want to talk about some allegations about his campaign finances.
We wanted to shoot him down, but what you saw, he refused to talk about it. Back to you.
Why? Green: Let me make it clear to you.
If you do this to me again, I\'ll throw you away (
Delete dirty words)balcony. SCOTTO: Why? Why?
I just wanted to ask you.
Green: If you do this to me again, why? Why?
This is an effective question. (CROSSTALK)GRIMM: No. No.
You\'re not a man.
You\'re not a man.
I will divide you in two like a boy. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Like a boy.
What\'s going on with this?
To some extent, this is just an amazing sight.
In this case, some New York politicians are clearly used to leaking their actions on television, as the congressman apparently fails to realize that the cameras are still playing.
But the reporter from New York was asking how the FBI was investigating how Michael Green became a congressman.
It was a frustrating victory on Staten Island in 2010.
Yes, it was a Republican year, but it was frustrating for us.
Michael Green was able to win this frustrating game, partly because he raised an unexpected amount of money.
Since then, the federal grand jury has met on July 2012 to investigate allegations of illegal fundraising by members of Congress.
The public corruption department of the FBI has interviewed several Michael Green campaign staff.
Earlier this month, the FBI arrested a former Michael Green fundraiser, accusing her of illegally sending thousands of dollars to his campaign.
Another key figure in Michael Green\'s fundraising world has put thousands of dollars into his campaign, returning to Staten Island\'s first campaign for £ 2010, which he admitted last year
One of the things that the federal investigation is reportedly investigating is whether Congressman Green or his campaign donors have illegally obtained campaign funds from non-Americans, foreigners who legally do not allow donations to such campaigns.
But even if that context is understood, consider that this is not the first time that New York Congressman Michael Green has made a personal threat to anyone who questions the charges against his first campaign.
On December, New York news anchor Errol Lewis was interviewed at the same news station that reporter Michael Green threatened last night, in connection with an FBI investigation into Michael Green\'s campaign fundraising, he was arrested for someone associated with him.
Well, today, the political director of New York No. 1 said that after that intense interview, something happened in the media that had not been described before, now with a new perspective, \"After an interview with Errol Lewis of New York 1 on December 2012, the congressman detonated his jacket.
But this time it\'s closed. camera.
After the interview, Congressman Green was red-faced and began yelling at Errol Luis and me as if he was in the bar instead of in the TV studio.
Quoting the member of Congress, \"it is mentioned to address this issue by working with our political anchor, Errol Lewis.
Now joining us is Errol Louis, who is the political anchor of New York No. 1 and the host of \"Inside the City Hall\", who has had some experience with Congressman Grimm. Mr.
Thank you for coming, Louis.
Errol Lewis, host of City Hall 1, New York: of course.
Nice to meet you.
Didn\'t you really take it out?
Louis: No, no, no, I didn\'t even think about it.
I mean, I live in that part of the world like most professional staff, and when you do something like this, you get fired. MADDOW: Yes.
Louis: most people get fired if you threaten to throw people on a balcony or something like that.
So of course I didn\'t think about it.
I did tell my producer that I was no longer interested in talking to him.
2013 is free for Michael Green.
You know, I mean, I\'m just telling him not to come here because he\'s obviously out of control and it can only get me and the people around me in trouble.
So we just thought it would be better to keep him out of the studio.
MADDOW: The reason I want to connect Michael Green to the other bad guys --
In this part of the world, the behavior of various politicians is because you are in New York, you are not only covering New York City, but also covering the New York area, the Tri-State area, and the bad behavior of politicians is too much.
Is his personal behavior different from the others you have to have a hard conversation with in this very difficult and chaotic political environment?
Louis: of course. Absolutely.
Most of the people you list are the ones I have interviewed.
And, you know, you talk to a Malcolm Smith, you know, you talk to a Joe Bruno, you talk to a Pedro Espada, and even, in some cases, people will end up in jail, and they will play together, you know.
They are professional politicians, they understand that this is part of their obligations, and when the public wants to know what is going on and what these allegations are, you smile and say, it\'s fake, or do you smile and say, I can\'t say it, or do you smile and talk to my lawyer.
Or you said with a smile, I\'m here to talk about the state of the Union. I don\'t want to talk about this.
Most people do this.
What was surprising last night-because when he said \"back to your studio\" I was on the other side and that was me.
But surprisingly, he-you know, he said he didn\'t want to talk about it, okay, it\'s good so far.
He left the camera and came back to threaten the guy.
I mean, why doesn\'t he just, you know, go for a drink or something, or go, you know, curse the reporter or something?
Yes, kick the wall. LOUIS: Yes.
Something like this.
He did not do so, and I do not think it is possible for him to do so.
I mean, you know, there\'s a question here, I think, about what kind of personal resources he has to have, you know, avoiding some of the most difficult parts of his work.
I mean, you know, he has to answer these allegations?
I mean, when the congressional ethics committee is talking about you, the Justice Department is talking about you, and the New York Times is talking about you, everyone is talking about you, your voters want to know exactly what\'s going on.
So, you know, it\'s really just a matter of what he\'s saying, like any other politician would say, the charges are fake, and I\'ll-I\'ll be in court for a day, let me show you.
It does happen once in a while.
I mean, you show a very broad rogue gallery and I know you only have one hour to go through so you can\'t go through too much.
But there are a lot of people, you look at these allegations and it will spin for a while and sometimes disappear.
Or not as bad as people originally thought. MADDOW: Sure.
I mean, now there\'s a whole bunch of new issues with Michael Green.
Interestingly, I describe it as a spectacle because I think that\'s how people see it now.
But Congress does have to make a decision now.
Now that this has happened, does Michael Green apologize for this and whether this behavior of your colleagues in New York last night was his own
Is it worth some kind of criticism or some kind of response from Congress?
He did threaten to kill the guy, not much.
I would like to know that in this case, with the investigation of the Department of Justice, the interest of the ethics committee, if ethical allegations, the problems that Michael Green had before, are well understood by everyone
He apparently dismissed the allegations.
He said he was completely innocent.
But do you think it\'s accurate now that people focus on his way across the country?
Louis: of course. MADDOW: OK.
I mean, he-look.
He has to answer these questions-I mean, as you said, you have a question about whether someone is raising money from a foreigner, and that\'s for sure --no question.
The Justice Department, they know how to do that.
He used to be an FBI agent.
He knows the power and the tools they have.
They will shake the trees, they will talk to people, they will make people swear, they will put people under pressure and they will find out if this is true or not.
But in the process of doing this, things like arresting his former friend or his friend have arisen, and there are other types of questions, such as whether there is a money structure, is there an exchange for donations or is people getting some compensation for e-commerce
The Mail suggested after giving him a donation.
So, you know, it doesn\'t seem to work to say that I\'m innocent and you don\'t dare to ask me, otherwise I\'ll be physically violent against you.
So let\'s take a look at what Senator Green thinks, but the current strategy is not working very well.
MADDOW: the host of New York News 1, Errol Louis, got into something terrible last night.
I apologize to your colleagues who have to endure this situation.
I know I didn\'t do that, but as a journalist it made me sick of him.
Louis: He\'s a-he\'s a tough guy and he\'s doing a good job.
He just needs to get some sleep and shake it off. MADDOW: Good.
I am very happy to hear the news.
Thank you so much to Errol Louis. Appreciate it.
Louis: Thank you.
We will be back soon, with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: at this moment last night, President Obama was right in the middle of his fifth State of the Union speech.
The president\'s speech last night lasted more than an hour.
Part of the reason is that he won a lot of applause.
There were 82 different applause in the speech.
They always get a lot.
The state of the Union is basically based on applause.
But in last night\'s speech, the president first set his country\'s internal policy agenda and then his national security agenda, two moments in the speech.
Two moments won a warm applause.
One was a minute of 44 seconds of continuous applause, which was given to an injured Army Ranger who was seriously injured in 10 deployments.
This is the emotional climax of the speech.
Before that, however, another huge applause line that took place in the domestic policy section of the speech was a applause line that seemed to surprise everyone here.
Of course, the president seemed surprised in the room.
It was just a reaction from the legislators gathered in that room, unlike others.
At this moment. (
Start Video Editing)
President barack obama: Today, however, women account for about half of our workforce.
But they still make 77 cents for every dollar they make. That is wrong.
It was an embarrassment in 2014.
Women should be paid equally in equal work. (APPLAUSE)
It is time to abolish the workplace policy that belongs to the episode of \"crazy.
This year, let\'s join hands, Congress, the White House, Wall Street to major Street businesses, to provide every woman with the opportunity she deserves, because I believe that when women succeed,(APPLAUSE)(END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: a standing ovation of growling, clapping, fist
Water pump for the audience.
The applause that was there was a bit like that.
Obviously, not just women in the Capitol responded in a somewhat overwhelming way to specific parts of the speech.
Last night, Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg did a dial-up test Survey in Denver.
He found that in his focus group, when the president touched on a specific line on pay equality, Stan Greenberg said that his focus group met with him, citing \"almost universally recognized by Democratic and Republican women,\" approval specifically for unmarried women, quoting the percentage statement \"off the charts.
In last night\'s speech, there was speculation about whether the president would specifically address the issue of women, specifically them, specifically whether he would talk about reproductive rights and the fight for women in the United States for reproductive rights.
The president did not deal directly with reproductive freedom.
On the contrary, he received great applause on the issue of equal play and workplace policy, and walked out of the era of \"madman.
But, thanks to Republicans, the specific issue of reproductive rights did become outstanding yesterday on State of the Union address day.
Because before coming to the state of the Union, what House Republicans decided to do was to pass another abortion ban.
This will make it almost impossible for private health insurance programs to cover abortion.
If a small business\'s health plan includes abortion, it will impose a tax penalty on it.
The bill has been popular in the Republican-controlled House.
They passed twice before.
But this is still their top priority.
The billing number for this thing is HR-7.
This is the first bill.
Republican male members of the House Judiciary Committee have decided to move forward this year.
This is the entire Republican member of the committee, and with the unanimous support of every Republican, the committee first introduced the bill after cleaning up the committee, where they are all, the bill was passed in the House yesterday by a vote almost entirely in line with the party line.
It will now die immediately in the US Senate.
If it happens miraculously, it will not die in the US Senate, and it will certainly be rejected by President Obama.
So why?
All comments on the Republican issue of female voters tend to focus on misbehavior or language, as well as sensitivity or lack of women.
But only Republicans decided yesterday that the most striking working day on the entire political calendar, what they would like to see is another purely symbolic effort to reduce the chances of abortion.
Democrats often don\'t believe this is what Republicans want to know, but believe it and judge them by their own actions-abortion is what Republicans want to know most. (
Business break)
After last night\'s State of the Union speech, Republican strategist Steve Schmidt mentioned that his favorite sentence in last night\'s speech was that President Obama really insisted on Putin\'s position. Watch this. (
Start Video Editing)
US President barack obama: Our leadership depends not only on our defense against threats, but also on our great opportunities to do good and promote understanding on a global scale.
We do these things because they help to promote our long-term security.
We do so because we believe in the inherent dignity and equality of each person, regardless of race or religion, belief or sexual orientation.
Next week, when the US team marched red, white and blue to the Olympic Stadium and brought the gold medal home, the world will see an expression of that commitment. (APPLAUSE)(END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: this is a very effective way to get a lot of applause, and I think Steve Schmidt is right, that sentence is going to push all of this back-
Before next week\'s Winter Olympics in Russia, gay laws in Russia.
This kind of counter-attack by our president against Putin is something that can bring all Americans together, right?
Except for those who like Russia so anti-American. gay.
This is a good thing.
Republicans like Steve Schmidt can enjoy moments like this, and liberals like me can enjoy moments like this, which is a good thing.
But this is not the best new thing in the world.
The best new thing in the world today will still be on tonight\'s show. It is a visual. It is laugh-out-
Interestingly, this is great and the Olympics will get better next week, which I think will also annoy Putin.
The best new thing in the world will come at the end of tonight\'s show.
Really good. Stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: snow started late yesterday morning in Atlanta, Georgia, not much, a few inches, maybe 3 inch, but it turned out to be a City nightmare.
It\'s terrible.
It\'s like a zombie movie with miles of traffic jams along the highway, with commuters coming in and out of Atlanta every day.
It seems that every commuter in Atlanta decided to try to go home once, and at the same time, officials canceled school and started sending their children home, no one on the bus, truck or bus can go anywhere for a few hours, five hours, 10 hours, 12 hours, 20 hours count.
People sit on the icy road all day and all night.
Cold, hungry, absolutely sleepy, a real city nightmare.
In the next state, Birmingham, Alabama, people have experienced a short relaxation of normal life, when parents try to lock them in before the ice and snow, when running home from work to pick up their children.
To be frank, ice and snow won a great deal of victory. Steven Nix (ph)
Took this picture yesterday near Birmingham, Alabama.
This is Interstate 280.
It shows where the driver gave up driving and started walking along the highway trying to find some sort of shelter.
Something happened in this heavy snow
Bosey in 2014 was only the act of God. Brian Barrett (ph)
Today, on \"Gizmodo\", the quote \"walking to the snow in Birmingham is like walking to quicksand in New Hampshire.
\"You just don\'t expect it or plan for it.
But, frankly, some of the things that have happened in the South seem to be more than just God\'s actions, and more like the result of the wrong decision made by government officials.
In Atlanta, mayor Kassim Ryder defended the city\'s response to the storm, but also admitted that the city could stagger the closing hours for businesses and schools, so, the city ended up without thousands of people sitting in the car on Tuesday afternoon, in the car on Tuesday night, and then on Wednesday.
Thousands of children spent the night at school last night.
The teachers posted on Facebook that they are giving the kids dinner and everyone will be fine.
This is a very terrible event.
At least 10 people have been killed in the southeast since the storm began yesterday.
After the American disaster, many people have just returned to their families again.
In the suburbs of Atlanta, Michelle Sollecito (ph)
Created a Facebook page to try to link anyone who wants to help in need.
Atlanta is snowing and 50,000 people have joined the Facebook page.
They make a map where you can sign up and where you can sign up for your help.
Look at the Sea of pins.
Everyone who marks a stranger is willing to say, hey, go a little along this road and ring the doorbell and we are willing to help.
The other side of seeing your neighbors sleeping in the aisles of local stores is that people who work in these stores decide to help them, even if they are just provided with the location on the carpet and temporary pillows. It`s 2014.
Now, the worst moment of this disaster seems to have passed, or at least ended.
The South expects warmer weather tomorrow, which will clear the rest of the snow and ice.
They still have a huge mess to clean up and thousands of drivers need help getting their abandoned cars back.
The process starts tomorrow morning.
To be frank, many have questions about whether the official response to the storm is good enough, or whether officials wait too late to realize that an emergency is about to devour them.
Is this still happening in the next storm?
Along with the Atlanta mayor of Georgia, Governor Nathan Deal was criticized for not closing schools and businesses before the storm hit.
It should be noted that the governor\'s deal will be restarted
Election this year
At the time of the storm, Governor Deal posted this photo of himself on Twitter.
This is a photo of him and the Atlanta mayor at the lunch party, where they commemorate each other when the storm hits.
This is the mayor, you see, who got his annual portrait of Georgia when the storm swept through his city and most of the state.
Governor Deal said he would order the closure ahead of time for the next storm.
But he did not do so this time. (
Start Video Editing)GOV. NATHAN DEAL (R)
Georgia: We don\'t want to be blamed for the Wolf.
Because if we were wrong, you would say here, do you know that you shut down the city and the businesses of this state and lost millions of dollars to the economy or Atlanta and Georgia? (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: Isn\'t that terrible in the face of these problems?
The governor\'s deal is also known today as the storm in the South, which he says.
This does not seem to be true.
On The Weather Channel, MSNBC\'s sister network, Brian Norcross wrote today that it is possible for emergency managers to really know from predictions that real trouble is possible. Mr.
Nocross said, quoting the governor, \"he is more afraid of making mistakes when closing the city than that people are stuck in the car.
\"This kind of thing will continue to happen before we can develop a system that keeps politics away from it and allows science and good judgment to drive the decision-making process.
Brian Norcross is joining us now.
He is a weather expert and hurricane expert on the Weather Channel, based in Atlanta. Mr.
Norcross, thank you so much for being with us.
Brian Norcross, Weather Channel: Thanks Rachel.
Good to be here.
So, you write, it\'s possible for some forecasters to know the real trouble.
But despite predictions, officials somehow don\'t know that.
What happened?
Where is the fault?
Norcross: I think you hit it in the head there, and a few days of predictions suggest that trouble is possible.
It never said that trouble will definitely happen.
After listening to the governor and mayor today, I think that\'s what they\'re waiting.
But they are waiting for the wrong thing, because the 20% chance of catastrophic events like we did yesterday is a very big number, 20% of them.
But the chance of rain is not very high, only 20%.
So you have to think about disaster in a different way and really weigh your risk threshold.
Now, somehow, the governor and mayor send this threshold very, very high, and I think it\'s much higher than the emergency managers in this country, this is more experienced than dealing with weather forecasts, risk situations that can lead to disasters.
MADDOW: do you think this is a systemic problem? On this issue, the way decision makers Express, accept and respond to risks should change, perhaps the South needs to think differently or otherwise about this issue some parts of the country should probably consider weather events that are not typical to them?
Should there be a systematic change, or is this just a question for decision makers to combine their actions?
Norcross: It\'s a challenging thing in America.
We have this division between federal, local and state people, and they all have their own policies.
The mayor of New Orleans closed the city because they were warned of a snowstorm.
It turns out that ice is not terrible in New Orleans.
It\'s a little bad around the city.
But not in this city.
In South Carolina they shut down something, but in Georgia they made a different decision.
Part of the reason, I think, is that these people don\'t do this very often.
You know, in Georgia, things don\'t need you to close the city as often as they do in New Orleans, just like things are more likely to happen in Carolina, because of the hurricane, or in the northeast, there is a school day idea to close the city and keep the kids at home because it could be a bad snowy day and it\'s not a foreign idea.
Here, it\'s a foreign idea, but the fact is that if they think about it ahead of time and make a good plan ahead of time, they should be able to respond to it, but they didn\'t seem to have that reaction in Atlanta.
MADDOW: Well, if the political feedback loop runs the way it was expected, after going through this disaster, they will make a better decision next time, or at least think about it more carefully before they blow it off.
Atlanta meteorological Channel meteorologist Brian Norcross-thank you for helping us understand this.
Good luck to you.
Norcross: Okay. Thanks, Rachel.
Thank you very much. Post-
In his State of the Union address, conservatives accused President Obama of abusing his executive order and losing control.
\"Chart imitating life\" is coming soon. Stay with us. (
Business break)
\"Charts imitate life \".
This is a good one.
Last night, when a new point of conversation swept through Republican social media, President Obama did not even complete the state of the Union address-the decree, the order.
We will not cheer the thief who stole.
Texas performing artist and Congressman Steve Stockman said he left the federation last night and explained in many of his daily press releases that, \"I can\'t bear to watch him continue to cross the constitutional line of separation of powers.
The congressman said: \"President Obama has publicly vowed to break his oath of office and start issuing his own laws through executive orders.
This is a complete violation of his oath of office and the crime of disqualifying.
It is illegal to issue an administrative order.
In the speech, there was also a tweet from the Kansas congressman, my new friend Tim scheskamp.
\"During the new imperial presidency, Obama will do everything he can to advance his aggressive agenda without legislation. ”This one, too. “Imperium.
I can act without restriction whenever and wherever. lawless.
\"Last night there was a gold medalist on Twitter, Texas Congressman Randy Webb, and we checked that he was a real congressman, he has not complained recently about hacking his twitter account.
In his State of the Union address, Congressman Webb wrote last night-yes, that\'s true.
\"On the floor of the House, wait for \'kommandant-in-Chef. `” Chief? I don`t know.
\"The socialist dictator has been feeding the United States. S. a-lying. ” Or is it a-lying?
There it has the glory of discord in all languages. The commandant-in-chef.
The margins of the Republican conference were flustered and very upset with President Obama, who announced last night that he would use executive orders on the federal contractor\'s minimum wage.
But it\'s not just upset at the edge.
Consider Senator John McCain of Arizona, the Republican presidential candidate for 08.
At different times in his life, he has always been regarded as a supporter of various practical things, such as immigration reform.
But, as the mainstream of Republicans, McCain is doing the same now.
He has signed an agreement with congressional Republicans who have brought him to court for overusing executive orders by President Obama.
John McCain said, \"apart from telling the American people that we have seen abuse of constitutional intent, we have not been given more options.
\"If you listen to Republicans now, the Constitution has never intended such a massive abuse of the executive orders that we have seen from President Obama.
It\'s time to sue the president.
Now it\'s in the commander-in-chef.
President Obama\'s abuse of executive orders is unprecedented. OK. Are you ready?
This is a frequency chart used by the President in 115 to use executive orders.
Some presidents have only been there for four years or less.
Some people have been there for eight years.
FDR is always there.
But the chart shows on average how many executive orders each president has issued during his term in office.
From most administrative orders to the least administrative orders, they are all ranked first.
On the far left you can see the FDR.
Wilson, did you see Herbert Hoover?
On the far right, the president has issued fewer executive orders every year than any president in the past 115?
This is a president named Barack Obama.
Less than two Bush, less than Reagan, less than Billington, less than Eisen, less than anyone else.
Barack Obama, if you want. in-chef.
We have posted this chart on our website in case you want to print it out and hand it over to your local crazy right-wing radio talk show host as it will make them lose their mind further. (
Business break)
The best new thing in the world.
First, let\'s get out of the way.
That\'s what America is. S.
The Olympic team will participate in the Olympic Games this year.
This is what you will see at the opening ceremony in Russia next week.
Looks a bit like quilting.
On top, it\'s not a bad way.
The white fleece is a good choice.
And red lace-up hiking boots.
That\'s what America is. S.
The team will be eliminated.
This is the case, though.
Basically, everyone thinks that the chance to enter the Olympics is 100 to zero. once the Olympics start, the person who stole the show will be from Norway, especially the Norwegian men\'s curling team.
Curling teams usually wear black, at least black pants, because curling is obviously a very sober sport and you need to focus.
So, you\'re basically wearing black pants to not get distracted on the ice.
This is the US team.
It was the cheers and excitement of the Swiss team, but dressed in sober, traditional curly black trousers.
Not Norwegian, though.
On 2010, the Norwegian curling team appeared in blue, red, white and blue curling pants.
They won a silver medal in Vancouver wearing very, very loud trousers.
Now in Sochi, the Norwegian curling team is starting again.
A few weeks ago, before others announced their costumes, they released their new and louder pants.
This year, it is a zigzag pattern that gives you the seizure of red, white and blue.
Of course, the Norwegian is thinking-everyone is thinking that this will be the most outstanding equipment of all countries in all sports at all Olympic Games.
It turns out it\'s not true, because see who beat Norwegian in this year\'s game, if not in curling. Mexico. Look at this.
The Mexican ski team, the entire team, is skiing in Sochi in a magical mariachi-themed ski suit.
The black bolero jacket, the white pleated shirt, the red tie, the red belt, the entire Mexican ski team will wear this dress.
There is only one person for the entire Mexican ski team.
His name is Prince Hohenlohe, not a Mexican.
Because he\'s only 1/8 Mexicans.
He lives in Austria. He`s 55.
He will play slalom and he will play in the greatest mariachi
All-civilization themed ski suit.
The best new thing today so far.
The ball is in your field, Norway, okay? OK.
This is what it is for us tonight.
See you tomorrow.
It\'s time for \"The last word of Lawrence O\'Donnell.
Have a good evening.
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
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All materials herein are protected by US copyright law and may not be copied, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of CQ-Roll Call.
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