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the rachel maddow show, transcript 04/30/10

by:QiMeng     2019-09-24
Host: Hey, guess where I am now?
No, guess where I am?
This is C Street, actually the house on C Street.
I have to be in Washington today because of something completely unrelated, but I can\'t help but stop when I\'m here. Hi, you guys!
We have a lot to do this hour.
In addition, there is more in the news.
It turned out to be a major news day in Washington on Friday. (Start Video)MADDOW (voice-over)
: As the huge oil slick spreads through the bay to the coast of the state of Luis Anna, rescuers apply fluid to the first bird they find coated with oil.
Meanwhile, President Obama has ordered a new lease for offshore drilling to be frozen. (
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US President Barack Obama: We will make sure there are these safeguards for any rental in the future. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: last month, before the disaster, Congressman Frank Pallone from New Jersey called offshore drilling an invitation to the disaster.
Tonight, we\'re in the fast U-
Drill politics, baby drill.
Politics is also growing rapidly on immigration.
Across the country, the issue hardly splits Republicans like any other.
Democrats are finally aware of this, and they seem ready to use it before the mid-term elections.
Our follow-up facts
Check out last night\'s interview with the head of the villain
Immigration groups that write \"please submit documents. ” He said this—(
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Dan Stein, president of fairness: First of all, we never gave a penny to that organization. (END VIDEO CLIP)
But our staff search, research and learn on the Web.
Actually, right now, we just checked out their own site and found this guy flat
Totally shameless to lie. The full fact-
Check it out tonight.
Plus Bill Murray, Emily Dickinson and construction workers.
This is a story. (
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Actor Bill Murray: I live in a house that is more fair than prose. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: Also, the healthy dose on Friday.
Oh, that\'s better. It‘s Friday.
This is Rachel Mado\'s show, did I mention it was Friday today?
It will be good.
Now it\'s all started. (MUSIC)(END VIDEOTAPE)
It was a defining moment for John McCain to run for president.
In fact, the photographic evidence that he turned over completely passionately from his previous stand against offshore drilling shows that he is now a drilling worker and that he has openly accepted the promise of the Republican presidential candidate, this would be a core if not a core commitment. (
Start Video Editing)SEN.
McCain®Arizona: We\'re going to drill new wells at sea, right now.
Let\'s go drill now.
Crowd: Drill, baby, drill! (CHEERING)(END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: on July 24, 2008, with the presidential campaign running on a fanatical pitch, Senator McCain planned a dramatic flight --
Touted the benefits of drilling on an oil rig near the coast of Luis Anna, baby, drilling.
This is equivalent to the energy of President Bush\'s Aircraft Carrier Photo. op.
But nothing happened.
Instead of seeing a rough picture of John McCain\'s neck in the Gulf of Mexico, we saw a picture of John McCain at the Schmidt Sausage House in Columbus, Ohio, and it looked like a very good place.
But it\'s not a \"competition with Obama\'s speech in Berlin\", on your face, a photo of \"Drill, baby, drill --
What the McCain campaign did need at the time. The oil photo-
The Op had to be canceled in a very short time on 2008.
McCain\'s campaign then claimed it was a forecast for bad weather.
Of course, it may be the weather forecast that worried John McCain\'s campaign.
But the New Orleans Times
Picayune \"pointed out at the time that no one believed that this was the real reason why the flight to the oil rig was canceled. The “Times-
Quoting the words of the time, Pic said, \"in addition to the forecast of the storm, the McCain campaign may also not want McCain to stress his support for increasing drilling on the outer shelf as officials deal with an estimated 9,000 barrels of oil spill into the Mississippi River.
\"Yes, it\'s embarrassing to hold a kiss.
Offshore drilling in New Orleans and the Mississippi River pep rally is soaked in spilled oil products and stinks like a truck parked in a parking lot.
This was a reality in that campaign.
In this movement, reality has entered into the politics of convenience.
It all happened during the 2008 presidential campaign, which brought us the presidency of Barack Obama, who is now president and sees his own convenience in oil politics horrific. in this case—
Deadly Oil reality
The president announced his own intention to \"drill, baby, drill\" as part of the adoption of comprehensive climate change legislation, just a month before the Deepwater Horizon giant offshore oil rig exploded and sank 50 miles off the Gulf Coast.
At least 210,000 gallons of crude are now flowing into the Gulf of Mexico every day, forming a larger oil slick than West Virginia.
It is now washing off the coast of the fragile state of Luis Anna.
The cause of the initial explosion of the offshore drilling platform in Luiz Anna state remains unknown, although multiple lawsuits have been filed as a result of this incident
Some objected to the company, claiming that the defects in the cementing process carried out by the company on the rig caused the explosion.
In terms of the clean-up of the oil spill, federal and local officials are urging BP to do more.
Bad weather and 7-when there is a fence on the coast-
The Ocean at the foot pushes oil over the top of the boom and enters the wetland wildlife sanctuary along the coast.
Rescuers have found animals affected by the leak.
The first patient was a young Beitang goose. (AUDIO BREAK)
The white feathers of the bird are covered with black oil.
Southerly winds are expected to push more spills to land over the weekend.
So far, the military has sent two C-
130 s, spray oil with chemical dispersing agent.
The Navy is sending out boom, slag skimming machines and contractors to clean up ground leaks.
So far, the president has sent Homeland Security Minister Janet natantano, Interior Minister Ken Salazar and EPA director Lisa Jackson to the scene.
The president himself and his senior adviser, David akcelrod, also announced today that, given the disaster, it is not to be expected that there will be a lot of new drilling lease approvals soon. (
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Obama: I have ordered Minister Salazar to conduct a thorough review of the incident and report to me within 30 days that, if any, additional precautions should be required on the technical side, to prevent similar accidents from happening again.
We will ensure that these safeguards are available for any future lease.
David axelrod, senior White House adviser: Well, let\'s understand what the president said.
All he said was that he would not continue to suspend the drilling, but he did not-
There is no authorization for additional drilling, and no one will do so until we find out what is happening here and if there is something unique and preventable here. (End Video Clip)
MADDOW: but for members of Congress from the president\'s own party, this is clearly not enough to reassure.
Four members of the New Jersey congressional delegation, including two senators in the state, today\'s letter urged the president to change the idea of \"exercises, baby, exercises.
They said, \"While we appreciate the White House\'s announcement that additional offshore drilling will not be approved until a full investigation into the accident, we urge you to further change your decision regarding the proposed offshore oil and gas drilling on the outer continental shelf.
The disaster just proves why new drilling should not be carried out anywhere in the United States. S.
Not in the Atlantic, of course.
The incident exposed many defects in worker safety, blowout avoidance techniques and oil spill cleaning
Development of operation plan for outer continental shelf.
We are not prepared at all to make our original New Jersey coastline the next test case for how oil companies can maximize profits and minimize regulations.
Now we are joined by Democratic Congressman Frank Palone from New Jersey.
He was one of the authors of the letter.
MP Paron, thank you very much for your time tonight. REP.
Little Frank Palon. (D)
New Jersey: Thank you.
MADDOW: I want to ask you something that actually just crossed the wire.
The Associated Press reported that BP, in its exploration plan and environmental impact analysis of the well that caused the huge leak,
Page plan, they have repeatedly stated that accidents are unlikely and almost impossible to occur, which will result in huge oil spills and cause serious damage to beaches, fish, mammals and fisheries.
How serious is this incident and such a report for the country\'s future prospects for offshore drilling?
Palon: Well, it should be very bad because the bottom line is that these spills are happening all the time.
You mentioned it before.
The Gulf has oil spills almost every month.
Some are small, some are big, but they are cumulative.
The bottom line is, especially when you get into deeper waters like this, I think it\'s 5,000 feet and there\'s no technology to prevent leakage.
When we talk about the Atlantic coast, the depth of the exercise is often greater.
The problem with this rig is that there is no way to prevent oil from continuing to leak out.
In fact, we may continue to flow until there is no more oil at the drilling site.
So there is no way to protect it.
That\'s why we think the president should change his position and go back to the suspension about two years ago and basically say there won\'t be new leases, except for those approved or rented earlier, there are no new offshore oil exploration sites on the continental shelf.
MADDOW: I think in the whole debate on offshore drilling, in the whole \"drilling, baby, drilling\" debate, changing his position in this regard through John McCain, by changing the position of the president on these issues
I think through all of this, I don\'t think the American people understand that we approve drilling in the depths where we don\'t know how to stop the leak.
Palon: That\'s right.
We have replaced-
We have approved the technology and we have approved them to use the technology to drill holes when we don\'t know how to clean it up.
What is the fundamental politics of this change?
Do we need a whole new approach to offshore drilling regulation, or are all offshore drilling, basically, at political risk now?
Palon: I don\'t think there is technically a way to guarantee these deep wells, which are safe if you want, and will not cause such leaks.
As you said, you can\'t send one person or one person there because it\'s too deep.
All this must be done with robots.
I think this rig is actually one of the latest and most advanced technologies.
Big oil always says, \"Oh, don\'t worry, we\'ll have technology that doesn\'t happen,\" and that happens in one of the state-of-the-art technology Wells.
So, I don\'t think it\'s possible without any safeguards, and I don\'t think that\'s the answer when the president says, oh, we\'re going to have better regulation.
This should not be done. The problem is, this is an old one.
Old-fashioned technology.
Today, me and two senators, as well as another congressman from our region, Holt, pointed out that what we really should do is move towards renewable resources, windmills.
We live by the sea, but we like to see windmills and solar energy at sea. This is—
Renewable energy is indeed the future direction.
We should not retreat from these things.
You know, on fossil fuels, let\'s say these technologies will work. They don‘t.
MADDOW: Senator Pallone, a few nights ago, I interviewed a commander of the Coast Guard on this show, when the gravity of the leak began to be known.
I was impressed when talking to him, even if he described everything the government was doing, everything the Coast Guard was doing, trying to contain the situation and their heroic efforts, that impressed me, and he admitted that expertise in this area was not among the respondents.
This is not the government.
And I don\'t think that\'s among the regulators either.
The expertise in this field seems to be in this industry, and it seems that those of us are not only responsible for the extraction of oil from the ground, but also for ensuring that the safe and secure completion of oil is actually a little behind the technical curve.
This reminds me of the fact that SEC regulators are a little nervous when they are trying to catch up with Wall Street companies that are engaged in complex financial instruments that regulators don\'t quite understand.
Is there a fundamental regulatory imbalance here?
Palon: Well, I think the problem is that big oil companies have a lot of power in Washington, and basically they say, \"Oh, no problem, we can make sure that the regulations prevent leakage.
They basically didn\'t tell the truth.
They influence Congress.
They influence institutions and they have too much power.
They\'re just another form of special interest, like, you know, Wall Street or insurance companies, something went wrong because of their power.
Some measures must be taken to control them, just as you control banks or Wall Street.
Hopefully this leak will start the process.
Otherwise, we will continue to have more leaks and more problems.
Democratic Representative Frank Palone of New Jersey
Thank you very much for your time tonight, sir. Appreciate it.
PALLONE: Thank you.
MADDOW: Opponents of Arizona\'s \"Please file\" immigration legislation have gained great influence,
Allies today
Have you ever wondered how many Latinos are really important in Major League Baseball?
You know, Major League Baseball
Should a star game be held in Phoenix next year? Pulitzer Prize-
The award-winning Washington Post columnist Gene Robinson joined us in the next studio.
Today, I went to C Street in Washington. this is the home of C Street.
House rent for members of Congress
I brought my camera and wore an ugly shirt. Stay with us. (
Business break)
MADDOW: no one who goes to Washington to visit the Lincoln Memorial or Smithsonian institution will be disrespectful, but how can you not go to the house on C Street?
John Endor, Jim Deming, Tom Cobain
I went today.
I call it geeko tour. (
Business break)
MADDOW: Today, she signed the \"please\" counter.
On January, Arizona Governor Brewer signed a package of amendments to the new law. That was quick.
The original law required police in Arizona to stop those who seemed likely to be illegal in the country and to see documents that prove them illegal.
These changes have passed a ban on police using race as a reason to suspect someone is illegal in the country --
Although no one has come up with a police officer who should know someone is an illegal immigrant just by looking at them.
The new changes also require the police to stop someone\'s other potential violations before asking to see the immigration paperwork.
These changes appear to have been perceived by supporters of the law from the beginning as a softening of this harsh measure.
But local journalists and critics of the bill say there is no difference in reality.
They point out that the city and county regulations that allow the police to now ask to see someone\'s newspaper include proper lawn care and placement of garage sales signs --
This means that the new law still gives the police very, very broad powers and even encourages them to question the people they consider to be illegal in the country.
This still means that you are considered illegal in Arizona unless you can prove it, and you can still be detained if you can\'t prove it.
Whether the adjustment of the new bill will affect the opposition remains to be seen.
The law \"please submit your paper\" has caused some resistance across the state, including the Denver School District and San Francisco.
Paul of Minnesota
All of this banned work.
Related or public
Travel to the country.
A separate trucking group also refused to ship the goods in or out of Arizona within five days.
According to the president of the University of Arizona, some peopleof-
National honors students now decide to go to school elsewhere.
Of course, the dispute \"Please submit the paper\" just caught up with the pro
The labor reform May Day rally is scheduled to be held tomorrow in 70 cities across the country.
In Los Angeles alone, 100,000 people are expected to attend the event.
Meanwhile, America\'s massive backlash against Arizona law seems to have inspired Democrats. C.
Make reasonable efforts for comprehensive reform.
If you are now a member of the Democratic leadership and you want to do at least one big thing in Congress before the midterm elections --
Which one would you choose?
Will you choose the climate bill? (
Start Video Editing)
OBAMA: Today, we are announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration.
My government will consider potential areas of development in the Mid-South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Will you choose the climate bill?
Whose political viability depends on the president\'s compromise in offshore drilling to gain Conservative support?
Do you want to solve this problem now?
Or, if you\'re part of the Democratic leadership of Congress, do you want to try immigration reform? After the law of \"asking newspapers\" shocked the conscience of the country and divided the Republican Party into the middle?
If you\'re in the Democratic leadership right now and you\'re wondering which big issue you need to address, do you want to try to get it done before the election? Would you choose someone that would make Democrats object to each other? President and-
Is the basis of the president\'s opposition party and the majority of the country, or do you choose to immigrate, immigrants more or less unify Democrats and let Republicans blame each other in the election campaign?
Now we are joined by Eugene Robinson, MSNBC analyst, the Pulitzer Prize.
Won columnist and deputy editor-in-chief for The Washington Post. ”Hi, Gene.
Nice to meet you here.
Eugene Robinson, political analyst at MSNBC: Rachel, nice to meet you.
MADDOW: Do you agree with the idea of such opposition?
Arizona\'s over-expansion of immigration and the disaster in the Gulf region have allowed immigration to rise on climate issues in Washington, D. C. C. agenda?
Robinson: Yes, now.
I mean, I don\'t know if it\'s going to be like this all the time.
The climate is now more difficult due to oil spills and offshore drilling. Immigration—
Did they really finish the immigration?
I think this is an open question.
But I think for Democrats now, the politics of making immigration bills look much better than they are looking for Republicans.
Now that Democrats are in charge of this agenda, I think they will push immigration. MADDOW: Do you—
Do you think, though, that you will think again on the climate issue --
I\'m just imagining the Democratic leadership discussion about thinking about which one they\'re going to try to do.
I know they say they both want to do it, but they have to choose at least one first.
How much is climate legislation-
How many votes do they expect depends on how they fold in the drill?
Is it actually drilling?
Is drilling the key to the political viability of climate change legislation?
Robinson: Well, yes-
It is believed that this is the key to getting the votes they need to pass the Senate and move on. Now—
But, as you pointed out in the introduction, drilling is very controversial in the foundation of democracy. MADDOW: Right.
Robinson: offshore drilling will be more controversial now. (CROSSTALK)MADDOW: Sure.
They like to poke the base.
Democrats like to disturb the base --ROBINSON: Yes.
MADDOW:-to a certain extent.
To some extent, yes. You don‘t—
You know, you don\'t want to poke the base too much.
While the oil spill is still happening and oil is still approaching the coast, it is not a good time to talk about offshore drilling. MADDOW: Yes.
Robinson: So, it\'s-
So, of course, you won\'t talk about this for the next period of time.
At the same time, immigration has become a big problem.
Democrats don\'t have to do that, but Republicans in Arizona do it for them. MADDOW: Yes. And on the—
In terms of what Arizona is doing
In terms of Arizona\'s actions affecting national discussions, what do you think about the Arizona legislature and state that amended the bill today?
I mean, in my opinion, these changes are meant to eliminate heat, but they may not.
I think we are still in the case of \"please newspaper.
Robinson: Oh, I think, we\'re definitely still in the case of \"ask the newspaper.
You said, well, we removed the match from the photo and you can\'t use the match as your only motivation.
There is already a provision in the legislation that says don\'t just use race or color, or-
Well, don\'t just use it.
You can use race and color.
Robinson: That\'s right. (LAUGHTER)
Robinson: But the point is-
What\'s the point of this bill, right? MADDOW: Yes.
I mean, let\'s-
Let\'s be realistic.
There is also a provision that citizens can sue the police if they do not actively attempt to enforce the law --
This is an outrageous, very strange provision in law.
I think a citizen can come up with a good reason that if you are really going to comply with the law, you are not actively pursuing it if you are not outside looking for Mexicans, and therefore, you will-
You know, it\'s a race-defining task.
MADDOW: then we have officer Tucson announce that he will personally sue today to block the law.
As one police officer said, it put him in a position that was untenable.
Robinson: that\'s true.
The county sheriff, including Tucson.
Madu: Pima County-
Robinson: Pima County ,(INAUDIBLE)
Police in Arizona hate the law for one reason. You have a hit-and-run accident.
Four people happened to see the whole thing in a car.
Well, if the two people in that car are illegal, from the date the law came into effect, when the police arrived there to find out who carried out the attack --and-
Run. they\'re leaving. MADDOW: Yes.
Robinson: they must have left.
Now, however, there is an understanding of \"Don\'t ask, don\'t say\" in the police agencies there, yes, you can be witnesses, they won\'t, you know, shake you for your documents
This changed the equation and the police were very angry about the problem: Eugene Robinson, the Pulitzer Prize
MSNBC analyst and my friend-the award-winning columnist and deputy editor-in-chief of The Washington Post
Nice to meet you, Gene.
Robinson: I\'m glad you came to Washington.
MADDOW: Thank you. All right.
Last night, I had a conversation with fair President Dan Stein, who helped write the Immigration Act in Arizona.
When the fact that he didn\'t blame me was wrong, he said a whole bunch of things to his organization that were obviously wrong. How false? Stick around. (
Business break)
MADDOW: on the show last night, our \"interview\" guest was a gentleman named Dan Stein.
Dan Stein is the chairman of the organization, which helped write down the new Immigration Act in Arizona.
It has just been revised by the governor.
If you saw that interview last night, you might remember it.
Stan told me. (
Start Video Editing)
First of all, we never gave a penny to that organization. (END VIDEO CLIP)
We didn\'t give the organization a penny.
I asked him at the time to be fair and now support a group called \"Protect Arizona.
Dan Stein told us last night, \"we never gave that organization a penny.
It should be noted, sir.
Stan was lying when he said this.
If you go to the website of his own organization, you will find a reference to Mr. Stein, Mr.
\"We didn\'t give them a penny,\" the quote said. this is great -
\"Fair and every penny raised by these other organizations to get an Arizona protected Arizona signature is now spent in Arizona to get a signature.
He told us again, \"we don\'t give a penny to protect Arizona right now,\" and on his own website, he was talking about every penny he gave them.
How many horns does Sir have?
Now that they deny it, Stan and fairbusch protect Arizona? If you go to Mr.
On Stan\'s own website, you will find that, quoting FAIR, \"FAIR has committed $150,000 to help ensure that voters in the state accept the protection Arizona Now initiative in November.
\"If you don\'t believe the figure is fair, you can also check their actual payments recorded on the Arizona Secretary of State\'s website. Quote -
This is an official donation document from Arizona.
You can see it there.
In April 1, 2004, $50,000 came from FAIR.
On the same day, $50,000 came from the fair Congress task force.
In May 11, 2004, $25,500 from the fair;
On the same day, $25,000 came from the fair Congress task force.
In June 11, $50,000 from the fair;
On the same day, $55,000 came from the fair Congress task force.
Now, Arizona paid a total of $255,500 for fair protection.
This is on the website of Secretary of State Arizona.
This is a public record.
But if you ask Dan Stein of FAIR(
Start Video Editing)
First of all, we never gave a penny to that organization. (END VIDEO CLIP)
You\'re lying when you say that.
This is not the only thing we need to correct this part of the record we did last night.
I want to make it clear here that I need to be blunt to do this.
I didn\'t say anything incorrect in our interview last night.
It\'s not that we found any way in the post-event survey we did in today\'s interview.
But Dan Stein, president of FAIR, was my guest.
I have always believed that inviting me to be a guest of the show is my implicit guarantee to the audience that you have, and that the person on my guest chair deserves to listen.
So, although I don\'t want to be rude to Mr.
Stan, as a guest, I know that FAIR likes to represent himself as a credible source of information on the subject of their work, I do feel the need to correct the record of several statements made by Dan Stein on the show, as if they were actually plain facts --
Or at least misleading.
Except for his lying flat-
With regard to funding the organization, now Protecting Arizona, Dan Stein denied saying what he had said, another strange moment.
What\'s going on with this. (
Start Video Editing)(on camera)
: At 1997, you interviewed Tucker Carlson.
He asked you to respond to this sentence from others on the board of onFAIR.
The sentence he asked you to answer is like this, \"it is better to encourage the cultivation of more intellectuals than not so smart.
He said, in-
Tucker Carlson has admitted.
MADDOW: shocked at how many people in other countries breed too much. STEIN: Rachel. Rachel -
Your response to this is-
Let me finish the question, and then you can answer it.
It works every night. I try it. Trust me.
Your answer is, \"Yes, what about that?
What\'s your problem?
Should we subsidize as many children as possible for people with low IQ, rather than those with high IQ?
Didn\'t you say that without quoting Tucker?
Stan: No, Rachel.
That\'s not what I said.
Is this a wrong quote?
Stan: this is definitely wrong.
Tucker Carlson admitted that most of the quotes there were distorted in the wrong quote. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: I was with Mr just now.
Stan was published in The Wall Street Journal in 1997.
It seems that there has never been a printed correction, nor has there been a case in any public record of the author of the work taking back those citations, who is Tucker Carlson
Now, Tucker Carlson is the one I \'ve worked with before on MSNBC.
Despite our political differences, he is the one I respect very much.
Today, we sent a message to Tucker\'s office to see if he was admitted on some off-sitethe-
It\'s all wrong to record those creepy Dan Stein references, although as far as we know he never publicly retracted them.
This will be a strange,of-
Do the role.
Tucker is a real journalist and I don\'t want him to do that.
We have not received a direct response from Tucker so far.
I will let you know if we do.
It is worth mentioning that Tucker\'s articles include the creepy Eugenics
Dan Stein quoted y as entering Congressional records by Kansas Republican Senator Sam Brownback.
It is also worth mentioning that Dan Stein agreed to attend two different performances hosted by Tucker Carlson, in the years after Tucker allegedly misrepresented him so badly.
During these appearances, Mr.
Stein quoted Tucker for his improper remarks.
In addition to denying his own remarks, Dan Stein also tried to deny a public racist remark I quoted from the founder of his organization \"fair.
The founder is John Denton. (
Start Video Editing)(on camera)
He defended the progress of Europe.
Most of America.
He warned white men not to cede power to other races that breed more.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait. (CROSS TALK)
Stan: where is the evidence in this regard?
You spoke.
What is the reason why he openly advocates a European? American union? (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: it\'s Europe
Most Americans, not EuropeansAmerican union.
I think it\'s just Mr.
Stan was wrong.
But the source of Mr Arian\'s vision
Stan is rarely known at the Bentley Historical Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
As early as 1984, Denton donated all his personal files to the library.
As they said, he donated 15 linear-foot newspapers.
The Locatedin Box 15 in this collection is 20 folders filled with scores from John Donto, including this letter to members of fair offer, \"I think for Europeans
The continuing need for American society and culture in Europe
This is the majority of the United States and an obvious majority.
\"Dan Stein\'s excuse for the language last night was decades ago. Who cares?
It seems unfair now.
But John Denton, after all, is the founder of fairness, \"We need a majority in Europe \"--
He is still on the FAIR board today.
Not just racist.
The founder of fairness, who is now a member of their board, made a grandiose statement.
This is also the staff of the recently hired FAIR.
It\'s not guilt because of association, it\'s just guilt.
Just a few years ago in 2006, FAIR decided to hire Joseph Turner to represent their western region. Mr.
Turner said it was recorded.
Quote this sentence, \"If I sit down and watch my state turn into a dirty pool in the third world, I will be cursed.
I think the allegations of prejudice and racism are free.
\"I can say that just because one person believes in white separatism doesn\'t mean they are racist . \"
\"The guy recently had 2007 on FAIR\'s payroll.
He is not the vague and fair partner of the distant past.
As Rick Altman showed at the White Citizens Council meeting, he was fair.
I am sorry that this is a meeting of the Conservative council of citizens.
I forgot they changed their names.
Would you like to see the website of the conservative Civic Council?
We showed you this last night, \"straight man walking among us,\" with a model image in it, and I guess some people should be the intersection between black man and ape.
Here, Rick Altman once again took part in the conservative citizenship committee of \"straight people walking among us\" as a fair employee, as well as the above-mentioned Virginia abernasi for the protection of Arizona.
Again, it\'s not guilt because of association, it\'s guilt.
Say fair to connect with its own founder, its own board of directors, its own staff and its own president who was our guest last night, like say-
It\'s like saying that I have a connection with Rachel Mado.
If understanding the work of FAIR, including writing \"Papers, Please\" the law in Arizona, if it is important to know what they are doing, so fairness has to do with the white supremacists and white separatist movements on the real edge of the country, and the way you record this is, find out if the group\'s founders, boards, employees, presidents, funders and the people it sponsors are tied up in these campaigns.
It turns out that in the case of FAIR they really are.
The white supremacist movement in this country and the white separatist movement are not big movements.
They\'re really on the edge.
To be frank, they are really radical and really strange.
It is not normal conservative politics to hook up with people related to the edge.
This is a small activist who has been in American politics for a long time.
But fairness is tied together.
The reason why the new Arizona immigration law became the subject of national discussion is because it seems to be very concerned about race.
If you want to know if this Arizona bill is about race as much as it seems, it is important to see who wrote the bill and what their motives may be.
FAIR has a moderate reputation and a moderate mainstream reputation.
But when your board, your founder, your early funders, your president and your employees are all tied to this far-right little ass, in this country, the white supremacist and the white separatist movement, you are a lot of things, but you are not the mainstream.
It should affect our country\'s understanding of what the Arizona Act is and what it means. (
Business break)
So I \'ve been talking about C Street for months.
But I did go today.
This is a real place. Woohoo! A D. C. field trip.
But first, some of the sacred mackerel fish stories in today\'s news start in two very different ways, ending discrimination in the Army. The U. S.
The Navy has barely officially ended the ban on women serving on submarines with great fanfare.
The United States Navy announced its intention to end the ban on February.
If Congress wants to intervene to prevent the Navy from ending the ban, they must do so by midnight on Wednesday this week.
Congress passed the deadline without warning.
The first group of 24 female officers is expected to start training this summer and start serving on submarines by the end of next year.
The first women will only be allowed to serve on the largest submarine NBC\'s Ann Curry will check this week. Jealous.
The situation was not so smooth for another military ban.
Today, Defense Secretary Bob Gates reported that they warned Congress not to force the military to change its policy of \"Don\'t ask, don\'t say.
He said he wants Congress to postpone any action until the Pentagon completes its annual mission.
This problem has been studied for a long time.
Gates\'s letter said, \"changing policies will send a very harmful message to men and women in uniform, that is, in essence, their views, concerns and opinions are not important.
\"So the women on the submarine, we are making a change, we are making a change. Anybody mind? No. Good. Done.
Gay people in the army? Well, no.
I don\'t want to offend you.
Next, the Justice Department is investigating what it considers possible to be a crime called journalism in some circles.
On Monday, the New York Times reporter James rising received a subpoena seeking information about his source for a chapter in his book, State of War, the chapter details the CIA\'s covert operations involving an undercover agent and Iran\'s nuclear program.
This is not the first time James Risen has been summoned for his source and there are documents about this exact report.
The Bush administration received similar subpoenas in 2008. Mr.
At that time, Risen refused because he now refused to comply and the summons from the Bush administration expired.
Now the administration\'s attorney general has regained that momentum.
Despite the fact that this government has expressed support for the Federal Protection Act against journalists so that they do not have to disclose the source.
The House has approved a protection bill, but it is currently stagnant in the Senate.
You know, if journalists don\'t do it themselves, the Obama administration may be more likely to come up with a shield law to protect them from this harassment.
Finally, a lot of the news today is bad news.
Disastrous oil leaks in the environment, racially divided immigration legislation, attacks on press freedom.
To be frank, you should get a pure aww moment with a spiritual taste cleanser. Here it is. Kitties. Kitties. These are 3-month-old lion cubs.
They made their first public appearance at the Bronx Zoo today.
Two of them are girls. One‘s a boy.
Oh my God, lovely.
I\'m dying. Look at them.
They don\'t have a name yet.
The Bronx Zoo is seeking help from the public to find the name.
So I was thinking, how about we name them?
Oh, I don\'t care.
I just want to watch them play.
There is no point in this clip.
This is a pure sensory reward.
Thank you for your tolerance.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
Next is the video evidence of my field trip to C Street.
They proved to have no gift shop.
But they have their allies.
Somehow it seems more appropriate. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
So this is the house on C Street, DC. C.
Right behind the attachments to the Library of Congress, we are only a few blocks from the Capitol.
We are right around the corner of the House office building, where members of Congress who serve in the house have their offices.
This is a very trendy place.
It is clear that the house on C Street has 12 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 5 living rooms, 4 dining rooms, 3 offices and a kitchen.
Nevertheless, it is reported that people living on Street C only pay about $950 a month for rent.
The people who stayed here apparently used their own private bedroom but also used all these very funky public spaces.
They also reportedly have maid service.
It\'s all provided by fellowship or family.
This is a mysterious religious group, denying from time to time the possession of a house on Street C.
But it\'s-
It is very clearly linked to the house through tax records and other documents.
No one will really care about the organization that provides subsidized rent for people, if not all of the people who live in this luxurious mansion on Capitol Hill are members of Congress.
Democrats and Republicans, all members of Congress live here.
All conservatives, some of whom have been living on C Street for many years at this very obvious subsidy rate.
Now, as pointed out in a recent complaint to the IRS and the congressional ethics committee, getting subsidized rent is a problem for members of Congress for several reasons.
First of all, this is revenue and should probably be reported to the IRS.
But second, it\'s a moral violation for members of Congress.
There are some rules about what kind of gifts can be given to members of Congress.
This should be to avoid conflicts of interest, and members of Congress may owe someone money for things other than taxpayers.
This is also to avoid actual conflicts of interest so that members of Congress really don\'t owe anything to anyone other than the taxpayers who voted to send them here.
So far, none of the IRS complaints or complaints to Congressional ethics committees have taken any action.
But that doesn\'t mean that members of street C will lay this down.
They have at least been complaining to the media about their complaints about subsidized rent.
Two residents of Street C recently made the same new defense of their subsidized rent or at least a new distraction. (
Start Video Editing)SEN. JIM DEMINT (R-SC)
: No subsidies.
It appears every few years.
This is a group that provides national prayer breakfast for every president.
I think if they want to look at subsidized housing, they should look at the 40 or 50 members of Congress who sleep in the office.
This is fully subsidized by taxpayers.
But the place where I live does not involve the taxpayer\'s money.
In fact, this is the most expensive place I have ever stayed in Washington.
I will find a cheap place because I have to pay for it with my own money.
Are you still there? DEMINT: Yes. (END VIDEO CLIP)MADDOW: Sen.
Jim Dement is not the only C Street resident who raised the issue.
Congressman Zach Wamp recently made a similar argument.
He recently said almost exactly the same thing to a journalist, and he asked him about rent subsidies on C Street.
Quote Zach Wamp saying, \"I have lived there for 14 years\", meaning \"here \".
Is this not interesting just now?
More than 50 members live in the office free of charge under taxpayer subsidies.
\"You know, at the beginning of the scandal, the people who lived on C Street first denied this together,\" What are you talking about C Street?
What is this family?
We have never heard of such a thing. ”When the on-the-
Record the facts of the denial, and then they try a new route.
The second line denied that there was no subsidy for the rent paid by members of Street C.
Now, if there is no subsidy, it means that these people are paying the market rent.
The undeniable problem with this line is that it is easy to check.
Anyone can get on the \"Craig\'s List\" to find out what other people are paying to live on such a magnificent Capitol Hill, which is not $950 a month.
This line of defense has now collapsed.
Members of Congress Living On Street C seem to have a new line of party defense.
Their defense is, \"Hey, our subsidies are not a problem.
The real shameful subsidy is the member of Congress who lives in the office.
It is not clear how this line of defense works.
In any case, the office rent of the congressman is indeed paid by the taxpayer.
So, if you choose to sleep in an office that has already been paid by the taxpayer, what exactly is the additional fee paid by the taxpayer?
I would like to pay for your night light which is probably the electricity bill?
The broader view here is the most important.
It is a moral duty to live on Street C, because there are other people besides taxpayers who pay for these members of Congress.
I mean, members of Congress should represent taxpayers.
They were paid by taxpayers.
They shouldn\'t be sneaking.
Funded by anyone next to it.
That\'s why this is a moral issue first.
The broader view here is the most important.
It is a moral issue to live on C Street and get rent subsidies because members of Congress should be on the taxpayer\'s payroll.
They should not have someone else secretly pay them, and we all have to wonder if they are obligated to exchange gifts for them.
Members of Congress who sleep in his or her chambers are not grateful to anyone other than taxpayers.
They are just a little more grateful to the taxpayers, and they should have done so in the first place.
I\'m not sure if members of C Street are coordinating their defense.
Sometimes they seem to be like this because they have been saying very similar things to reporters at very similar times.
The latest defense is that there is no problem with their subsidies, but somehow sleeping in your congressional office doesn\'t make sense to me.
But I have to admit that I\'m really looking forward to hearing what their next defense is. (
Business break)
MADDOW: the miracle of satellite technology is now joining us (UNINTELLIGIBLE)
My friend Kent Jones\'s story can only be told on the last day of April. Hi, Kent.
Kent Jones, MSNBC Reporter: Hi, Rachel.
Today is the last day of the National Poetry Month.
Therefore, in this spirit, the great Bill Murray recently came to the construction site of the poet\'s house, a poetry library located in lower Manhattan, to enlighten the helmet while they were resting.
Now, Bill Murray is reading Emily Dickinson\'s \"I live in the possibility\". MADDOW: Yes. JONES: Enjoy.
Yes, yes. (
Start Video Editing)
Man: What\'s the name of this girl?
Oh yes, Emily Dickinson, \"I live in the possibility.
More beautiful house than prose
More windows and better doors.
A cedar-like room with indestructible eyes.
For a game of eternal roof, Sky.
The most beautiful tourists.
This is for occupation.
My narrow hands spread out and gathered heaven. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Kent, I can\'t tell you how much fun it makes me.
Thank you very much.
Jones: Oh, you can do it at any time.
Happy National Poetry Month.
That\'s what it is for us tonight.
We see you again Monday night from New York.
Have a good weekend.
Thank you for being with us.
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
ENDCopyright 2010 Roll Call, Inc.
All materials herein are protected by US copyright law and may not be copied, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of the roll call.
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