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The South of France uncovered

by:QiMeng     2019-08-24
Agde hat in southern France is the same as other resorts, except that vacationers there don\'t wear clothes.
A curious Deirdre Morrissey, as shown in the picture, took off her gear and joined the nudist, swing, hedonist and those who were just trying to spice up their sex life.
This is a holiday she will never forget.
I had anticipated many new experiences when I recently traveled to southern France, but having problems with luggage was not one of them.
My boyfriend wasn\'t happy when I joked \"Well, I\'m not going to wear anything, so maybe it doesn\'t make sense to pack a suitcase\", but that\'s the truth.
At my destination agood hat, clothes are optional-
It\'s illegal in some cases. -
So I\'m confused about what to bring.
I \'ve never been away from home for more than two days without an overweight bag full of countless variations, each with matching shoes and bags, but I imagine all I need this time is a modest hand --
Sandals, luggage for accessories and curtains.
I was already feeling weird naked when I pulled my bag.
A few weeks before departure, I read a review of Cap d\'Agde, one of the world\'s best nude resorts near Montpellier on the Mediterranean coast of France.
A devotee of this great, closed, self.
The Contained village offers all the amenities of each village, and one major difference: everyone is naked.
During the peak season, 40,000 naturalists from all over the world flocked to this resort, swimming, dancing, shopping and eating in buff, and my mind was filled with images and questions.
I have only seen the nudist commune in the film, where there are strange, culturally diverse types.
I want to know what kind of people are going there. -
If they are young and sexy, Are they old, wrinkled or young, hot, are everyone walking around in constant excitement? I\'m not sure if this is all about sex, or just getting sunburned with no traces of the straps;
Whether it\'s philosophy or metamorphosis, what I want to know most is whether I have enough courage. So to speak.
I decided I had to learn more and called my photographer friend Emily Quinn to see if she would like to take pictures with me in my natural state.
Emily panicked and asked, \"I don\'t have to take pictures in the nip, do I ? \"stricken.
I laughed at the absurdity of giving someone a job that required them to take off their clothes.
A major sexual harassment case occurred in less time, but in the end she accepted it, even though the suitcase was full of meat --
The bodybuilder thongs she brought to argard\'s hat showed that she had some reservations.
In addition to the packaging problem, it is no longer easy to go to agod hat for a holiday ---
Anyone can enter this bare city.
No launching ceremony;
You don\'t need to crack the code or find a secret map;
You just have to fly or train and pay a little local travel tax at the gate.
We flew to Marseille and stayed overnight before heading to the train station the next morning for a short trip to our costumeOptional Resort.
At the SNCF station, I innocently asked a group of security guards for a train to aged, who laughed at each other in French, and the Flash in their eyes showed that they were imagining us undressing.
Or that\'s what I thought.
In any case, it was our last experience and anyone thought it was dirty or stupid to let it all hang out during the holidays.
When we entered the resort and went to the Eve hotel, it was difficult for us to keep our eyes out of our minds.
Bare bodies ride their bikes happily and walk in and out of their house with all the pieces.
We met a couple sitting on a high stool in the bar, drinking margar Tower wine and not wearing needles.
Each lounge chair by the pool was occupied by people who didn\'t wear anything but sunglasses, and a group of naked middlemen
The old people frolic in the swimming pool.
They are all brown like caramel and look very comfortable on the skin.
At the reception of the hotel, people were excited when they checked in and checked out.
The manager, a young Frenchman named Jeremy, never lost eye contact when dealing with naked guests, nor changed the look on his face.
It was later discovered that Jeremy grew up in a natural family, so nudity was his norm.
Once, in the privacy of our room, Emily and I giggled like a female student because of the strangeness of all this.
Then decide what to wear. Or not wear.
Emily went for the flesh.
Color underwear-
In Ireland, she thought it would be considered naked. -
I put on a bikini and a lot of accessories and I was completely covered despite the formal halfnaked.
We first went to the beach and enjoyed two miles of sparkling nude photos with brown berries all over the body.
Several Pamela Anderson came to us with their boyfriend.
Emily and I agree that the body of one of the girls is the sexiest we \'ve ever seen, but it\'s probably because we\'re in jail.
The world known as \"texture\" has been around for a long time and we haven\'t seen too many naked women getting close and personal.
But it shows a variety of human forms.
There are drooping, baggy bodies in all the wrong places, with lumps and lumps.
Energetic, bodybuilding, young body, everything should be there.
The mystery of the chest came to an end for us very quickly, because we used various shapes and sizes in the program, from the drooping big chest to the small treasure chest to the big chest, plastic melon with nipples, looks like a rocket for space.
For men it\'s like at the sausage counter where there\'s a variety of Frankfurt sausages, cocktail sausages, Mexican sausage, larger sausage and occasional extra sausage
Large sausage.
It\'s funny to see how small they shrink in cold, wet, fresh water.
Oh, at least one Italian was hanged like a stallion.
We stopped to see a group of beautiful volleyball specimens.
You can see every muscle in these guys.
The beautiful Swedish girlfriend-
He has a big, beautiful chest, rocket nipples. -
She looked naked from the sidelines, sevenyear-
The old daughter told me that they are nudist because they like to be naked and like to show their bodies in public.
There are also three generations of hippies playing volleyball.
Grandma and Grandpa, Ann and Paddy Dufour, use their 29-year-
Their five sons. year-
They are all eating noodles, Old Sun.
Dufour is the real deal: the old stock of nudist.
When Ann was 15 years old, she began dating Paddy, who had lived as a naturalist for 26 years, six months in a year, one in Papua New Guinea, and the other six in Cape Agder.
They look like people on the beach.
They have no concerns, are thin and healthy, and have no signs of stress or emotional baggage.
Different sub-cultures in the naturalist village gradually show up to us.
When the resort was officially designated as a nudist village in 1963, rules were put in place that required full nudity as a standard, prohibiting photography, wearing provocative clothing and displaying indecent objects.
Peeps and outcrops are not welcome.
The rules were originally enforced by the authorities, but, by the beginning of the 90 th century, they were relaxed for financial and commercial purposes and the liberation movement was invaded.
The Liberators believe in pure hedonism, including violence, as we have found in the nightlife.
That night, we were a little overwhelmed by the experience of the day, and we decided to have a quiet dinner in the bounty, but it was more rewarding than we expected. Over our apres-
Cappuccino for dinner, we were a little surprised to see a polished one
The man in police uniform was nagging around the seating area of the restaurant, disturbing the customer.
His performance was directed naked to a pair of female diners, like some strange hedonistic digestion.
Next, a woman in a bodice, the Hulk Hogan, appeared, tearing off some random color guests from her wife and onto the stage.
In the beginning, we found a little tongue. in-
The joy of cheeks has turned old.
She performed a complete comedy.
On the thigh dance, she slid naked through his body, simulating oral sex at a reluctant dinner, reaching a climax.
This is not an afterthought.
I would like to see another dinner event.
We asked the gentleman\'s wife awkwardly if she was happy with the show and she joined us on this thread.
When her husband pulled up his jeans, I noticed that he shaved off all his hair and wore a silver and diamond cock --ring.
They told us that they all enjoyed the experience because it was the reason they came to Cape aged.
They are not naturalists, she explained, but changes.
This is a challenge for you, so, the hat of another \"agood\" sub-culture comes up.
The husband and wife revealed to us how they lied to their family and friends, how they were on vacation, and how they came to agend every summer to achieve sexual fantasies
They refused to be photographed in order to protect their anonymity.
They told us that the best thing about the resort is adults.
Only on the beach, couples have sex openly in front of each other.
We gave up their invitation and joined them.
\"No one here judges anyone,\" the husband told us . \".
\"Everyone is accepted for who they are and what they are.
It would be cool if a woman in her 50 s wanted to wear a sexy and quirky outfit.
I am now 30 years old and I am scared to think that we may have to stop expressing our sexual orientation when we are 50 years old.
I love it here and people of all ages are confident enough to show off their nudity.
In society, we are used to seeing only the perfect form of physical exposure to aesthetics.
Everyone, every shape, every form, is beautiful.
\"When we broke up with the couple outside the restaurant, Emily and I watched them walk away and the wife\'s tight dress was pulled up to show her bare ass to anyone who might be interested
The next morning he was obviously disappointed when we told the hotel manager Jeremy where we were eating.
He said disapprovingly: \"The number of these changes guests is increasing, and they see the free atmosphere of d\'Agde as a dirty elf.
When it was ruled by peace and love years ago, the resort was cooler ---
When the real naturalist came here
But I think we are still part of the same philosophy.
\"At the breakfast in the rooftop garden, everyone was naked again, and I decided that when I was in Rome, I should have done it like a Roman, so I took off my gear.
Interestingly, I got more attention from other guests when I was wearing clothes, even though in the afternoon in the pool, lay down, let the Sun soak in every inch of my body and feel very free.
However, walking around the resort naked, I was not so laid back.
I looked around anxiously, looking forward to the people in blue to lock me up.
What I feel most indecent is that I try to hide behind Emily, stick my ass cheeks together and take tiny steps to keep my private part private.
A guy who passed by bike forgot I was at nip and I chased him and asked him for a photo.
A few seconds later, I suddenly realized: I\'m here, the star on the street, asking a guy who\'s equally crazy if we can take a picture of him.
The real naturalist is a bit shy, but he agrees to circle around us a few times a week while Emily tries to find an angle that makes the person a bit dignified.
I thought about how bad it would be to just step on the next pedal, and at the same time I marveled at how quickly naked standing around felt very normal.
At a coffee shop in the resort, we met a lovely couple from Berlin: Catherine and Hans.
Hans sat opposite me, a sarong loosely tied to his belly, and his parcel was displayed in the room like a pink elephant, which everyone ignored.
When I asked this good, in the middle, I kept my sight steady
Why did they come to agend.
\"For me, coming here is like going home,\" said Hans . \".
\"I have known the owners of some restaurants for 20 years.
I met Catherine seven years ago and she fell in love with the place.
The agod hat is my paradise.
When I parked my car outside our apartment, the first thing I did was strip.
I think, if you take off your clothes, you will take off your sadness.
Normally, if you fly overseas, it will take you two or three days to forget the stress of your business life, but here you take off your clothes and you will immediately find another person.
When people take off their clothes, they break the barrier between the clothes.
In the evening, the village became a paradise for hedonists, Liberators and gays.
The streets are lined with sex shops full of Dolly.
Bird punters choose attractive gear and the guy they are proud of picks up the label at hand.
The woman, wearing a coat with a Peeping hole, stepped out of the shop with her chest high;
Others wear cowboy hats, boots, nothing else.
The tall transvestites dress up as female students in short skirts and long socks. Academic-
Men in leather hot pants hang around.
As we walked through one of the busiest night clubs on the main merose Avenue, Emily and I stopped to absorb the atmosphere, but we were prevented from entering the club due to our improper dress.
It\'s ridiculous that we were denied access to the nude nightclub because we didn\'t wear the right shoes.
Stand, be rejected, flip over me
Flip-flops, thinking of Louboutins stacked in boxes at home, screaming for such an outing, I couldn\'t help but laugh, and I came to the conclusion that having it and not needing it was more than needing it, without it.
We had a sleeping cap at the hotel, sitting by the pool, and an old French couple had sex in the water. Post-
The couple sat by Emily and me and started a conversation.
They told us that in their 40 years of marriage they enjoyed a wonderful sex life and that they were all very sad when the sex was over.
They discussed the issue with their doctor and his prescription was to go to dagd, hoping that the sexual stimulation there would awaken their sexual desire!
Well, there is no dispute about the wisdom of their GP, although I suspect there are many Irish doctors who would recommend the same.
It made me realize how quickly we got used to this place, a world far away from home, its rules and rigidity.
There is no nude beach in Ireland, which makes all of us a little out of touch with our bodies.
I must admit that in the sea of nudity people are actually less aware of the image of the individual body and are beginning to realize that we are all variations of the same thing.
The more nudity I see, the more immune I get to it.
What\'s the big deal with Bums and tummies, when we take off our polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, Wonderbras and Spanx, we don\'t look too different from our animal friends.
Similarly, on what naturalists call a \"texture\" beach, the suggestive nudity in a bikini and swimsuit is much sexier.
When everything is on a plate, there is nothing in our most powerful sexual organ-imagination.
A man who sees a sexy woman walking by in a bikini swaggle may dream of undressing her all day long, but when she\'s already undressed, Doyle ·
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