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the trump white house has a knack for costuming - don\'t let it distract you

by:QiMeng     2019-08-25
The Trump team believes in the power of image.
The new president believes that a photo
A disgusting tweet can form the basis of the narrative.
He believes that both patriotic and powerful actors in his White House drama should see this part.
Fashion is clothing.
In a high profile assassination, the president\'s newly appointed press secretary, Sean Spicer, took to the podium over the weekend for a briefing, wearing a gray pinstriped suit jacket, it looks like it was borrowed in a hurry from a man twice as big.
The sleeves are sloppy;
The collar does not fit;
The fabric looks cheap.
Tie knot is not good.
The collar of the shirt was so tight that his neck spilled.
Spicer\'s costume is not just a little uncomfortable. fitting.
It\'s distracting and sloppy.
It embodies the old-fashioned style used. car salesman.
Spicer\'s clothes completely weaken a message that is already full of lies.
Everything changed by Tuesday.
When Spicer returned to the press room for a television press conference, he was wearing a dark suit that fit.
Not perfect, but better.
The tie is neat.
He even stuffed a white handkerchief in his chest pocket.
This is a visual action.
At the end, it shows that he is better prepared, more focused, and more dignified.
By Wednesday, Spicer appeared to have found his costume style.
The Trump White House has been busy with optics for the past few days.
The president still does not button his suit coat and the tie is too long, but in recent days he has added a pocket to his wardrobe --
An unnecessary prosperity that makes his appearance smoother.
Even Steven Bannon, who was sworn in as president\'s adviser, seems to have publicly parted ways with his buttons --
Downs, polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and field jackets.
He\'s in a suit and tie.
The executive chairman of the former Breitbart News is a person in power, where white nationalist views prevail during his tenure.
Meanwhile, senior assistant Kellyanne Conway has been using her high profile to highlight all sorts of patriotism shouting out loud: America! USA! USA!
When she often defended, explained, and parsed the president\'s public statements in front of the camera, her fashion choice replaced the unfolding of the American flag behind her.
The day before her inauguration, she had a candlelight dinner with a donor, wearing one --Shoulder, floor-
Bright red sweeping dress.
Swearing-in on Saturday
She chose a Gucci coat in red, white and blue. a self-
Propaganda victory under the guise of irresistible patriotism.
In fact, Conway chose to wear the Italian brand on the day she helped the president-elect man persuade \"buy American goods. Hire American.
Then, when she appeared on a TV show on Monday morning and incorporated the \"alternative facts\" into the cultural vocabulary, she decorated her band with a glittering hand-in-arms brooch, this is the only one, including Trump\'s name.
It\'s a well-designed badge that one might think means something important when it\'s actually just sparkling.
Appearance is important, especially at the White House.
To some extent, the unruly, indifferent and chaotic nature of politics has been exercised by the dignity and seriousness of the place.
Dressing in a way that respects everything the White House represents is commendable.
President George W.
Ho ming bai, when he ordered a jacket and tie for the person entering the Oval Office.
President Obama relaxed the rules in 2009, which caused a stir in Washington officials.
It also makes sense that if a person wants to be taken seriously by a broad diversity of the general public, it helps to accept the universal style logo that is professional, serious and authoritative.
When people\'s clothing is more formal and elegant, they also tend to stand straight and focus more.
And, as far as Spicer is concerned, no one wants to see a person whose public style is similar to a visual strike often.
But images are always secondary.
It may briefly distract attention from the narrative or increase the content of the narrative.
But it can\'t change it.
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